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Who is Lee G.?[edit]

I'm a Brazilian person, identified by government and society as male. But I never could put myself on either male or female gender roles or identities, not all the time.

I perceive myself as gender mixed, with maybe (big "maybe") a female core. This perception brought me to believe for some time that I was a MtF Transexual. I went as far as initiating hormone replacement therapy.

But something felt amiss. Being a compulsive researcher, I came across Pangender and Pansexuality references, and identified myself, with both.

As I'm an activist for environment, sexuality, gender equality issues, I'm trying to increase visibility on Portuguese Language sites of these Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation issues.

Activities, Interests and Memberships on Wikipedia[edit]

A blue eye.jpg This user tries to monitor the
LGBT Watchall list.