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The Yes After Yesterday (book)

The Yes After Yesterday
Author James Tarantin
Country USA
Language English
Genre Adventure, Spiritual, Motivational
Media type Print, E-Book

The Yes After Yesterday is an upcoming original, adventure, thriller, motivational book written by James Tarantin. The conviction and all-inclusive message of the book is that all human beings, through The Equation, can grasp Enlightenment, Core comprehension of the interaction of forces in The Universe, and the transcendent ability to decide to transform and write their own future – Designing Destiny.

The Yes After Yesterday reveals a real life cross-cultural adventure which takes place on three continents as a young brave lad travels all over the world to discover life’s purpose and his future. The book illuminates the enlightenment of the events in order to pass the torch of The Equation and the unalienable rights to Life, Liberty, Equality and the Pursuit of Fulfillment.


The Story of a young lad born to a wealthy family and shackled on a desolate island of divided social classes. The lonely youth dreams of Freedom, yearns for the world and contemplates the world Beyond. The silent Tears from his third eye decode History’s biggest treasure, Time’s Silent Secret: The Equation. Then, the young man leaves his beloved family and abandons his wealthy inheritance to travel all over the world, with the aspirations of discovering his higher self, his future and the Divine Purpose of Life. A wandering philosopher…he experiences great adventures and even greater mental challenges. Failures, tragedies, struggles and surrenders lead him to seize the wrong decision and turn to the dark dimension of the spiritual world. Fast forward: thrills and dangers carry the boy to the brink of death…until the very last moment reveals a miraculous revelation. The youth touches the transcendence of the Light and achieves transformative enlightenment.

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