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Otter Mii-kun (born 1988) is an infrequent contributor to Wikipedia. Many of my edits involve slight updates, corrections, and the like, to articles on a wide variety of subjects.

Username origin[edit]

My username is a combination of my hometown of Otter Lake, Michigan; the Japanese name of Molly from Pokémon 3: The Movie (Mii); and the anime masculine "-kun" suffix.

Notable Edits[edit]

  • First edit I ever did here (under this account) was create a template for Flint Community Schools, using template code that was embedded as part of the Flint Community Schools article (December 15, 2008).
* Subsequently, I changed all the articles pertaining to Flint Community Schools (their school buildings) to link to the new template.
  • Updated a few Michigan television station articles to reflect completion of digital transition (between June 14 and June 30, 2009).
  • Fixed sectioning of certain paragraphs on the DTE Energy article (October 17, 2009).
  • Placed a notice at the beginning of the BI-LO (Australia) article linking to the unrelated Southeastern United States chain (May 29, 2010).
  • Changed the listing of WJRT-TV in Flint and WTVG in Toledo to "Former ABC-owned Stations" in the ABC Owned Television Stations article after those stations were sold back to their previous owner (SJL Broadcasting) (April 2, 2011).
  • Corrected an issue in WEYI-TV's article claiming they were using "Betamax" equipment, when their website's reference to "Beta SP" means Betacam (Although Betamax and Betacam look similar, have a similar name, and were both developed by the same company, their recordings are incompatible with each other's VCRs.) (January 2012)

For a full listing, see Special:Contributions/Otter Mii-kun.