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Omer Toledano (Hebrew: עומר טולדאנו), of the Toledano Family, was born in Israel in the year 1980 (43 years old).
Son of Ehud Toledano and Hanna Dagan Toledano (née Fishman).
Brother to Amit and Eran.

Books I've Written[edit]

  • Poetry: Songs I Sing to Myself (2019) - ISBN 978-1795096171
  • WALKING WITH THE DIVINE: Poems of Love and Devotion (2020) - ISBN 978-1657671652
  • OM, THE UNIVERSE AND I: A Poetry Collection (2020) - ISBN 979-8619332391

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Other stuff[edit]

Messiah - The word Messiah in Hebrew is משיח. The word משיח is comprised of the word שי (Shay - gift or present) found within the letters מח (Mo'ach - mind, brain, head). Find the Shay within your Mo'ach. Find the gift within your mind. Find your Messiah.
~Omer Toledano


משיח = Messiah

שי = Gift

מח = Brain, Mind

Messiah = Gift in the Mind

By Omer Toledano
Beautiful lotus blossoms in my hometown.
Photo taken during the Super Blood Moon lunar eclipse in September of 2015.
Toledo, the Spanish town where my ancestors lived.

Favorite quotes[edit]

Just as the silkworm spins its cocoon and is caught in it, so do humans weave the web of their own concepts and are caught in it.

Thus spoke Zarathustra:
"I love him whose soul is overfull so that he forgets himself, and all things are in him: thus all things spell his going under; I love him who has a free spirit and a free heart: thus his head is only the entrails of his heart, but his heart drives him to go under..."

Shunryu Suzuki Roshi (1905 - 1971)
“In Japan we have the phrase shoshin,
which means "beginner's mind."
The goal of practice is
always to keep our beginner's mind.

If your mind is empty,
it is always ready for anything;
it is open to everything.
For in the beginner's mind
there are always many possibilities.”

Sutra 6
If you do not have the notion “This I am and this I’m not” then you will not limit your consciousness. If your ego-self is dead, you will not limit your consciousness. If in you the very notion of calamity, poverty, elation, pride, dullness and agitation do not arise, then your ego-self is dead, then you will be liberated while living. Utter purity will prevail in you because you will be a liberated sage whose ego-mind is dead. Such a mind of a liberated sage is full of noble qualities. Intense friendliness, love, compassion and natural goodness will alone remain in you.

(Inspiration from Deepak Chopra - Healing)