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"What are called higher institutions of learning are therefore, if we divorce them from the outer form they assume in their relation to the government, nothing other than the spiritual life of those human beings who are moved by external leisure or internal pressures toward learning and research. Even if they did not exist formally, one person would privately reflect and collect, another join himself to men of his own age, a third find a circle of disciples. Such is the picture to which the state must remain faithful if it wishes to give an institutional form to such indefinite and rather accidental human operations." (Humboldt)

I am a Wikipedian and a former software developer for the Wikimedia Foundation. I live in New York City.

As an editor, I typically either tinker with clunky prose, or upload Creative Commons images of encyclopedic value from Flickr. See my user page at Wikimedia Commons (click "User contributions") for a full list.


You can access my sandbox here. Right now, it contains some notes toward a revision of Ludlow massacre. Feel free to add any, if you're familiar with the topic.


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