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10 FAs, over 40 GAs, and over 200 DYKs.

Here are some of the pages I wrote:

  1. Jonathan Swift – Drapier's Letters, Sermons of Jonathan Swift
  2. Christopher SmartJubilate Agno, A Song to David, Hymns and Spiritual Songs, The Parables of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, Hymns for the Amusement of Children‎, The Hop-Garden, The Hilliad, Christopher Smart's asylum confinement, Hannah, Abimelech
  3. John Keats – John Keats's 1819 odes (Ode on a Grecian Urn,Ode on Indolence, Ode on Melancholy, Ode to a Nightingale, Ode to Psyche, To Autumn)
  4. John MiltonDe Doctrina Christiana, Reception history, Religious views, Relationships, Poetic style, Early life, Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained, Samson Agonistes
    1645 Poems (Christ's Nativity, The Passion, Upon the Circumcision, Arcades, L'Allegro, Il Penseroso)
    Antiprelatical tracts (Of Reformation, Of Prelatical Episcopacy, Animadversions, Reason of Church-Government, Apology for Smectymnuus)
    Divorce tracts (Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce, Judgement of Martin Bucer, Tetrachordon, Colasterion)
    Political works (Tenure of Kings, Eikonoklastes, Defensio Secunda, Civil Power, Ready and Easy Way)
  5. Samuel JohnsonA Dictionary of the English Language, Life of Mr Richard Savage‎, Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets‎, Letter to Chesterfield‎, Birmingham Journal (eighteenth century), Messiah, London, The Vanity of Human Wishes, Irene, The Plays of William Shakespeare (including Miscellanious Observations, Proposal, and Preface), Health, Early life, Ethical views, Literary criticism, Politics
    Accounts of Samuel Johnson (Life of Samuel Johnson, Thraliana, Life (1787), Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson, A Biographical Sketch)
  6. Samuel Taylor ColeridgeEarly life, Easter Holidays, Dura Navis, Songs of the Pixies, Pain: Composed in Sickness, Monody on the Death of Chatterton, On Receiving an Account, Lines Written at Shurton Bars, The Destruction of the Bastile, Lines on an Autumnal Evening, Religious Musings, To the River Otter, To Fortune, Ode on the Departing Year, On Quitting School, To a Young Ass, The Destiny of Nations, France: An Ode, The Fall of Robespierre (with Robert Southey), Hymn Before Sunrise, Kubla Khan
    Conversation poems (Dejection: An Ode, Fears in Solitude, Frost at Midnight, Reflections on Having Left a Place of Retirement, The Eolian Harp, The Nightingale: A Conversation Poem, This Lime-Tree Bower My Prison, To William Wordsworth)
    Sonnets on Eminent Characters ("To Erskine", "To Burke", "To Priestley", "To Fayette", "To Kosciusko", "To Pitt", "To Bowles", "To Mrs Siddons", "To Godwin", "To Southey", "To Sheridan", "To Lord Stanhope")
  7. Henry Fielding – Amelia, The Covent-Garden Journal‎
    Early plays (Love in Several Masques, The Temple Beau, The Author's Farce, Tom Thumb, Rape upon Rape, The Tragedy of Tragedies, The Letter Writers, The Welsh Opera, The Grub Street Opera, The Lottery, The Modern Husband, The Old Debauchees, The Covent-Garden Tragedy, and The Mock Doctor)
  8. Samuel RichardsonThe History of Sir Charles Grandison‎
  9. Percy Bysshe Shelley – Prometheus Unbound, "Mont Blanc", "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty"
  10. William WordsworthWilliam Wordsworth's early life, The Matthew poems, We are Seven, Lucy Gray, Ode: Intimations of Immortality
    The Lucy poems ("Strange fits of passion have I known", "She dwelt among the untrodden ways", "I travelled among unknown men", "Three years she grew in sun and shower", and "A slumber did my spirit seal")
  11. William Blake – Nebuchadnezzar, The Ghost of a Flea, Illustrations of On the Morning of Christ's Nativity, The French Revolution, A Vision of the Last Judgment, "The Mental Traveller", An Island in the Moon
    Prophetic works – Continental prophecies (America a Prophecy, Europe a Prophecy, The Song of Los), The Book of Urizen, The Book of Los, The Book of Ahania, Vala, or The Four Zoas
    William Blake's mythologyTharmas, Enion, Urizen, Ahania, Urthona, Enitharmon, Luvah, Vala
    Characters – Los, Orc
  12. William Hazlitt – Characters of Shakespear's Plays
  13. T. S. Eliot – Four Quartets (Burnt Norton, East Coker, The Dry Salvages, and Little Gidding), Gerontion
  14. Alfred Tennyson – Mariana, "The Deserted House", Oenone, The Lotos-Eaters, St Simeon Stylites, The Day-Dream, Sir Galahad, "Break, Break, Break"
  15. Thomas Gray - Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard
  16. Lawrence Sterne – Sermons of Lawrence Sterne
  17. Richard Blackmore – Lorna Doone
  18. Anthony Trollope – Irish Novels, Orley Farm
  19. Leigh Hunt – Juvenilia, Hero and Leander, Bacchus and Ariadne, Literary Pocket-Book, The Calendar of Nature, The Feast of the Poets, The Descent of Liberty, The Nymphs, The Story of Rimini, and The Palace of Pleasure
  20. Robert Southey – The Fall of Robespierre (with Samuel Coleridge), Joan of Arc, Madoc, Thalaba the Destroyer, Curse of Kehama, Roderick the Last of the Goths
  21. William Harrison AinsworthRookwood, Jack Sheppard, Guy Fawkes, The Tower of London, Old St. Paul's, The Miser's Daughter, Windsor Castle, St. James's
  22. William Butler Yeats
  23. Edmund Burke – Letters on a Regicide Peace
  24. Mary Elizabeth Braddon – Lady Audley's Secret‎
  25. William Molyneux
  26. George Eliot – Middlemarch‎
  27. Ludovico AriostoOrlando Furioso‎
  28. Jane CollierAn Essay on the Art of Ingeniously Tormenting, The Cry: A New Dramatic Fable
  29. George Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronNicolo Giraud, George Gordon Byron's early life
  30. John Millington Synge
  31. Rudyard Kipling
  32. Horace Walpole, 4th Earl of Orford
  33. Mark Twain – The Awful German Language

Others outside of literature:

  1. Printers – Benjamin Motte, Sr.‎, Benjamin Motte, John Harding (printer)
  2. 18th century disputes: Actor Rebellion of 1733, Motte v. Faulkner‎, Paper War of 1752-1753‎
  3. BLP – Rosalind Picard‎, Steve Windom, Irving Hexham‎ and Karla Poewe
  4. List of journeys of Pope Benedict XVI‎
  5. The Catholic University of America
  6. Romantic poetry‎, Romanticism
  7. Endymion (mythology)
  8. Treaty of Tripoli‎
  9. 18th century
  10. Ada Lovelace
  11. Criticism – Scrutiny, Donald Greene
  12. St. John's Lodge, Portsmouth, New Hampshire
  13. Painters/Illustrators – Bartolommeo Coriolano, William Britten, George Cruikshank (Artist and the Author)