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Volleyball players are deemed notable if they meet any of the criteria below
  1. Has competed in the Olympics,World Cup, Club World Championship or senior World Championships.
  2. Has won a medal at one of the following competitions: World Grand Champions Cup, World League, World Grand Prix, Goodwill Games, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, and any Senior Continental Championship.
  3. Has won a gold medal at the senior level at any other major elite international event (e.g. the All-Africa Games, South American Games).
  4. Has won a medal at the Youth Olympic Games.
  5. Has been inducted into a major hall of fame, such as the Volleyball Hall of Fame.

To non-athletes associated with the sport (or athletes whose main claim to notability is non-athletic activity) the following criteria of notability apply:

  1. Coaches are assumed notable if they have coached at least one Olympic, World Cup, Club World Championship or World championship team.