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This bot is no longer active on Wikipedia.

OrphanBot has been inactive since 2009. Its tasks are currently handled by User:ImageRemovalBot, User:ImageTaggingBot, and improved upload procedures.

This approved bot is run by User:Carnildo . If you have any questions about image tagging, ask them at Wikipedia:Media copyright questions.

Description and purpose[edit]

OrphanBot's current task is to remove images that are in Category:Images with unknown source and Category:Images with unknown copyright status from articles, so that administrators can delete them.

Images in the article, category, and portal namespaces will be removed. Images in the wikipedia, mediawiki, mediawiki talk, template, help, and help talk namespaces will be left alone, but a message will be logged on the bot's talk page. Images in all other namespaces will be completely ignored.

OrphanBot used to inspect newly-uploaded images; that task is now handled by User:ImageTaggingBot.

OrphanBot was written in Perl using the Pearle code for accessing Wikipedia.

In simple terms:[edit]

What OrphanBot does:

  1. It removes images with certain impending-deletion tags from articles using them.
  2. It notifies the presumed uploader of the impending deletion.

What OrphanBot does not do:

  1. It does not delete images.
  2. It does not tag images for deletion.
  3. It does not evaluate fair-use claims.
  4. It does not edit templates.
  5. It does not edit user pages.
  6. It does not tag unused fair-use images. That's Roomba and Fritzbot.
  7. It can not check for copyright so please put in a description.
  8. It is not responsible for every image that gets deleted.

Opting out[edit]

OrphanBot understands the {{nobots}} template: if you place it on your talkpage, the bot won't give you any notifications. OrphanBot will ignore nobots on images and articles: if you want the bot to ignore an image, you'll have to talk to me (User:Carnildo) and convince me it's a good idea.

Current development status[edit]

Working on improved bot. New behaviors:

  1. Re-written to use the API for everything except editing.
  2. Turned user notification back on.

Current task status[edit]

Bot statistics[edit]

As of June 1, 2006, OrphanBot has inspected 63,976 images, removing images from 33,698 articles, 1,266 portals, and 64 categories. The bot has handed out 36,988 warnings to 23,925 users.

As of September 1, 2006, OrphanBot has inspected 102,366 images, removing images from 50,683 articles. The bot has handed out 72,910 warnings to 47,627 users.


The bot can't read. It trusts humans to know what they're talking about, so if it sees a {{no source}} or {{no license}} tag on an image, it assumes that the image does not have a source or a license tag.

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