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Be happy[edit]

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Things that identify me[edit]

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The policy concerning article titles has shown that using the common name, when not prevented by some logical reasoning, is still a refection of the Wikipedia-wide community consensus. I have edited one lighthouse article and created another. I hope they are reflective of improving Wikipedia.


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I made reference to the stages of my Wiki Knowledge (experience) but was directed that these already exist. After reading, and seeing that most have negative connotations, I will attempt to find the Wiki-Fountain of stability, since I feel I have skipped certain attributes of some stages. I hope not to regress to any negativity of any of these and hope to progress only to an elder stage. I do think there needs to be an experience level attached to the stages. I feel I have attained a level 3 (out of 10):

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I am currently a truck driver that was born at Fort Polk

I have lived a large portion of my life in the area. My family and I lived in Kentucky for a while and even in Texas but returned home. As a truck driver I have visited all 48 contiguous states and Canada many times. I have been to Mexico once. It was a nice enough place but I didn't lose anything there. It took a while but I retired from Canada.


My continuing education has been largely self-taught but I have a lot to learn. It might seem I have the propensity to delve into things concerning the South and Louisiana, and this would be correct.


There are many areas where I see needed improvements but need to progress pass the "Wiki-infant" stage.

Most of the things I am interested in are reflected in templates and under groups I have joined.

Things I don't like[edit]

Most of the things I am interested in are reflected in templates and under groups I have joined as well as topics I have edited. I do have disdain for certain things:

  • Haughty people that think they are smarter than everyone else and this alone gives them a higher position in life but certainly a reason to edit the way they like, unimpeded, on Wikipedia.
  • Career maintenance tags. A one year old tag is bad but an eight year old tag on Wikipedia is a travesty. I also do not like vague tags or fly-by tags supported by an equally vague (or none at all) edit summary. If there is a problem it is too easy to discuss it on the talk page. I do feel there are editors that just like placing tags.
  • Stubs that will forever remain a stub but I like merging articles in pretense of solving a stub issue when it is not appropriate even less.
  • Scientific editors that are convinced the "scientific classification" should always be the article title name and the common name can be referenced by redirect.
  • Cabals: Any group that has determined that they alone can make up rules.

  • See above WikiAge;

I have been informed that words I thought I made up were already in use and I didn't know it. Any help directed my way would be appreciated as I try to gain "Wiki-toddler" status. I made these words up In an attempt to classify my "Wiki-knowledge" so please bear with me.


I never intend to get into any type of "war" with anyone. If I make a mistake I will appreciate any corrections. If I add to an article it will be with the pure intentions of adding value.

I will not know how to do a lot of things so if anyone would choose to keep an eye on any work I undertake I will not complain.


Although I am very opinionated I strive to be neutral in all aspects of Wikipedia.


I have just recently studied a little on the Wiki-talk pages so will try to be involved in those.

Articles of interest[edit]

1)- Louisiana

2)- Fort Polk

3)- Vernon Parish, Louisiana

4)- Allen Parish, Louisiana

5)- kisatchie National Forest

6)- Red-headed Woodpecker, specifically the very large population on Fort Polk and Kisatchie.

7)- Government

8)- List of numbered highways in Louisiana

9)- Important people in the history of Louisiana.

10)- Biographies.

11)- Lighthouse articles

12)- All things history

Article traffic[edit]

To check article traffic

Articles needing attention[edit]

The article "Four-Stage Theory of the Republic of China" states, "It is a controversial viewpoint regarding the political status of the Republic of China". This article is listed as a "start-class" but is actually a stub-class and is plagued by serious tags (such as "factual accuracy is disputed", no section references, and I added "No references"), that could make it a candidate for an AFD. I can not imagine why it is not merged with the proper referenced parent article. There is Chinese reunification, a good sounding name with only one reference, and the better referenced One-China policy, which surely sounds like a Chinese reunification policy. There is Taiwan Province, People's Republic of China and Taiwan Province. Surely the views of the People's Republic of China concerning the Taiwan Provence can be covered in the article Taiwan Provence. Check out Free area of the Republic of China that states, "is a legal and political description referring to the territories under the control of the government of Republic of China.Liberalism in Taiwan was created 2004-11-17, made it to 2009 before a "No reference" tag was issued, and still has none. Tangwai movement, with no source or references is an original research article (tagged in 2009) concerning a movement in the Republic of China (Taiwan) that is not even referred to in the article Politics of the Republic of China. Otr500 (talk) 05:52, 21 July 2011 (UTC)


Working on important neglected sites, specifically concerning Louisiana or related articles. Editing articles with no references and orphaned articles.

  • Orphaned articles with added links can have the edit summary of: Adding link to orphaned article, Wikiproject Orphanage: [[WP:ORPHAN|You can help!]].
  • De-orphaned articles can have the edit summary of: Successfully de-orphaned! Wikiproject Orphanage: [[WP:ORPHAN|You can help!]]

I am passionate concerning our country, government, individual freedom, and our future. Thank you, Otr500 (talk) 00:21, 31 October 2009 (UTC)

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