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British guy based near London, mainly interested in politics and history, but a manager of a software development team during the day, with a degree in molecular biology, of all things, from UEA, and very much interested in languages. English is my first language, but I am bilingual in French and can handle a smattering of (in order) Spanish, German and Welsh, with the odd word of several others.

In the little free time I have between socialising and wasting time, politics is a big thing for me and I am one of the guys behind the Open Rights Group, mySociety and UKCOD; I was also involved in founding NO2ID. My mores tend to be libertarianleft; according to a hurried Political Compass run-through, I just scored −8.38/−5.08, putting me a bit further left and a little more libertarian than Gandhi, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela, apparently. I very much enjoy debating my views with people who disagree with me, though; much of my "serious time" online is spent discussing politics in a very diverse group of friends and acquaintances (or was, until I became a Wikiholic). Recent thought suggests much of my personal alignment might be informed by my mother's Welsh Nonconformism; very little of my politics, though some of my morals, are more informed by my father's Catholicism. Whilst I used to describe myself as a Liberal Catholic, I'd now say I'm somewhere between Catholic and Pagan. Underscoring the Liberal part in my earlier self-description, I am in a polyamorous marriage.

I work for a ad agency, running a Microsoft .Net Web development team and being the technology lead some of our key clients. I have a print-media and digital-media-agency background, notably having worked for adidas, Philips, Volkswagen, Sony Mobile, Marks & Spencer, Unilever, Hertz and uSwitch during my career. I mainly do management stuff these days, though I also handle server maintenance and I code some — generally in C#, though I have also worked with JSP and PHP; I used to specialise in front-end development, pticly CSS and Web accessibility. If you want to headhunt me, one of the userboxes on the right has my LinkedIn profile link, but it'll have to be a good offer ;o)

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