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a rotary dial telephone.
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Thunderbirds are GO!

Aircraft working document[edit]

Type Lift Wings Rotor Propulsion VTOL Hover Description
Aerodyne aerodynamic some some some some some (group) any heavier-than-air aircraft
aerodynamic yes no yes some some powered, fixed wing aircraft
Aerostat gas
hot air
no no some yes yes (group) any lighter-than-air aircraft
Aircraft any any any any some some (group) anything man-made that flies
hot air
no no yes some yes powered lighter-than-air aircraft
aerodynamic some free yes some no rotary-winged aircraft with propulsive engines
Balloon gas
hot air
no no no yes yes unpowered lighter-than-air aircraft
Fanwing aerodynamic yes no longitudinal fans no no novel STOL aeroplane
Glider aerodynamic yes no some no no unpowered aeroplane
Gyrodyne aerodynamic no powered yes yes yes aurogyro with powered rotor
Gyroglider aerodynamic no free cable-tow conditional no rotary-wing glider
Helicopter aerodynamic no powered rotor yes yes aircraft with powered rotor used for both lift and thrust
Heliplane aerodynamic yes powered yes yes yes combination gyrodyne-aeroplane
Kite aerodynamic yes some cable-tied no yes fixed glider tied usually to ground; may carry personnel
Moller Skycar aerodynamic no ducted fans ducted fans yes yes combination aircraft and motor car