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This is my personal [1] page.

It has many interesting facts and facets about me.

The most important thing to know about me as a user on Wikipedia is - I am new and learning.

The most important thing to know about me personally - I am self-taught in technology, no computer science degree, simply reading manuals over time has helped me progress in my career. All information should freely avaiable, therefore I consider myself as community, meaning, I will share what I know with anyone willing to learn. Infomational Karma is in full force.

I consider myself a techy, for I love computing, and I am constantly learning more about computing, ie., unix/linux/networking/dripping technologies.

In the spirit of freely available information, I believe in Wikipedia! for it provides a valuable "Free Service". I admire those who have gathered and disimminated "intel" on just about every topic you can imagine!

I have contributed quite a few times to Wikipedia monitarily as I believe someone has to pay the bills, but is free from greedy advertising. This i detest.

Wikipedia is constantly updating, and is filled with new and fascination information daily if not by the minute.

Wikipedia I consider to be similar to the RFC Remository, where information is stored, commented, and progressed.

Here, Users are allowed to say and post whatever they like (with some limitations of course) then is scrutinized by the community for its completeness, look and feel, correctness, and over all readability.

The biggest challenge at this point is for me to craft/conjur/promote an article, that follows the standards established and implemented as you see today.

Every article should and has a similar format, which in the end makes everything you seek easier to read let along find. However, I would like to improve the format for starters.

I really like the autopopulate seach feature! I hope they do not change it anytime soon, but it might actually be better. Who knows?

Thank you for reading my default yammering, off to created a new account for someone who wishes to join this Excellent site!


Oly562 Oly562 (talk) aka Oly Anderson aka Oly Anders aka Pete in LBC, CA.