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The biggest wikipedia black hole I have ever fallen into was a couple years ago when I started on an article about extinct tigers, somehow made my way to minor french royalty, and ended up looking up their current descendants on facebook. This site is a trap and I am a bear leg.

Comma overuse[edit]

"When the second part of the sentence pairs with the information in the first part through correlation, a comma is not used. For example: INCORRECT: The article is a not only a masterpiece of the written word, but is grammatically sound. CORRECT: Her new car was sporty looking and creates a distinguished look."[1]


┃┃╱╲ in

┃╱╱╲╲ this

╱╱╭╮╲╲ house

▔▏┗┛▕▔ we


consider comma overuse a sin

╱╱┏┳┓╭╮┏┳┓ ╲╲



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"no"[2] - dril, twitter, 2008[edit]

Hell hath no wrath like a sorority girl digging for information. I only aim to be as thorough as that reporter who found James Comey's secret twitter account.


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