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Elliott Wald (born 13 November, 1969), in Barking Essex is an English Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist, NLP Master & Trainer, Personal Development Guru.

Elliott Wald started as a competitive athlete competing in bodybuilding from the age of 17, winning his very first show in Hornsey, North London at the under 21 division of ‘Stars of Tomorrow'. He continued to compete for over 10 years winning regional and national competitions until finally retiring from bodybuilding having competed in the North East of England Championships in 1996 and qualifying for the British Championships.

With his love of exercise he qualified as a personal trainer and worked in the famous Golds Gym[1]in London and the Beverly Hills Health Club[2] in Los Angeles, USA. His competitive sporting career and his working with clients to help them achieve their desired bodies led to his interest in the subject of personal development. He began by reading books by Anthony Robbins, and then broadened his knowledge by reading books by Dr Richard Bandler and Dr John Grinder.


  • November 1996 - he enrolled on his first hypnotherapy training course, and found he had both an innate talent, a thirst for knowledge and a passion to help people.
  • He followed this initial one year foundation course by the London College of Clinical Hypnotherapy by a one year Diploma course with them. Friends began asking him to help them lose weight, stop smoking and overcome their fears and phobias [3].
  • Word of his success with friends spread very quickly and he then began in practice as a full time hypnotist and hypnotherapist in 1998.
  • Continuing to study in April 1999 he qualified in Obsessive Compulsive Disorders OCD.
  • November 2000 he qualified in psychoneuroimmunology
  • In 2001 Elliott was elected to the board of the executive committee for the Hypnotherapy Association a position he has held for over 8 years an organization that is a non-profit organization to ensure that the general public and practicing hypnotherapist adhere to a strict code of conduct.
  • 2003 he qualified as a practitioner of neuro-linguistic programming with Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler the founder of NLP.
  • Followed in April 2004 by qualifying as a Master Practitioner of NLP with Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler
  • In October 2004 he became the highest level a Licensed Trainer of NLP with the society of NLP.
  • In 2005 he co-created the only game in the world that teaches people trained in NLP to enhance their knowledge of NLP by playing a game Quest of NLP [4]

2005 Elliott began to experience a continual ache and pain in his neck, after a number of sessions with a chiropractor there was no change, in fact he began to lose the sensations in his fingers and hands, within a couple of days he lost the feelings in his feet, after an MRI scan it was revealed that two of his discs were pressing on his spinal cord and within two days he was in hospital for a surgical procedure that involved slicing the front of his neck open and moving his vocal cords, to remove the two discs and replace them with a cage. There was a distinct possibility that had the operation not been successful he would have been left paralyzed. The consultant explained that Elliott should at best hope to be walking and carrying eventually shopping. The next day he discharged himself from the hospital explaining that hospitals were for sick people, he then spent three weeks walking back and forward from one end of the room to the other after one month he was walking one mile a day, within three months he was back training at the gym, and within one year he was bench pressing 140kg. [5]

Elliott Wald has appeared on numerous television shows demonstrating his unique abilities in changing lives including a week special live on ITV This Morning Show [6] where he helped a different person overcome their intense phobia every day. [7]

He has appeared on the BBC documentary ‘Alternative Therapies’ [8] with professor Kathy Sykes where he made a women with a compulsion to chocolate [9] re-associate it with something she disliked and could not bring herself to eat the chocolate [10].

Elliott Wald has a list of satisfied clients which include celebrities from the movies, television, sporting and media as well as over 30,000 members of the general public who have experienced his extraordinary results. He continues to work with clients privately at his clinic in Luton, Bedfordshire or to be flown around the world to help celebrities and even royalty overcome their challenges with outstanding results, his passion and enthusiasm is contagious. He presents seminars [11] on weight loss [12], and personal development [13] around the world and blends skills from hypnosis [14], neuro-linguistic programming and modern psychology.


  • Stop Smoking Easily and Transform Your Life for Good ISBN 9781934266052
  • Win The Mental Weight Loss Game and Contagious Concepts



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