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Hello, Onco_p53 is the user name for me: Bevan Weir. Onco means cancer as in Oncology, and p53 is a protein involved in causing / curing cancer. I invented this name early in my university life, my first degree was in Biotechnology.

I am from Auckland, New Zealand. My interest is in microbiology and my Wiki contributions reflect this, and my general interest in science.

I did my PhD studies on the rhizobia bacteria. I then (July 2008-July 2011) did a postdoc on a fungus called Colletotrichum (teleomorph: Glomerella).

My personal website is at:


A Magpie moth on my window. It is a NZ native day-flying moth

My Sandbox

As of 3 October 2010 I have made 5,372 edits.

A German Wasp that I killed and photographed

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