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About me:
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Real Name:  Andy
Age:  36
Location:  Texas
Occupation:  Web developer

Hi. I'm Andy, and this is my Wikipedia page. I've been reading Wikipedia for several years now, and contributing, periodically, since Summer 2005. I mostly read, and contribute to, things musical, technological, and theological, though obviously I have wandered far on other tangents.

I'm a code monkey (specifically a web programmer), specializing in .NET, preferring C#. I play soccer (I'm exclusively a goalkeeper right now), the guitar, and Magic: The Gathering in my spare time. I have an extensive collection of music, and spend a lot of time immersed in it. I make pop culture references all the time—I quote movies, TV shows, comedians, and anything else I find funny or apropos. I also speak Spanish fairly well, though a trip to Spain in 2011 proved I'm certainly not fluent.

I have a few userboxes on this page, which should tell you some more about me. Do you think I have too many?