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If you've come here you will probably already know that I mainly write about golf. Wikipedia's golf coverage was pretty patchy when I first saw it, compared to that of some other sports. Also, due to the way that golf is organised on a regional basis, and the fact that professional golf for men and women is run by two separate sets of organisations, there is no other golf site which offers anything close to comprehensive coverage of the sport around the world and in all eras, so there is a gap for "Wikipedia Golf" to fill. One illustration of this is that I believe that this is the only site that has profiles of both all time great Bobby Jones, and current high ranked Argentine golfer Angel Cabrera. However, there are still many gaps and articles in need of improvement.

I wrote that last year. I don't know if the point about Jones and Cabrera is still true, but I think we can now say that Wikipedia has the broadest range of articles about golfers of any site on the web by quite some margin. There is still a huge amount of room for improvement though. Osomec 23:06, 24 November 2006 (UTC)