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Kevin Alexander
Origin Beverly Hills, California, USA
Genres R&B, hip hop, rock, jazz
Occupation(s) actor, comedian, entrepreneur, record producer, songwriter, recording artist
Years active 1996-present
Labels L.O.C. Records, Skire Music

Kevin Alexander (born May 7, 1993 in Beverly Hills, California, USA) is an American actor, comedian, entrepreneur, music producer, songwriter, and recording artist.


Kevin Alexander has been performing since 1996 at the age of three. He privileged enough to start studying the violin and perform in numerous recitals and concerts. He was eventually was asked to perform live on PBS at the age of six. About the same time, he started taking piano lessons and also performed in other concerts and recitals. Since then, he has been relentless with his musical talents, practicing and mastering many musical genres. He received a Merit Award in early 2002.

Kevin's parents began to notice how his local fame was taking into effect. After the birth of his brother in 2000, the family decided that it was the right time for him to pursue a career in acting. Before then, Kevin was discovered at the Los Angeles County Fair when he was just telling jokes to gain the crowds appeal. He signed with Slate Entertainment in 2003 but withdrew himself from their roster in late 2004 because of his sister's lack of interest in the entertainment industry. However, Kevin does plan on making a comeback in mid 2009. He was always an active member in freestyle battles in his neighborhood.

Kevin is an executive producer for both L.O.C. Records and Skire Music.

Community Work[edit]

Kevin has donated his time in recent years to help less fortunate children. He took a textile designs class and help make quilts for little children in Christmas of 2007. He also has been an active member in his church and has performed when they were raising funds for homeless shelters. Kevin has traveled to Africa to help the unemployed with their families and help them find job opportunities.

Personal Life[edit]

Kevin currently resides in the suburbs of Fontana, California and attends Etiwanda High School as a member of the 2011 graduating class.

Kevin is a frequent traveler, having traveled as far as Malawi. In 2008, his father started an information technology business called 3D Technologies which is based in both Los Angeles, California and Lilongwe, Malawi. Kevin has also started his own business based in the same locations called The Beefy Boys. The company produces and packages dried foods such as biltong(beef jerkey), dried fruits, and many others. The company's main product is Mc Beef's Biltong which he named while visiting his Scottish uncle.

Kevin is of both Malawian and Portuguese decent. He has a sister named Ashley and a brother named Shane. His mother became very sick during her pregnancy in 2005 and the family lost two twin baby girls named Sasha and Nicole before their birth.

When asked, he said his biggest musical influences are Bob Marley and Michael Jackson. Besides the two, he also has many more.

Kevin enjoys everything that a regular teenager does. He enjoys going out with friends, playing sports, and listening to music. Of course, he also enjoys making his own.