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Oz Hiker
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Areas of Knowledge Useful to Wikipedia[edit]

Electronic Engineering[edit]

Electronic Engineering is my profession, so there are probably many areas I can contribute here.

Computer Programming[edit]

Associated with Electronic Engineering, I also know many programming languages and software engineering tools/processes/systems.

Media File Formats[edit]

I have extensive experience with various file formats for Image, Sound and Video Media Files. These include JPEG, TIFF, MP4, MOV, WAV, and others.

Associated with this I have extensive experience with Metadata for Image files, such as EXIF, DCF, XMP, IPTC-IIM and more...


I have lived in or vistited the following countries for lengthy periods.

Trekking & Mountaineering[edit]

Having done around 50 multi-day hikes, I have a lot of experience with treking, in most of the countries listed above. I can contribute much about trails, huts and surrounding features.

Name Location Country
Kowmung River Kanangra Walls Australia
Mount Cloudmaker Kanangra Walls Australia
Six Foot Track Blue Mountains Australia
Grand Canyon (New South Wales) & Bluegum Forest Blue Mountains Australia
Mount Solitary & Ruined Castle Blue Mountains Australia
Emmetts Flat & Russell's Needle Nattai Australia
Grant Head Nattai Australia
The Castle Buddawang Australia
Great North Walk - Hornsby to Copacabana Sydney Australia
Coast Walk Royal National Park Australia
Western Arthurs to Lake Oberon Tasmania South West Australia
South Coast track to Cockle Creek Tasmania South Australia
Frenchmans Cap Tasmania South West Australia
Tarkine (Tiger Trails) Tasmania South West Australia
Overland Track Tasmania South West Australia
Cooks Beach Freycinet Tasmania Australia
Walls of Jerusalem Tasmania Australia
Harman Pass Arthurs Pass New Zealand
Mueller Hut Mount Cook New Zealand
Rees Dart Fiordland New Zealand
Milford Fiordland New Zealand
Kepler Fiordland New Zealand
Tongariro Northern Circuit Tongariro New Zealand
Taranaki Egmont New Zealand
Lake Waikaremoana ? New Zealand
Avalanche Peak, Crow Hut Arthurs Pass New Zealand
Travers Sabine ? Lakes New Zealand
West Coast Trail Vancouver Island Canada
Garibaldi Lake Garibaldi Provincial Park Canada
Aylmer Pass Banff Canada
Mount Athabasca summit Colombia Icefield Canada
Bald Hills Jasper Canada
Skyline Trail Jasper Canada
Berg Lake, Robson Glacier Jasper Canada
Cotopaxi (not to summit) ? Ecuador
Santa Cruz Huascaran Peru
Nevado Pisco Summit Huascaran Peru
Isla del Sol Bolivia Peru
Circuit near Illampu Bolivia Peru
Huayna Potosi summit Bolivia Peru

 ?? Hut Nahuel Huapi Argentina
Los Glaciares Patagonia Argentina
Paine Circuit Patagonia Chile
Tierra del Fuego Patagonia Argentina

During my Travels I have also had a little mountaineering experience, with my highest peak so far being Huayna Potosi


I have significant experience with nature/wilderness photography.

Articles Created[edit]