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Attention: As of 2008-06-08, Omegatron is no longer active on Wikipedia.

If you need me for something, contact me by e-mail.

Wikipedia is a poor implementation of a great idea.

I am an audio electronics engineer and musician. I've been active on Wikipedia since 2003, though I'm editing less and less over time...

I've been an administrator since 2005. I'm also active on Wikimedia Commons and have lesser-used accounts on other wikis.

My userpage has grown and grown over the years, and became an unwieldy mess of content. So I blanked it and am trying to move everything into subpages to try to quell the sprawling empire of words:

About me
Who I am, my biases, my thoughts on Wikipedia. The stuff that would normally be on a userpage, I guess.
Non-free content
I strongly oppose the recent changes to our policies that prohibit all images that aren't deemed "free enough". Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia; not a free image repository.
Memory holes
On fringe theories, notability, pseudoscience, skepticism, and pseudoskepticism.
Most needed software features
We have a long way to go...
Interviews with Normals
Questioning Wikipedia's usability and subsequent systemic bias with non-Wikipedian friends
Binary prefix rationale
A never-ending debate