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Developer(s) Thomas Gersic
Initial release February, 2006
Stable release
0.42 (Free), 1.46g (Pro) / February 15, 2008
Development status Active
Written in C++
Operating system Cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X)
Platform Cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS X)
Available in English
Type personal wiki
License Free: GPL, Pro: Proprietary

ZuluPad is a simple, easy to use[1] [2] personal wiki application that acts as a combination between a notepad and a wiki[3]. The ZuluPad website describes ZuluPad as a personal notepad and a "notebook on crack"[4], and the application falls generally into the Personal Information Manager category of applications[5]. ZuluPad Free is available for both Windows and OSX while ZuluPad Pro is available for Windows only [6]. ZuluPad has been said to be extremely helpful for "students taking notes in class, office workers jotting down information during a phone call, or anyone who needs instant access to stored information on a person or topic" [7].

ZuluPad is a personal wiki, which come in a number of forms: Single-user application of multi-user wikis, multi-user wikis with personal editions, and wikis designed for personal use. ZuluPad is an example of the latter, a self contained application. This means that the collaborative nature of a wiki that is generally part of multi-user wiki systems such as MediaWiki is curtailed. However, since ZuluPad does not require a web server or a Database Management System, installation and configuration of ZuluPad is simpler process for the average user[8]. There are no special tags or other coded markup that need to be learned [9], so ZuluPad is designed to be easy for the end-user to use[10]. Documents can also be uploaded and shared with others via the ZuluSync feature, with free registration available on the ZuluPad website[11]. The for-sale version of the program, ZuluPad Pro, includes a wider range of features, including rich text support, HTML export, and the ability to import and display images[12].

ZuluPad is available as both a free open source version[13], released under the GPL[14], and a proprietary closed source version[15].

ZuluPad History[edit]

The initial release of ZuluPad was in February, 2006[16], and while it was available for free at this point, it was not open source. The source for ZuluPad was released on September 8, 2006 at under the GPL[17]. The "Pro" version of ZuluPad was released as a closed source application on February 13, 2007[18] in an effort to address some of the shortcomings of the open source version of the application.

ZuluPad Technical Details[edit]

ZuluPad is developed in C++ using the WxWidgets cross-platform GUI framework[19][20]. ZuluPad .zulu files are stored in an XML file format[21][22], and ZuluPad Pro allows the export of plain text and HTML files.

ZuluPad in the News[edit]

ZuluPad was reviewed by Peter Grad, "The PC Guy" in The Record (Bergen County), who had this to say about it: "ZuluPad is the coolest new text editor to come along in a while. One feature separates this from the crowd: a simple link feature, which turns your documents into an instant hyperlinked system. Write about various topics, each on its own 'page.'"[23]

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