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Message left on Wikipedia:Missing Wikipedians:

Administrator and Bureaucrat. Missed since 19:00 PM (UTC), March 6, 2004. Optim came to Wikipedia in 2003 because he wanted to help with the creation of free educational material. He started 115 new articles and contributed more than 19 photos he took using his digital camera. He decided to leave because he felt fed up with some particular Wikipedians. He wishes to everyone Good Luck and PEACE PROFOUND. Optim 19:08, 6 Mar 2004 (UTC)

He blocked himself for a period of one year. We'll be very lucky to have him back, whenever he decides its worth it. Like all of us, he has a lot of things to do, and when he tallied up the stresses and satisfactions... The stress-o-meter was a multiple of the satisfaction meter :( Let's try to make this profoundly beneficial contributor feel as welcome and happy as possible, if and when he returns. Sam Spade 04:03, 8 Mar 2004 (UTC)