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I had been visiting Wikipedia for a while before I joined. This gave me an unexpected sense of ownership, and license by degrees. I've created a few articles but mostly edit where improvements seem to call and start up a few stubs/dab pages here and there.


 Gerhard Sessler  --  John Diebold  --  Frederick G. Cottrell  --  Demetre Chiparus  --  ex-Erythemal (merged with Sunburn)  --  Eugène Carrière  --  Francisco Iturrino  --  Hermenegildo Anglada Camarasa  --  Maxime Dethomas  --  Modest Urgell  --  Pablo Uranga  --  Ramón Martí Alsina  --  Ricardo Gutiérrez Abascal  --  Spanish Eclecticism  --  East Asiatic Company

Significant contributions[edit]

 Burmeister & Wain  --  MAN B&W Diesel  --  Paul Eisler  --  Robert F. Williams  --  Pollution

Lately my involvement, so far, aside from occasionally prolific browsing, is with ...


and in collaboration with the Wikipedia:Spanish Translation of the Week:

In progress:  TBD


From others[edit]

  • [[Image:IPPC 1990 MBH 1999 Moberg 2005.png]]
  • [[Image:2000 Year Temperature Comparison.png]]

There also seems to be a trove of rich data set graphs at the following links:

Miscellaneous links[edit]

Thanks for dropping by.

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