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:Things to do - Talk to me

  • My 1000th contribution was this. The 1000th different page that I edited was this one. My contributions have slowed down recently due to other work commitments, but I pop in most days.
  • Things I enjoy doing: removing stub tags from articles that aren't really stubs at all, removing {{attention}}, {{copyedit}}, {{cleanup}}, etc from articles that have received the appropriate attention. Just generally ensuring that Wikipedia doesn't undersell itself by suggesting failings that aren't really there.
  • I spent a while working on adding articles for the Districts of Afghanistan; I haven't done much recently, though I still keep an eye on progress. The vast majority of these (out of a total of 398) now have their own articles. I'd guess I probably created around 50 of these and have worked in one way or another on about a hundred more, even if it's just to move them for consistent naming. If you want to help, there's a whole lot of good information (including UNHCR profiles of most districts) at the Afghanistan Information Management Service. But have a look at Talk:Districts of Afghanistan first for info on finding your way around the AIMS site and working out which bits of info on there are up to date.
  • If I won the lottery (unlikely, as I never play) I would love to become a full-time contributor to Wikipedia. I don't, however, harbour any ambitions to become an administrator.

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