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An onion can make people cry but there's never been a vegetable that can make people laugh.
An onion can make people cry
but there's never been a vegetable that can make people laugh.
Born 27th February
Country  [[|]]
Current location Srinagar, Kashmir
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Education and employment
Occupation Sr.Tech. Associate
Employer Wipro Limited
Education B.Sc
High school SMD High School
College S.P.College
University University of Kashmir
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion ISLAM
Aliases Oniongas or Mubee

Social Work, Internet, Books, Hanging with friends

Contact info
Website [Wiki Commons]
Blog [
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Oniongas (ar : مبشر يوسف) was working with Wipro Limited but left the company few years ago and joined a new firm. He is a proud Wikipedian. He came across Wikipedia while searching for some material on Kashmir for his friends school project in the summer of 2005 and he landed on Wikipedia and has been mesmerized by the wonderful contribution of some volunteers. He resides in a place which is called heaven on earth Srinagar in the Indian administrated part of Kashmir. He strongly believes Kashmiri people should be given the right of self determination, according to the UN resolution and as also promised to them by Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. He has an interest in editing pages related to Kashmir and Srinagar and his edits are confined to these fields. However in near future he may diversify to some other fields or may be helping in fighting vandalism. Moreover he thinks that "Wikipedia is one of the biggest charity organization because no donation can be as big as the donation of free knowledge". He is proud to be one in the charity, for the prosperity and growth of knowledge and the human society.

SpaceShipOne Flight 17P
SpaceShipOne, an experimental air-launched rocket-powered aircraft with suborbital flight capability at speeds of up to 900 m/s (3,000 ft/s), prior to takeoff during Flight 17P on October 4, 2004. Flown by Brian Binnie, SpaceShipOne reached an altitude of 112 kilometres (70 mi) and a speed of Mach 3.09. After the flight, SpaceShipOne's developers won the $10,000,000 X Prize as the first non-government organization to launch a reusable manned spacecraft into space twice within two weeks. SpaceShipOne was then retired and placed on exhibit at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C.Photograph: D. Ramey Logan
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