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Welcome to the User Page of Ordinary Person.

Although I have been contributing to Wikipedia for some years now, I still have much to learn.

It took me about a year to learn one of the most important lessons about Wikipedia: Articles don't have feelings.

Feel free to contact me with advice or criticism.

Indonesian Tennis[edit]

I've worked on improving the breadth and depth of Wikipedia's coverage of Indonesian tennis players.

Completed tasks[edit]

My completed tasks include:

  • Ensuring there is an article for each female Indonesian tennis player who has won professional tournaments and/or medals
  • Improving existing articles on major female Indonesian tennis players
  • Ensuring all articles on female medal winners have medalboxes
  • Adding links for Indonesian versions on FITP
  • Minimising red-links on articles on FITP
  • Updating the links to WTA player pages

Maintenance tasks[edit]

This project is currently in a maintenance phase, with the main tasks and most recent checks shown in the table below.

Ongoing Task Date
Check for ITF finals 10 Mar 2012
Check for Fed Cup participation 10 Mar 2012
Check for WTA participation 10 Mar 2012
Check for South East Asian Games participation 10 Mar 2012
Check for Asian Games participation 10 Mar 2012
Check for Olympic participation 10 Mar 2012
Check for Indonesian Wikipedia articles 10 Mar 2012
General infobox updates 12 Mar 2012

I have created these articles for this project.[edit]

Those marked with a ‡ have a sister article on Indonesian Wikipedia. Those marked with † have no WTA player page. Note that Irawati Iskandar is the same person as Irawati Moerid, despite the existence of two separate WTA players pages.

I have substantially improved these articles for this project.[edit]


The following players don't currently meet the criteria for article creation, but I'm keeping an eye on them.

Bella Destriana, ITF finalist
Nadya Syarifah Jakarta, ITF finalist
Cynthia Melita, ITF finalist
Laili Rahmawati Ulfa, ITF finalist
Aldila Sutjiadi, Semi-finalist, Girl's Doubles, Australian Open 2012

To-do list[edit]

Bring Tedjakusuma article up to scratch. Specifically:

  • add medalbox
  • add Major results box
  • put wins/finals into standard format
  • make any appropriate changes to the infobox

Make sure Jakarta Open and Bali Open articles contain all doubles information.

The slaying of the Mini Mammoth[edit]

Mini Mammoth This was a deliberate attempt by many users to maintain and defend a hoax, under the encouragement of presenters on TripleJ, an Australian radio station. It actually took a bit of work to make this go away. User:Viridae did much of the heavy lifting. The case for the defence, preserved in the deletion log, is instructive. It is a useful general study in specious reasoning, and also a sampler of the arguments of people who want to cripple Wikipedia for fun.

Maintenance Collaboration: Articles requested for more than a year[edit]

For a while, I was creating these requested articles, as stubs. As at 28 July 2006, this was the Maintenance collaboration of the week. I eventually abandoned this Sisyphean task. Here are some of those I created during that time.

KEMRI - Ivo Yanakiev - Joseph Kekuku - Ryukoku University - Fleming-Viot process - Nan Fry - Transfer in contemplation of death - Nonlinear pricing - Malmquist index - Charles Lloyd Jones - Anton Oberbeck - Fredric Alan Maxwell - Sir Godfrey Ince - Paul Nulsen - Yingwen Zhu - Xu Yanwei - Zheng Wang - Yu Yang - A. Rafiq - Takashi Yamamoto - Los Shapis - Synthetic vaccine - Steroid 21-monooxygenase - Harry Williams (footballer)

Others were subsequently deleted due to lack of notability.

Other articles I have created[edit]


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