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Unified login: Osarius is the unique login of this user for all public Wikimedia projects.
This editor is a Veteran Editor and is entitled to display this Book of Knowledge.

Osarius (Signature: Osarius - Want a chat?) is a rollbacker, reviewer (verify) and Teahouse host on the English Wikipedia and a member of all other public Wikimedia projects, and has identified himself to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Previously known as Manadude2, he supports a zero tolerance policy towards vandalism and is well equipped to fight vandals with tools such as Lupin's anti-vandal tool, Twinkle, AutoWikiBrowser and Huggle to name a few. Osarius scored 17175 on the Wikipediaholism test.

Areas of Focus[edit]

Osarius focuses on producing and maintaining Swiss railway templates, as well as the occasional New Page Patrolling and creating the odd new article. He has made over 9,000 edits since 21 February 2008[1], making him a Veteran Editor and is entitled to display a Book of Knowledge.[2] He has also written an article on what to do if your article gets CSD tagged which has been adopted by Wikipedia.

Notable created articles[edit]

Became too long for the page. You can see the list here.


Osarius has created the following userscripts:

  • FloatingTOC, enables the Table of Contents to float on the bottom left of the screen, as requested at the Village Pump.


  • Barnstars from:
Scapler for NPP
OlEnglish for NPP
Bmusician for anti-vandalism
Anna Frodesiak for article creations and maintenance
Peridon for rescuing an article
Okeyes (WMF) for hand-coding on the FES system
The Bushranger for the discussion conducted at Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/American Airlines Flight 1340, which should be upheld as a model of a civil and productive discussion that produces a result everyone is happy with, etc
Ladytwentytwo for an invitation of some sorts(?)
  • Thumbs Up from:
Carptrash for successfully tracking a vandal
  • Teahouse Badge from:
The Teahouse, for being a host

See the awards here.

Usage of edit summary[edit]

Osarius uses different symbols in edit summaries. There may be more than one in each edit summary, along with an explanation of what has changed.

Manual edits[edit]

  • "+" - This marks an addition to the article.
  • "-" - This marks a removal from the article.
  • "#" - This marks a change of existing content.
  • "*" - This marks a special edit, one that cannot be placed into the other categories.

Script edits[edit]

  • "(TW)" - This marks an edit made with Twinkle.
  • "(HG)" - This marks an edit made with Huggle.
  • "(GLOO)" - This marks an edit made with igloo.
  • "(added category using HotCat)" - This marks a category added to an article using HotCat. HotCat automatically adds some of the symbols shown in Manual edits above into the edit summary.

About this page[edit]

This page is a user page on Wikipedia, and is supposed to mirror the style of an article.


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