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Hi, I am Onomatopoeia. I love writing good articles. On and off here in Wikipedia, currently off.

My Hall of Fame
× #
Cscr-featured.svg 3 Tim Duncan, Bill Russell, Emma Watson
Symbol support vote.svg (WP:NBA) 14 Symbol support vote.svgRed Auerbach, Symbol support vote.svgBruce Bowen, Symbol support vote.svgWilt Chamberlain, Symbol support vote.svgBob Cousy, Symbol support vote.svgTim Duncan, Symbol support vote.svgGeorge Mikan, Symbol support vote.svgDennis Johnson, Symbol support vote.svgMagic Johnson, Symbol support vote.svgJames Naismith, Symbol support vote.svgDirk Nowitzki, Symbol support vote.svgOscar Robertson, Symbol support vote.svgDennis Rodman, Symbol support vote.svgBill Russell, Symbol support vote.svgJerry West
Symbol support vote.svg (WP:Potter) 4 Symbol support vote.svgHarry Potter (character), Symbol support vote.svgHermione Granger, Symbol support vote.svgLord Voldemort, Symbol support vote.svgEmma Watson
Symbol support vote.svg (WP:CMC) 1 Symbol support vote.svgStorm (comics)
Updated DYK query.png 2 Updated DYK query.png100 point game, Updated DYK query.pngCriticisms of the Da Vinci Code
Original Barnstar.png by Quadzilla99 for improving Wilt Chamberlain
Editors Barnstar.png by Howard Cleeves for improving Magic Johnson
Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif by Chensiyuan for misc NBA stuff
Comicbarnstar.png by Doczilla for starting Snowbirds Don't Fly

Editing philosophy[edit]

I am a bona fide WikiOgre. I am ruthlessly bold, staying editless for weeks sometimes and then steamrolling an article by rewriting it from scratch. However, by also mercilessly enforcing guidelines on how to write good articles, especially that original research sucks and how to reference formally well, I have now written a double digit amount of good articles with just over 1000 edits, which is quite remarkable IMHO. You don't have to be a Wikiholic with 10000 edits/ month to be a constructive Wikipedian!


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