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Now we hear that there are some of you who are living lives without any discipline, doing no work themselves but interfering with other people's. We urge and call on people of this kind to go on quietly working and earning the food that they eat.

— 2 Th 3:11-12

OrangeDog, like many coloured animals, may be interested in editing articles relating to Computing, Cambridge, Catholicism or the disjunction of any union of the three with the universe. He is also partial to a good spurious apophonic tense coinage.

If you're going to engage in discussion with me, don't do any of these.

To do[edit]

Feel free to help develop or start any of the following articles. I may end up WP:DRAGONing them in a month or so. This month being of course from now, not when I wrote this.

Stub-Class article Active Bat
Stub-Class article Bingo (song)
Redirect page Gabor wavelet
Stub-Class article John Daugman


I have created or made significant contributions to the following:

Articles Files Other

Start-Class article Alfred Newman GilbeyDYK?
Cambridge University Catholic ChaplaincyDYK?
Start-Class article CAP computerDYK?
Derren Brown: The Events
Start-Class article Federation Against Copyright Theft
C-Class article Hydrogen spectral series
Stub-Class article John Arnold (bishop)
C-Class article List of HTTP status codes
Articles concerning The Mighty Boosh
C-Class article Moment magnitude scale
Our Lady and the English Martyrs Church
Stub-Class article Oxford and Cambridge Catholic Education Board
Sacred Heart Church, St IvesDYK?
Start-Class article St Lawrence Church, IpswichDYK?
C-Class article West CambridgeDYK?
Start-Class article Wrapper function

Last I looked, they hadn't all been deleted. More recent damage can be found here.


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