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OOYYO Used cars search engine[edit]

OOYYO is the global vertical search platform for used cars (and in future for new cars also). OOYYO improves the online shopping experience and helps users find the best match on the Internet for their needs.

OOYYO overview[edit]

OOYYO’s mission is to be ultimate online solution for buying and selling used and new cars and to give more control of the buying process and make finding a vehicle easier.

OOYYO search platform offers the largest selection of vehicle inventory from dealers and private sellers, the most complete research and compare tools, vehicle pricing, and much more.

Pulling together and organizing millions of listings from all over the World, OOYYO is great tool for buying and selling through online classifieds.

OOYYO will help users to find the most interesting ads, published on hundreds of classifieds websites, saving the time it would take to surf all those pages. To make it even easier, users can set they’re own personalized email alerts and OOYYO will let them know when there are new used cars on the web that might be of interest.

For a classified ads website, OOYYO can generate exposure for them, just like other more general search engines (e.g. Google or Yahoo). OOYYO’s search results include an abstract of text from ad and a link that will re-route the visitor directly to classified ad website.

Future of OOYYO[edit]

OOYYO in future will become “smartOOYYO”, customizable, personalized search engine for used and new cars all accross the world. The next generation search engine that contains usual OOYYO search box and users choice of any gagdets that will be available. Some of the features will be automatic finding of nearest vehicles for sale around users geo location, smart upgrades, larger (and thus smarter) car parking etc.

Visit OOYYO used cars search engine: [1]

--Ooyyo (talk) 09:09, 30 October 2009 (UTC)