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You may find something useful about the 1707 disaster in Scilly in the following book, 'Admiral Shovell's Treasure & Shipwreck in the I(sles of Scilly', by Peter McBride & Richard Larn.1999. ISBN 0-9523971-3-7 and 0-9523971-2-9, copies of which are available from me: richardlarn@tiscali.co.uk

I live in the Isles of Scilly, initiated the Royal Navy diving team which found the wreck in 1967, and am currently editing a booklet for the Island's Tri-Centenary (1707-2007) commemoration events next year. We desperately need to find any descendents with whom we can communicate. Richard Larn 29/12/06

  • I have passed on your message to a relative suggesting he makes contact with you. Op. Deo 01:14, 30 December 2006 (UTC)

My interests include: Tudor People; Engineers/Engineering (esp Civil & Railway); Military People/Wars; Naval History; Education; Dartington Hall and people connected to it; Science/Scientists/Laboratories; Space; Places, etc.; Genealogy; Serendipity!

Having found my Google searches sometimes ended up on Wikipedia, and that these sometimes reveal deficiencies in the articles, I decided to do something useful about it.

Below a selection of pages to which I have made significant contributions since I joined on June 4,2005. In bold I have put the new pages I have created and ones which I have substantially rewritten. I have not listed pages were my contributions have been minor edits:

  • Tudor people:
John Harington; Anne Boleyn; Sir Henry Norreys; John Norreys; William Paulet, 1st Marquess of Winchester ; William Brereton (groom); John Brereton; Arthur Champernowne
  • Engineers/Engineering (esp Civil & Railway):
Cuthbert A. Brereton; Robert Maitland Brereton; R.P. Brereton; Levee and flood wall failure in New Orleans (following hurricane Katrina); Charles Mitchell; Indian Railways; Isambard Kingdom Brunel; Carriage; MiG-15
  • Naval History:
Cloudesley Shovell; longitude; Vice-Admiral of the Coast; Vice-Admiral of the West; Battle of La Hougue and Battle of Barfleur 1692
  • C19 & C20 Military People and Wars:
Henry Maitland Wilson
  • Education:
Nathaniel Woodard; Joseph Lloyd Brereton; Norfolk County School; West Buckland School; Ancient universities of Scotland ;
  • Dartington Hall and people connected to it:
Dartington Hall; Arthur Champernowne; D. G. Champernowne; Leonard K. Elmhirst; Dorothy Payne Whitney; Michael Whitney Straight; Whitney Willard Straight
  • Science/Scientists/Laboratories
Alan Turing; Robert Wilson (astronomer); Radio Research Station; Department of Scientific and Industrial Research ; Radiometer; LIDAR; History of radar; George Gabriel Stokes; Edward Victor Appleton; Robert Watson-Watt; Radiation Laboratory; Science and Engineering Research Council
  • Space
International Ultraviolet Explorer; Topsat; European Space Agency; Geostationary Earth Radiation Budget; Beagle 2; Martin-Baker; CryoSat
  • Places, etc.
In British Isles: Ditton Park; North Elmham; West Highland Way; Sutton Courtenay; Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire; Ditton, Slough;
In Jamaica: Kingston, Jamaica; Mandeville, Jamaica; Font Hill Beach; Bluefields Beach; Doctor's Cave Beach Club; Hellshire Beach; Ocean View Beach; Treasure Beach; Whitehouse Beach; Whitehouse, Jamaica
  • Genealogy
Genealogy; Genealogy software; Family history; Maiden name; Ancestry of Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom; Harry Hammon Lyster; Hamilton Lyster Reed
  • Serendipity!
Coasteering; William Chapman Ralston; John Wycliffe; Roger Bannister; John Henry Newman; Benjamin Jowett; Dictionary of National Biography

Op. Deo? A small puzzle which can not be solved without looking beyond Wikipedia's pages. (N.B. no connection with Opus Dei.)

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