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The Schoolhouse[edit]

Location: 39° 26' 5" N, 108° 1' 43" W, Front of the Battlement Mesa Schoolhouse, located at 7201 300 Road near Battlement Mesa in Garfield County, Colorado, United States. Built in 1897, it is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic American Buildings Survey—HABS image, Library of Congress, Prints and Photograph Division HABS COLO,23-BATME,1-2 *

Greetings from the desk of: O=MC4, Orschstaffer/Principal, a School Project:

This is a Userpage not to be confused with the article One-room school. It must be noted that One-room school has been redirected from One room schoolhouse which is the primary subject[1] of this Schoolhouse[2]. It is the intention of this School Project[3] to differentiate the two subjects and coordinate a meaningful learning experience while improving the scope and functionality of the One room schoolhouse[4]. Historical buildings will be the first aspect and will expand upon the One-room school article along with the preservation of these particularly educational historic buildings[5]. The second aspect of the One room schoolhouse will be the functionality and purpose of the one room schoolhouse which will focus on the historical functions, purposes and individual concepts of the local one room schoolhouse. The third aspect of the One room schoolhouse will be the demise of such schoolhouses and the advance of the public school system under the oversight of government. The fourth aspect will highlight the return of the one room schoolhouse in philosophy and present day use and may culminate in various[6] points of view(WP:POV),(WP:NPOV), (WP:COI), regarding the reasons why certain individuals wish to leave the public school system in favor of private schools and especially those which go by the moniker of "the one room schoolhouse".

The Primary Function of this Schoolhouse[edit]

'The Schoolhouse ultimately will be a facility[7] of learning, sharing, collaborating and participating[8] in creating Feature Articles and improving this Wikipedia as well as other Wiki Foundation Projects.

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Historical One Room Schoolhouses of the World[edit]

* Date, 20 November 2006, Source: From, Author, Sue Adair, Camera location: 53° 33' 23.51" N, 2° 58' 35.89" W.
The Polish Secret Teaching Organization after the German invasion.
The Schoolhouse focuses on one room schoolhouses of the world. Old Schoolhouse, Haskayne situated at the junction of Black-A-Moor lane with School Lane, this old schoolhouse dated 1802, served the farming communities of Downholland and Haskayne. Founded long before the Education Act of 1870, in the early days the children had to pay a small amount to their teacher towards her stipend and for the slates and chalks that was provided for them. The earliest recorded teachers are Catherine Mawdsley and her daughter Eliza Yates, who followed her mother into the post of headmistress in the 1850s. The old schoolhouse was replaced by a larger building in 1890 which itself has now been replaced by a modern building partly funded by the Scarisbrick family, lords of the manor. The two older buildings are now both private residences.

Worldwide One Room Schoolhouses[edit]

Historical one room buildings, sod houses, and a chance for a meaningful learning experience with other languages, cultures, and histories. m:Meta-Babel
Heše'émâheo'o vé'ho'énêstsestôtse: sod house, "dirt-house")

Category:Buildings and structures

en:Sod house, American prairie, Iceland, Saskatchewan

National Register of Historic Places - Historic American Buildings Survey—HABS[edit]

National Park Service (2010-07-09). "National Register Information System". National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service. 

Historical One Room Schoolhouses in Colorado[edit]

Research info from Library of Congress


Gunnison County, Colorado, U.S.A.[edit]
GUNNISON COUNTY HISTORIC SITES[1][2][3] (website visited on 13 June, 2012)
Check on possible integration of this off-site web on this schoolhouse article. [1] There are excellent historical briefs on the following.
See Image of Spencer Schoolhouse in School District #15, organized September 1894. [2]
See Image of Fairview Schoolhouse in District #10, organized 1881. [3]
See Image of Ohio City School built in 1897. [4]
8th Street School, 101 N. 8th St., Gunnison.
Gunnison Hardware (GAC), (Orsch)located in the upper floor, 102 S. Main, Gunnison.
Pitkin Schoolhouse, 800 Main St., Pitkin.
Rimrock School, Co Rd 24, Sapinero.
Webster Building[4], 229 N. Main, Gunnison.
Marble High School, 412 Main, Marble.
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History of education in the United States[edit]

A Brief Introduction to the History of Education in the U.S.[edit]

The history of education in the United States, or foundations of education, covers the trends in educational philosophy, policy, institutions, as well as formal and informal learning in America from the 17th century to today.

History and development of schools[edit]

School#History and development of schools

Historical Functions, Purposes & Individual Concepts of the Local Schoolhouses[edit]

The Local Schoolhouse[edit]

Sod schoolhouse, Woods, County Oklahoma Territory, ca.1895, source NARA - 516448. ₮ Transribe this document - Wikisource, create account, login

The Local Schoolhouse as seen from the community's point of view in terms of their individual concepts for a schoolhouse. In other words, the Reason for the schoolhouse, the Purpose of the schoolhouse, and the Functions of the schoolhouse; all being suspectible of * to outside influence. The article, containing various historical time periods relies heavily upon the local newspaper as respectible prime or secondary source.₩ Original research. Another Notable source will be found in non-fictional books written about local communities or regional societies. Genealogy publications and community histories could be another source of reliable data.

Resources of Historical Data[edit]

One primary requirement of a good article is the validity and reliablity of its informational resource(s)₨ Primary Research, personal research, Reputable Source(s), others ₨.

₩ Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines

Using WikiSource[edit]

Pulling up this image from WikiCommons for use under Historical Schoolhouses brought attention to the National Archives and the transcriptions of their data to the WikiSource databanks. This is a Project WikiSource and as this schoolhouse will be using the image, this school assignment will be to Transcribe this Document. [[File:Teacher and children in front of sod schoolhouse. Woods Co., Okla. Terr., ca. 1895 - NARA - 516448.jpg|

The Demise of the Local One Room Schoolhouse[edit]

Traditional education, The Underground History of American Education,

The Return of One Room Schoolhouse - Philosophy[edit]

Concepts and Use[edit]

Various Points of View[edit]

Public School System vs. Private Schooling[edit]

Focusing specifically with those under the moniker One Room Schoolhouse.



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