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Gunnison river drainage

Please Help Create a Feature article status of this Non-Public School[1] located within the confines of the Gunnison National Forest[2], serving Gunnison county's geologic landform feature (Gunnsison River Basin) area of the North American Continent, and complies with the CDE and the statutes[3] of the State of Colorado; Orsch is listed on the CDE website as a non-public school. This school project envisions other things posted here that pertain to improving the Wikimedia Foundation Projects on a global basis, including and not limiting implementation of creative learning methods utilizing the projects of en:Wikipedia, ru:Wikipedia, sp:Wikipedia, fr:Wikipedia, de:Wikipedia, through the use of Meta:Language select, any number of Meta:Categories, and the (other) projects, Wikimedia, Wikiversity, Wikisource, Wikiquotes,

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Gunnison, Colorado[edit]

Welcome to Gunnison, Colorado

Gunnison is home to Western State Colorado University and the Gunnison Valley is served by the User:Orschstaffer/Gunnison Watershed School District RE1J which includes Public and Non Public schools[4]. Gunnison is a Municipal home rule which reserves the right to choose how it is governed. Citizens of every municipality in Colorado have an option available to them—creation of a home rule charter.[5]. The law concerning non public schools, 22-33-104, C.R.S., requires that a sequential program of instruction be provided by an independent or parochial school. Such program shall include, but not be limited to, communication skills of reading, writing, and speaking, mathematics, history, civics, literature, and science.[6][7]

Reference Desk

Encyclopedia – a reference work containing separate articles of information on all branches of knowledge or topics in a specific field.[8]

Lead references[edit]

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Reference vs. Bibliography[edit]

This is an example of 20th Century reference works[1] (hardback encyclopedia) depicting man's quest of the final frontier[2].

  1. ^ Annotation - This link references work from the German Wikipedia translated with voice technologies.
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“The Voyager probe is now moving out of the Solar System toward the stars. It has a very long journey ahead. It is expected to reach the edge of the Solar System early in the 21st century, but it will not get close to another star for at least 40,000 years. This star is one of the nearest to the Solar System.”[1]*(see: Cite Reference)

Cite Bibliography

This citation would fall under the bibliography notation giving Robin Kerrod authorship (credit) of this particular volume in this 6 volume set as cited on the lead page.

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Cite Reference

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External Links[edit]

1. Voyager Spacecraft, retrieved July 22, 2012; this is the Jet Propulsion Labratory of the California Institute of Technology website.


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Gunnison, Colorado #History - rewrite proposal[edit]

File:Hillside monogram G on Signal Hill in Gunnison, Colorado
Hillside monogram G on Signal Hill in Gunnison, Colorado

The article Gunnison, Colorado History section is focused on Wyatt Earp and includes mostly information unrelated to the history of Gunnison, Colorado. While Wyatt did operate a faro table in early Gunnison (camp), this section reads more like a Wyatt Earp biography. Orschstaffer proposes a rewrite of Gunnison History which will include Wyatt's faro game along with some other notable visitors to the area and other historical facts which were instrumental in the founding and establishment of Gunnison, Colorado. The Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad depot building, which still stands on its original location adjacent to the Gunnison-Crested Butte Regional Airport property, demands in and of itself a certain distinction for the growth of Gunnison. The W Mountain, seen from just about all points of town, contains prehistoric digs which would also seem appropriate for an historical section. The Gunnison Watershed School District, prior to its present name, was notable in its early day of the Jeffersonian Territorial legislation regarding the school districts which still preserve original buildings on property of local persons instrumental in the growth and population of Gunnison. These among other historical facts which will be added to this section will form the rewriting of Gunnison, Colorado article's history section.