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Committed identity: b765439ef3b75a6d73c77152927f2c65dd95e2ad074acf81f253ebe519bff24f542a0e2a6abf4be68d352f749e4a84b2fc1019c22ca0ead9744f20eb7b7db52d is a SHA-512 commitment to this user's real-life identity.


Vandalism to my Userspace

vn-52 This user page has been vandalized 52 times.
vn-64 This user talk page has been vandalized 64 times.
Optakeover, serving in the ground forces of Operation Enduring Encyclopedia, in position and providing overwatch. Ready to take down vandalism.

Vandals beware: I am a recent-changes patrol veteran, and I have been decorated for my service.

The Anti-Vandalism ribbon The Anti-Vandalism ribbon
The Anti-Vandalism ribbon The Anti-Vandalism ribbon The Userpage Shield ribbon Veteran Editor III (or Most Perfect Tutnum)
Veteran Editor (or Grand Tutnum) Veteran Editor (Tutnum) Experienced Editor (Grognard Mirabilaire) Yeoman Editor (Grognard Extraordinaire) Level 4
Journeyman Editor (Grognard) Level 4) Apprentice Editor (Novato) Level 4 Novice Editor (Burba) Level 4 Registered Editor (Signator) Level 4

The original template awards can be viewed here.

A list of Optakeover's alternate accounts can be viewed at User:Optakeover/Alternate accounts.