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  • Every day, in my own small way, I will make the world a better place.
  • One edit per day keeps ignorance at bay...
  • Swim like a shark, bask like a croc....

This User:[edit]

  • is male and resides in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.
  • signed up on September 08 2009.
  • has made over 12,000 contributions in six projects.
  • has a stick rate on Wikipedia of 99.2087%
  • lifts up, licks off, sets new goals and moves on.
  • abhors (user) boxes.
  • is blue collar and proud of it.
  • picks his own stocks. (And you should to...)
  • is retired. (Woo Hoo!, Freedom 53..)
  • has nothing against long as some one else is doing it...
  • strongly believes that Wikipedia greatly increases literacy and sells a LOT of books.

Work on Wikipedia:[edit]

  • On Wikipedia I am primarily a "gardener", I find it relaxing.. but some articles I added a lot to;

Work on Wikiquote:[edit]

Avro Arrow 1959
"Canada has an Alice in Wonderland view of the world.." (Wikileaks..)
  • This user did not go to University, but he did read the text....

Pages with extensive additions:[edit]

  • Marcus Aurelius, filled in the rest of the "Meditations"...
  • Peter Drucker, provided the quotes from; MANAGEMENT: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices.(1973) I believe this book is to the art of management what Isaac Newtons Principia was to math ....
  • John Kenneth Galbraith, A great Canadian, but what did he do with all his money? Added quotes from several missing works and added a lot to others...
  • Benjamin Graham, added quotes from several of his works, especially his obscure early my humble opinion this man was very well read and seemed to be very familiar with another great German economist I dare not name....
  • James Joyce, added Pomes Penyeach, I love my Joyce.
  • John Maynard Keynes, added much to The General Theory and several of the seldom heard of minor works, from first editions out of my own library....
  • Thomas Malthus, Provided the quotes from his very first work and his very last work in his lifetime. The amazing thing I discovered is the 180 degree change from the first work and the last. Also added all the "Quotes about".
  • Karl Marx, Added the remaining 50% of Capital, Volume I, all of Capital, Volume II and Capital, Volume III of Das Kapital.. all of the Grundrisse, and sequencing of the Communist Manifesto with section, paragraph, line references... Also made extensive additions to the "Quotes about" section. (I am a little Marxed out at present....)
  • David Ricardo, added extensive quotes from Ricardos main work and "Quotes about"..
  • Joan Robinson, The most under rated and the most quotable economist that has ever lived...
  • Joseph Schumpeter, provided the quotes from; Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (Third Edition)
  • Adam Smith, found as a total mess, added extensive quotes from the whole work of The Wealth of Nations (unabridged, of course...), and provided all the "Quotes about".
  • Thucydides, really filled this one in, added full citations for all the quotes and added images of the time of Thucydides, giving a very nice effect.
  • Vitruvius, consisted of six un-sourced quotes, now very near complete.

Pages I have opened:[edit]

Robert Adair (physicist), Hans Christian von Baeyer, Joel Bakan, Bernard Bailyn, Paul A. Baran, Nicholas Barr, William Barrett (philosopher), Anthony Stafford Beer, Daniel Bell, William J. Bernstein, Simon Blackburn, Alain de Botton, Aaron C. Brown, Manuel Castells, Alan Chalmers, Jean Chrétien, Bernard Crick, Peter Dicken, Konstantinos Apostolos Doxiadis, Ivar Ekeland, Richard Arnold Epstein, The Federalist, William Feller, Moses I. Finley, Stanley Fish, Thomas Flanagan (political scientist), John Allen Fraser, Robert Gilpin, David Graeber, George Goodman, Gustavo Gutierrez, Roger Haight, David Harvey (geographer), Robert Haugen, Brian Hayes (scientist), Robert Heilbroner, Nick Herbert (physicist), Leonard Trelawny Hobhouse, Jimmy Hoffa, John Henry Holland, Edward Jenks, William Stanley Jevons, Mark Kac, Roger Kahn, Michal Kalecki, Steve Keen, Margrit Kennedy, Frederic G. Kenyon, Andy Kessler (author), John W. Kingdon, Mark Kingwell, Stanley Knowles, Robert Kuttner, Judy LaMarsh, Lewis H. Lapham, Edwin Lefèvre,Michael Lewis (author), Gordon Lightfoot, Malachi, Alberto Manguel, Preston Manning, Randal Marlin, Vincent Massey, Thomas D'Arcy McGee, William McKeen, David McNally (professor), Richard von Mises, Leonard Mlodinow, John Moffat (physicist), John T. Noonan, Jr., Joseph Nye, David Orrell, Paul Ormerod, William Pfaff, Michael Parenti, Pierre Stephen Robert Payne, Rob Payne, Laura Penny, William Poundstone, B. W. Powe, Bob Rae, Howard Raiffa, Charles A. Reich, Cal Ripken, Jr., George Ritzer, Eric Roll, Baron Roll of Ipsden, Harvey S. Rosen, Jean-Baptiste Say, Herbert Schiller, Didier Sornette, Jim Stanford, Ralph Steadman, Andrew Tobias, Evelyn Underhill, Christopher Vokes, Kenneth Waltz, Eric Wolf, David Wood (philosopher), Andrew Zimbalist, William Zinsser

( more coming...)

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