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I am passionate about Things Indian. and am finding a way of helping people stay connected with things Indian.

Working on connecting with Indian Women world-wide to give back and support their community back in India, particularly in the field of primary education.

I am launching a programme called 'Saree Conversations' under the Women of India Banner on the 21st April 2014 at University of Iowa USA with a follow-up event

Have been working with kids in the area of Primary Education with One laptop per child (XO) using the Open Source Sugar Learning Platform since 2008. see: and support free and open educational resources for all.

Have initiated the idea of creating a Centre For Excellence in Elementry Education In Goa at the Nirmala Institute of Education Annexe and have created the broad vision and programmes framework document. This idea came out of a few years of working on the OLPC and Sugar Learning Platform, with little tangible success, but holding hope and a huge promise of making a difference in the lives of children in India. Through this Centre we propose to bring back the following areas into elementary education. Art, Music, Theatre, Media and and Digital Art: Making learning fun.

PS: 2019 This is now a reality and a functioning Centre in Goa.
See: Our volunteer work [1] with my colleagues in Goa. And our first education Fest conducted in March 2014

I have multiple interests.

  • Music
  • Photography
  • Video doumentation
  • Digital Story-telling
  • Singing
  • Art, Crafts, Puppetry
  • Publishing: particularly City Guides

001100 [[ Silva Vidyasagar]]