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This is my own list. Unless you are me, don't add to it or otherwise change any part of it.

Internet privacy[edit]

cleanup (interrupted)

Timeline of evolution[edit]

  • Needs numerous fixes of spaces, punctuation, spelling, grammar, word composition, etc.
  • Introductory paragraph would be useful.
  • Remove spurious information, including:
    • non-notable extinct species
    • paragraph about the similarities between chimps and humans (5 MYA)
  • Poor correlation between dates in that article vs Geological timescale
  • Lemurs twice migrate to Madigascar?
  • Bonobos twice evolve from chimps?
  • Needs many wikilinks
  • Desperately needs external references

Orders of magnitude[edit]

Orders of magnitude (area)[edit]

  • Use sub-rows rather than the <br> tags
  • Check for completeness, sanity, etc

Orders of magnitude (currency)[edit]

  • Needs discussion

Orders of magnitude (data)[edit]

  • Needs a new ToC
  • Use powers of 2 rather than 10?

But to bring a sword[edit]

  • Look over 'prediction' section
  • Find better ext links for the 'advocating, non-Christian' interp
  • Try to think of better title


  • Make sure it's real
  • Look it over

Internet privacy[edit]

  • Cleanup