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Lady Seated at a Virginal
Lady Seated at a Virginal is a painting by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer painted in approximately 1670–72. It shows a woman playing a virginal, with a viola da gamba depicted in the foreground, its bow between the strings. There is a painting depicted on the wall, which is either the original or a copy of Dirck van Baburen's The Procuress. It is one of several works by Vermeer featuring keyboard instruments, including The Music Lesson, The Concert, and Lady Standing at a Virginal. Scholars believe these may all be based on the same instrument, built by Johannes Ruckers. Lady Seated at a Virginal is in the National Gallery, London.Painting: Johannes Vermeer

Classroom Assignment (Illustration of references)[edit]

Illustration of <ref name="Annotation">


Education (Chittenden Memorial Window)[1]

Artwork by Orschster[2]


  1. ^ Tiffany glass artwork titled Education
  2. ^ Sam, a student of Orsch


Education from a different perspective[1] with creative tendencies toward illustrations[2]. Experiments make research and development work for you.[citation needed][3] Education has transformed teaching methods throughout history[citation needed].


  1. ^ Point of View
  2. ^ Visuals are fun and style rules that enhance
  3. ^ Reference hounds with their nose to the trail of reliable source

An example is exactly how this illustration is laid out following manual of style[1] (mos)[2].

Point of view

  1. ^ If announced prior, for instance, Today we are teaching how featured articles follow a manual of style, then this namespace would be yet another essay or tutorial or some blah, blah, b...
  2. ^ Acronyms for anything allowing autodidacticism (AAAA) or A4, et. al.

And let us not forget to put this one,

<references /><ref group="out">Way down at the bottom - out of sight, out of mind, out, who cares by now?</ref>[out 1]

Personalized Signatures[edit]

Wikipedia:Signatures helped achieve this:

O MC 4/ π ≠ 2

Signatures must include at least one internal link to your user page, user talk page, or contributions page; this allows other editors easy access to your talk page and contributions log. The lack of such a link is widely viewed as obstructive.

O = Orschstaffer and links to Wikipedia:User:Orschstaffer where is found the Orschstaffer wikitable which navigates to everything Orschstaffer is (who am I?), everything Orschstaffer is doing (User:Orschstaffer/Schoolhouse), everywhere Orschstaffer might be found (Interwiki Orschstaffer).
M = Orschstaffer and links to Wikimedia:User:Orschstaffer where is found Orschstaffer research into the Wikimedia Foundation's Projects and such other things yet to be enlightened.
C = Orschstaffer and links to Wikiversity:User:Orschstaffer where is found Orschstaffer involved in College, and faithful fraternizer of the fraternity π≠2 which links to Wikimedia:Create room and w:User:Orschstaffer/Schoolhouse/CreateRoom.
4 = Quantum as in mechanics, theories, multipliers, personalities[citation needed], et. al., and links to Contributions.
Colors that fit me

List of colors is a page full of colors organized and grouped, review the whole page then choose which section fits your budget.

This Navigational Wikitable organizes the Orschstaffer Research and School Project.

Table Crafts Room is currently streamlining style for aesthetically pleasing while not totally gaudey appearance (display style) of this Wikitable which should reflect a creative mood.

Wikipedia:Userboxes#Creating a new userbox, m:Help:Collapsing, Template:Navbox,

Improve formatting[edit]

Wikipedia:Good article criteria

D&RGW Loco #278 To format your article correctly (and expand it, and possibly even make it featured!):Bobber Caboose , see the following links

Also, make sure there are incoming links to the new article from other Wikipedia articles (click "What links here" in the toolbox) and that the new article is included in at least one appropriate category (see help:category). Otherwise it will be difficult for readers to find the article.

Others can freely contribute to the article when it has been saved. The creator does not have special rights to control the later content. See Wikipedia:Ownership of articles.

Additionally, before you get frustrated or offended about the way others modify or remove your contributions, see: Wikipedia:Don't be ashamed.

How to improve your writing[edit]

User:Tony1/How to improve your writing

Compare two versions of a featured article[edit]

A good way of focusing your efforts on improving your prose is to compare two versions of a featured article. Here's how to do this:

  • Look in the FA log for the featured-article candidacy discussion of an article that might interest you that was substantively criticised for failing Criterion 1a.
  • Note the date and time of the nomination (the first message in the discussion).
  • Click the title link to go to the article itself; do not read it.
  • Click the "Page history" link.
  • Locate the version that immediately preceded nomination. Click that link.
  • Read this old version of the article, carefully. Think of all the changes it needs. Better, click "Printable version" and go through a printout with a red pen.
  • Return to the "Page history" and use the "compare" function to compare that version with the version that was promoted to FA status. Compare your edits with those that were actually made during the FAC process.
  • Remember that you may be able to make the current version of that article even better; please do so if that is the case.

Wikipedia School Project[edit]

m:Meta-Babel | Wikiversity school project | Wikipedia:School and university projects | Meta-Wiki Create Room


Project Russia Sister Classroom[edit]

Translator Requested - Russian, English; another MetaBabel; What does v:EdwardBot do?

Inter-language experiment to work/collaborate on interwiki article improvements in a classroom assignment.

Related inter-wiki school projects[edit]

Orschstaffer at Wikiversity | Orschstaffer at Meta-Wiki | Create Room at Meta-Wiki | Stuffed red eyed tree frog | Stuffed red eyed tree frog prepared for dissection | Schoolhouse project on Wikipedia | Classroom Assignment on Wikipedia | Redirected from page Red eyed tree frog , [1]Request to use title Red eyed tree frog for this school project to illustrate inter-language Sister Classroom Russia Science Biology Education Alternate Education Experiment.


  1. ^ Red Eyed Tree Frog Dissection

Agalychnis callidryas[edit]

The Wikipedia article for the red eyed tree frog needs some attention. Therefore this Classroom Assignment will collaborate on the agalychnis callidryas, compare the two inter-wiki articles with each other (ru:agalychnis callidryas), observe and notate results for further Wikimedia Foundation Project involvements.

External Links[edit]

Request help with v:EdwardBot Global Messaging and Translation

Красноглазая квакша

Обсуждение:Красноглазая квакша

Файл Red eyed tree frog jpeg

Global File Usage - Использование Red eyed tree frog edit2.jpg в | User:Orschstaffer on Wikiversity

Create User:Orschstaffer on the Russia Wikipediea at Участник:Orschstaffer

Remember that reference group out?

  1. ^ Like this one.
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