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I am a beginner in user-contributions. although I registered using this user name ("omadeon") back in 2007, after making a few small contributions anonymously (verified by more experienced users at the time, who converted them to permanent parts of wikipedia; I can probably recover all the relevant information from my own backups, but it's irrelevant now).

I am now writing this (first draft of an) URGENT NOTICE, to address a serious problem, that not only harms me personally, but also implicates (in effect incriminates) wikipedia as a whole, as well as particular (innocent) veteran-editors. I believe this issue is detrimental, for the credibility of these editors and (in the long-term) harms wikipedia's credibility as a whole:

Recently, a site officially affiliated to a well-known author and intellectual (with a lengthy wikipedia-lemma about him, a well as lengthy talk-disputes about this lemma) has claimed falsely (a provable lie) that I have been personally involved in a (so-called) "slander campaign" against this person inside wikipedia, using two particular user-accounts as my "sock-puppets".

Another important problem, created by the aforementioned web-pages, concerns (slander against) Mr. David Ames Curtis, the well-known translator of Cornelius Castoriades; and the problem is (again) the alleged "uncovering" of Mr. Curtis' "slander campaign" by wikipedia itself. In fact, wikipedia (or its veteran users) never "uncovered" such a presumed... conspiracy (of Mr. Curtis and/or myself) against the author whose site alleges all this. (About all this, I contacted Mr. Curtis and in the next few days he agreed to be interviewed about all these problems. The interview will be done through voice-conferencing and will be published on-line.)

Speaking in wikipedia's name, or on behalf of wikipedia's community, this site makes several preposterous claims (combined with very strong, abusive and slanderous personal attacks) misinforming seriously its readers, about an (internal wikipedia-) issue in which I have _never_ been personally involved (and this is a provable _fact_). More specifically, even the title of one web-page, in this site, says it all:

"Wikipedia Administrators uncover the sleazy methods used by anonymous Greek Internet Trolls - Bloggers "Omadeon" / "Danae Papadopoulou" to discredit Takis Fotopoulos' entry and work, and to harass by "outing" other users and ID activists."

Well, I happen to be the blogger "Omadeon". And Ms. Danae Papadopoulou has _provably_ NEVER been "my sock-puppet"; she's my e-friend in Facebook (but this is another issue). [citation needed] (will be filled-in, with the proof later on).

Of course, two wikipedia user-accounts, Elp_gr and SentientContrarian were recently suspended indefinitely for violation of Wikipedia rules, by the esteemed veteran-user SilkTork

The site mentioned alleges repeatedly, that I (omadeon) am the "person behind these user-accounts"...

Now, first of all, I wish to state clearly that the dispute between SilkTork and user Elp_gr (and his "sock-puppet" SentientContrarian) is of minor importance to me; NOT my concern. I really don't know _yet_ to what extent the expulsions were 100% just, or e.g. to what extent there was some misunderstanding, that could have been resolved in other ways. There is a lot more I need to read, before making up my mind.

However, I am NOT personally affiliated with these two accounts, nor have I ever used them to write or edit anything inside Wikipedia. My non-involvement can be verified technically as well, using "WP:CHECKUSER" (which I'd encourage SilkTork et. al. to use, checking me out).

Furthermore, after reading some of the material written by this banned user, in connection with the aforementioned well-known author, I don't agree with all of it, nor with its style, on all occasions. Some of it, I believe to be correct (and provably so) but perhaps not all (although this is irrelevant now). I really don't know if he made invalid edits, without reading them all in their entirety.

To my amazement, however, I did find out that the person behind the account Elp_gr, happens to be [1] a veteran contributor to wikipedia (since about 2005, I think) and [2] an independent co-author of several serious, precious articles, in a collaborative blog I founded in 2007, still existent today. I state this fact after obtaining his own permission to mention it. You can verify my claim by contacting him.

Now, I do not agree with this person's mistakes or blunders (in wikipedia talk) that led to his expulsion. I believe he became too emotionally involved, in what he wrote; was driven to some known excesses. As a result, I think he is (at least to _some_ extent_) personally responsible for his expulsion (to what extent precisely, remains to be investigated).

However, I am not always aware of _everything_ this co-author does or writes. If he had asked for my advice, in time, maybe he could avoid some mistakes. On the other hand, I am NOT qualified to teach or patronize him; especially in wikipedia issues, where (as I said) he has contributed a lot of material, since about 2005 (or maybe earlier). I am just beginning to read the list of his previous wikipedia-contributions. I find it sad that he was banned, but understandable. Ah well, "Shit happens" [citation needed?]  :-) -Not necessarily, however, as a result of "slanderous campaigns", or (non-existent) conspiracies, as stated falsely in wikipedia's (good) name.

I happen to feel also... extreme boredom (apart from occasional anger), about personal attacks and libels against me. As a blogger, I had quite enough; I am quite used to it, ever since I started blogging, in 2007. However, please make sure that these attacks are not done in YOUR name, misinforming people outside wikipedia, that... wikipedia _itself_ has attacked me (or "uncovered" me, etc.)! E.g. NOBODY in wikipedia implicated me personally, or "uncovered the sleazy methods used by" me, NO wikipedia-editor has ever described me as an "anonymous Greek Internet Troll - Blogger", etc. I.e. ALL the claims made by this web-page [*] as well as this ...are NOT correct, whenever they invoke wikipedia's own actions; they are clearly mere opinions expressed by the web-page authors (or other things that do NOT concern wikipedia and its veteran contributors).

So, please confirm the provable FACT I am stating here, to save a lot of people's TIME (as well as your/my own); since even provable facts do take time to verify (to read a lot of material, etc.)

[*] These examples are typical piles of slander hurled against me ONLY by the aforementioned controversial author, in person. His own piles of slander against me personally, as well as against several Greek blogs (and well-known Greek economists) should.... some day be added as a RATHER LONG (hehe) wikipedia lemma. However, it is NOT my job to write this lemma and I do NOT feel qualified to write it, since I am naturally biased(!) because of personal involvement!

All I can offer is my testimony, e.g. as regards FACTS [to be supplied in future], as well as my sincerity. I cannot even prove the latter, of course. It is YOUR job to judge! Now... I hope you don't remove this [first draft] or edit it; It is a personal confession, possibly with natural imperfections. Let me do the edits, but feel free to criticise ! :)

P.S. I think anyone who bothers to read the long and tedious story of the internet-conflict (i.e. flame-war) between Takis Fotopoulos and myself (a Greek blogger allegedly conspiring with his political enemies, etc.)... will feel a number of strange things (Possibly... boredom, disgust, or even surprise, that all this has actually happened, on-line). I have already stated that I am naturally _biased_, NOT suitable to write anything about this conflict in wikipedia! I.e. I openly admit the "Conflict of Interest". However, on a meta-level, I think this very intense conflict or flame-war raises important new issues, about how wikipedia should (in future) deal with such occasions. And I am just beginning to learn a lot, too, about the difficulties of handling flame-wars between famous persons listed in wikipedia and simple bloggers (who are anonymous or pseudonymous). This conflict is not the only one, of course. It is YOUR job to decide how to deal with it, how to cite (or not cite) the relevant facts, texts, links and allegations, made by each part against the other. However, one thing is certain: This difficult topic, causing many headaches today, will NOT be resolved correctly by just ignoring it, forever...

Finally, I have deliberately left this particular text free of ALL references and links to my own sites or blogs, trying to protect, as much as humanly possible, the innocent reader, from unnecessary involvement in conflicts that are IRRELEVANT to the purpose of this "urgent notice". My intent was to emphasize the need for Wikipedia to steer away from getting caught up in such conflicts.


In one of the aforementioned two abusive web-pages, it is claimed falsely (and provably so) that...

(, admitted himself implicitly that he is Greek blogger “Omadeon”, who, along with his Facebook alter ego / sock puppet, “Danae Papadopoulou”, is the main executor of a vast and unprecedented defamatory campaign over the Greek internet...

I.e. apart from the misleading false claim that Wikipedia itself "uncovered the sleazy methods of... Omadeon", etc. ...there is an additional (provably false) claim that the banned wikipedia-user elp_gr "admitted himself implicitly" (that "he is Greek blogger Omadeon", etc.)

Now, this attack against "blogger Omadeon" (=me) is also, provably, a blatant violation of wikipedia's ethics on "off-wiki harassment" (to say the least). Why? Of course, that web-page is outside wikipedia. However... [1] it invokes (falsely) wikipedia itself, as the main entity responsible for "the uncovering" (etc.) [2] One prominent affiliate of that site (making those false claims) is also a contributor to wikipedia, violating "WP:COI". Now, I am not referring to someone attacked by the expelled ex-user elp_gr, but someone else, who writes using his full real name, in both wikipedia and that site; not even hiding his real name, apparently (details on request). [3] Moreover, all those (provably false) claims have been signed collectively "by The Editorial Committee of The International Journal of Inclusive Democracy", assuming collective responsibility; therefore (logically) INCLUDING the aforementioned affiliate (who was also directly involved in conflicts that led to the expulsion of elp_gr). [4] I am _also_ a registered user of wikipedia? Therefore the "off-wiki harassment" violation also concerns me! The fact I made no contributions till now, using this user name (omadeon) is irrelevant. I can provide information on anonymous contributions I made to wikipedia before registering this user-name (in 2007). [5] Most importantly, the banned user elp_gr has NEVER "admitted" that he... was me(!), either implicitly or explicitly. His distinct identity is not only provably distinct; it is also prolific, in writing completely different than my own; pre-existing my own blogging activities (etc.) by a few years. Such claims are laughable.