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This workspace has contributed to User:P64/Technical. 2013-10-23 (3)

, along with a note that two VIAF records need merger.

Several weeks ago (Dec 2013?) I asked somewhere at WikiData about their coverage of redirects, which then seemed to me another matter of stalled debate. (I'll try to remember to return if/when I know more.)

The page history shows that I covered Moira Young among all winners of the British Whitbread/Costa children's book of the year. history

P.S. Template {{LCAuth}} isn't redundant to {A c} anyway, here at English Wikipedia

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some relevant talk



 Done 2015-05-21, newcomers to

including many Brit council and ISFDB check, yet probably incomplete

Carol Hughes

Hughes, 1961 VIAF 84618304 --messed up

VIAF 265793389 mixes US psychiatrist, NL children's writer NTA=07127622X
BJPsych Bulletin review of the 2006 depression book
google books has several child psychiatry books by co-author Philip Jeremy Graham

Carol Hughes (Hughes) VIAF 314912142 LCCN no20-150306 (no catalogue record)

Carol Hughes, ed. 1995/1996 Research Libraries Group VIAF 306200871 NTA=13444583X

Carol Hughes undifferentiated VIAF 305032151

Following the German national library, worldcat puts in its undifferentiated group [1] also a wildlife filmmaker born 1983 VIAF 75835935,

LC cites IMDb for "Carol Hughes; documentary screenwriter, director, producer, and cinematographer"

See also User:P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF/Joint


Howie Shia AC done

Howie Shia at Library of Congress Authorities, with 0 catalog records
Works by or about Howie Shia in libraries (WorldCat catalog)

Russell Ayto VIAF 19808226 305349478 302478204 --add new GND at Wikidata "preferred" (insufficient for our template), then in our template

Marijane Meaker = TALK done

pseud M. E. Kerr Green tickY 30 VIAF needs merge
pseud Vin Packer Green tickY 5

and three others

   Ann Aldrich 2
   Mary James 4
   Laura Winston not found; 4 pseud done infooter

Talk:Marijane Meaker#Identity

Eleanor Farjeon =

pseud Tomfool LCCN

French Canada? wr fr:Christiane Duchesne VIAF 94280562 [2] at Library of Congress Authorities four French-Canadian children's book illustrator and writer (done at WD) :fr:Gilles Tibo VIAF 102119877 [3] at Library of Congress Authorities

fr:Stéphane Poulin VIAF 85424397 [4] at Library of Congress Authorities
fr:Philippe Béha VIAF 94941055 [5] at Library of Congress Authorities
fr:Pierre Pratt=Peter Pratt (illustrator) VIAF 59175938 [6] at Library of Congress Authorities
Michèle Lemieux VIAF 86461709 [7] at Library of Congress Authorities
Stéphane Jorisch VIAF 59179117 [8] at Library of Congress Authorities
Louise Méthé VIAF 94347744 no LCCN
László Gál VIAF 45208427 [9] at Library of Congress Authorities
anglo Ann Blades 59636947 [10] at Library of Congress Authorities
anglo Eric Beddows 55038800 [11] at Library of Congress Authorities

1925-12-03 Philip Turner (writer) Green tickY Wikidata mixed up 27596086

ps. Stephen Chance (writer) Green tickY

ps. John Christopher aka

1922-04-16 (Christopher Samuel)(Sam) Samuel Youd Green tickY VIAF=40948753 |LCCN=n88288144 }}
ps. Hilary Ford Green tickY VIAF=58187605 |LCCN=n88288143 |SUDOC }} NTA
ps. William Godfrey o VIAF=53260071 |LCCN=n88288141 ; VIAF=287595903 NTA
ps. Peter Graaf o VIAF= 50796137 n88288140
ps. Peter Nichols o VIAF=33568138 n88288138
ps. Anthony Rye o VIAF=6503335 n88288137
ps. William Vineo --
Stanley Winchester VIAF=12830964 |LCCN=n50015794 }}; VIAF=28966200 NTA

Nick Lake needs merge VIAF=91034760 |LCCN=n2009042085 |GND=140063900 }}; VIAF= 103373522 de

Jean Lee Latham

ps. Robert Campion o
ps. Janice Gard o
ps. Julian Lee o

ps. Dr. Seuss

Theodor Seuss Geisel
  • Geisel at Library of Congress Authorities, with 29 catalog records (nonfic, adaptations, "Dr. Seuss presents" but several routine Dr. Seuss books)
ps. Theo LeSieg ENGreen tickY
Audrey Geisel ENGreen tickY

ps. E. Lockhart0 Green tickY

Emily Jenkins0 Green tickY
needs LCCat correction for Bea and Ha-ha

Moira Young Green tickY



Category:Collective pseudonyms (<150) skim for redirects 2015-05-05

Penelope Ashe, Adam Blade*, Geoffrey Cohen, Lucy Daniels*, Daisy Meadows*, D. H. J. Polymath, Publius, Barnaby Ross, Travis Tea, Caleb Weatherbee; [sf] L. A. Graf Green tickY; [strat] Jerry West Green tickY
to work (writer) -- Ashe Green tickY, Publius, Tea, Weatherbee
to joint -- Cohen, Polymath, Ross Green tickY  Done

Green tickY = AC done; others not found at VIAF (none yet marked from writer)

Jerry West --whom LCCat lists under multiple headings

LCCat needs correction -- evidently the 3 latest titles under the main heading are by another Jerry West

Category:Pseudonymous writers (541) skim for redirects 2015-05-03/04

Steve BarlowGreen tickY, Lucy DanielsGreen tickY, Fleet Street Fox, Libby Gelman-Waxner, Oliver Jacks, Ann Landers, Daisy MeadowsGreen tickY, Ragnar Redbeard, F. X. Reid, Henry Root, H. N. Turteltaub, Abigail Van Buren, Inger Ash Wolfe, Harve ZemachGreen tickY

Ross Queen Dannay Nathan 312885696 no94037980 GND=115795510 should move from here to Dannay

Landers and Van Buren -- not found at VIAF as corporate identities

Ann Landers at Library of Congress Authorities

  • copy* from below
Sd- AP Henry E. Cooper VL only; that is, daughter Alice Cooper Bailey papers VIAF 56105067 
nobiog (John Martin) ; John Martin's Book --{ac} on talk page Morgan van Roorbach Shepard redirect --NOT DONE--
S+-LAP Kelly Ray Masters "VLG ‎--that is, pen name Zachary Ball papers
Herbert R. Kohl --EN done; also Judith Kohl; VIAF links name only NEEDS merge --(no DE biog)-- DE should be Herbert R. Kohl 
Judy Blundell --EN done (NEEDS REPORT WHERE?) --DE [Jude Watson] VL GNDName=121923363 

--see also [Judy Blundell] VIAF= 103673366 ; another GNDName=140713468 --see also [Jordan Cray] VIAF=30393330

Lynn Poole h/w Gray Johnson Poole or Gray Poole Green tickY

Talk:Lynn Poole

VIAF 71699030 VIAF 290734179 now redirects

house pseud, mainly[edit]

Green tickY pertains to, perhaps not WD

o-- no page at (o) or Wikidata (--); (dis) disambiguation page

-i- not found at ISFDB i<> mutual linkage with ISFDB evidently ISFDB does not link redirects, does link series articles (eg, Beast Quest Universe for Adam Blade)

j pseud i 174989 Rosie Banks o-- VIAF 298266746 295009808 305805916 315204695+ nb2013005847; NDL=001119538; NTA=355267594 names also Rosie M. Banks, a writer c. 1960; NLI=001723257 ;
ISFDB[12] Secret Kingdom Linda Chapman* , Liss Norton* , Anna Bowles o, Karen King o, Sue Mongredien*
j pseud - i 129771 Adam Blade Green tickY --sv:Adam Blade=Beast Quest series D:Q4876857; VIAF 64338385 nr2006004721; per ISFDB --see vertical listing below, which LCAuth follows [LC lists 21, links 12 of them]
ISFDB[13] names all except Foxton for whom LC has independent earlier info
j pseud - -i- Jenny Dale o-- VIAF 39545952 n98880531 pseudonym used by several authors. For works of these authors writing under their own names, search also under:‏ ‎‡b Baldry, Cherith;‏ ‎‡b Norton, Liss;‏ ‎‡a Chapman, Linda‏ [lists 3, links 2]
j pseud - -i- Lucy Daniels Green tickY -- VIAF 37742067 VIAF 85331635+ n95098250 joint pseud. used by Ben M. Baglio*, Sue Bentley*, Liss Norton*, Lisa Tuttle*, Jennie Walters*, Linda Chapman* [lists 6, links 4]
j pseud - -i- Jack Dillon o-- VIAF 58575273 160636047 34625907+ nb99020738 Pseudonym used by several authors. For works of these authors writing under their own names, search also under:‏ ‎*Baldry, Cherith;‏ ‎*Norton, Liss‏ [lists 2, links 1]
j pseud i 37628 Damien Graves o-- Midnight Library US eds.; 38825013 n2007037493 names Shaun Hutson not Jones; NKC=jo2011640931 names several DOUBTFUL;
ISFDB[14] names Allan Frewin Jones* , Shaun Hutson* , Ben Jeapes* , Robin Wasserman* , i 156571 Tina Barrett -- , i 156572 Sally Jones -- , i 156573 David Savage --
j pseud i 158219 Nick Shadow o-- Midnight Library UK eds.; VIAF 69254303 VIAF|9367099+ nb2006001172 |BNF=cb15612355p |SUDOC=162052456 |NDL=01123794 ;
ISFDB[15] names Sara Vogler* , Jan Burchett* , Shaun Hutson* , Allan Frewin Jones*
j pseud - i<> Erin Hunter+11 Green tickY VIAF 17476607 D:Q641740 nr00003836 pseudonym that Working Partners made up; Cary* and Baldry* [lists 2, links 3]
j pseud? - --i-- Fiona Kelly (dis)[de fi sv] VIAF 49341433 VIAF 84781041+ D:Q546763(1959-05-15) no00029822 Pseudonym used by several authors. For works of these authors under their own or other names, search also under:‏ *Coleman, Michael, 1946 May 12-;‏ *Farmer, Derek;‏ *Hendry, Frances Mary;‏ ‎*Norton, Liss‏ [lists 4, links 2]
j pseud - i 37702 Rob Kidd+1 Green tickY VIAF 103231368 D:Q7340286 nr2007004530 Pirates of the Caribbean prequels [lists 0, links 0]
ISFDB[16] names Tui T. Sutherland* , Liz Braswell* ; credits some "unknown"
we link Pirates at ISFDB; neither Pirates nor kidd links here
j pseud - i 32638 Daisy Meadows Green tickY VIAF 19962804 D:Q1157698 nb2003004856 "house pseudonym for four writers: Narinder Dhami, author of Bend it like Beckham; Sue Bentley best known for her Magic kitten series; My secret unicorn's Linda Chapman; and Sue Mongredien, the creator of Oliver Moon‏" [lists 4, links 4]
ISFDB[17] lists also i 162073 Kristin Earhart o--, Marilyn Kaye*, i 198738 Myra Ramsden o--, i 204219 Valerie Wilding o-- (aka i 174890 Phoebe Bright o which also used by i 213427 Maria Faulkner o--)

1960- - i<> Ben M. Baglio VIAF 48855945 D:Q4886094 no99004487
j pseud too, for US eds. of Daniels (Baglio) at Library of Congress Authorities
1947-01-21 i<> Cherith Baldry D:Q465339 n91023591 used some of Adam Blade (isfdb); Jack Dillon (interview); Jenny Dale (3d party); Erin Hunter (publ); we say she "... Kate Cary, Tui T. Sutherland and editor Victoria Holmes who write under the pen name of Erin Hunter."
done Blade Dillon Dale Hunter
1951-07-31 i 139182 Sue Bentley o-- VIAF 75840473 VIAF 305712447
GND=134070852 Sue Catherine Bentley, pseudonyms Kate Bloom Cleo Cordell Susan Swann
ps. -i- Kate Bloom o-- VIAF 42171405 nb2006027412
ps. i 3164 Cleo Cordell o-- VIAF 31233804 VIAF 311245992 VIAF 85563596+ n94108968 ; ISFDB does not affirm identity
ps. -i- Susan Swann o-- VIAF 68425020 VIAF 253864138 ja VIAF 285736447+ nl; nb99010845
YoB - i<> Elizabeth J. Braswell+1 Green tickY ISFDB cites Rob Kidd for Jack Sparrow as well as these three:
ps. i 7350 Tracy Lynn Green tickY--
ps. i 28636 J. B. Stephens o
ps. i 28001 Celia Thomson Green tickY--
1967-11-04 i<> Kate Cary+3+ Green tickY  Done VIAF 80628888 D:Q465326 n2004047702 LCCat-2
1969-01-15 i<> Linda Chapman de ru VIAF 102214298 D:Q525621 n2008020483 for works of this author written under other names, search also under:‏ ‎‡b Meadows, Daisy;‏ ‎‡b Brooke, Lauren;‏ ‎‡b Castle, Amber;‏ ‎‡b Dale, Jenny;‏ ‎‡b Daniels, Lucy‏
ps? -i- Lauren Brooke+4+de:Gill Harvey D:Q508297 no96025705 --she implies that Lauren Brooke is shared Talk:Lauren Brooke#No such person?
ps. i 168456 Amber Castle o-- VIAF 274989425 nb2012023278
ps. i 202404 Katie Chase o-- VIAF 51447089 no2006081835
1946-05-12 i<> Michael Coleman (author)+2 VIAF 95797331 D:Q6829361 n87105685 band leader?
probably mixed up
1958-11-15 i<> Narinder Dhami de VIAF 79206951 D:Q1725534 n00038138
YoB - -i- Derek Farmer o--
YoB - i 138404 Helen Hart (author)0 D:Q16203250

Helen Marie Hart, born 21 May 1965, Helen Hart is real name, also writes under pseuds. Maya Snow, Sebastian Rook & Helena Ravenscroft)

Maya Snow at Library of Congress Authorities, with 3 catalogue records

Helen Hart, 0

Helena Ravenscroft, 0

Sebastian Rook, 3

1967-02-22 i 125779 Gill Harvey o-- de:Gill Harvey=Lauren Brooke VIAF 277248492 LCCN=no96025705 GND=123562872 Official website Talk:Lauren Brooke#No such person?
1941- - i<> Frances Mary Hendry0 Green tickY VIAF 79084329 VIAF 79084338+ D:Q5478829 n91088895 also as Fiona Kelly
1975-07-17 i<> Victoria Holmes+3 Green tickY VIAF 30630864 D:Q522277 n2003054849 Talk:Victoria Holmes#Date of birth LCCat-3
YoB - i 112295 Inbali Iserles o-- another Erin Hunter
1965-02-14 i<> Ben Jeapes+1 Green tickY WDdone VIAF 42154271 D:Q4885927) nb98073459
  • Ben Jeapes at Library of Congress Authorities, with 5 catalogue records
  • Sebastian Rook at LC Authorities, with 3 records -- Sebastian Rook 26585224 nb2006002617 "pseud. of Helen Hart" (only); lists those 3 that ISFDB credits to Ben Jeapes, all as "Sebastian Rook ; with special thanks to Ben Jeapes"
YoB - i<> Dan Jolley+1 Green tickY VIAF 5160122 D:Q10263844 nb2003038159 comic books as Erin Hunter, we say
1949-07-19 i<> Marilyn Kaye+2 Green tickY D:Q6763561 L20
ps. -i- Shannon Blair o-- VIAF 79344167 no97055840
1970- - i 130580 Sue Mongredien sv VIAF 92398998 VIAF 258369561 307287675 271394077+ D:Q6698271=Lucy Diamond n95042710 |GND=140268685 |BNF=cb165016718 |SUDOC=164124438 |NDL=001101494 |NTA=149257058 |NUKAT=n 2006006429 |NLP=a2577363x
ps. -i- Lucy Diamond+sv:Sue Mongredien VIAF 1220736 D:Q6698271 ---Wikidata/VIAF should prefer this linkage to that with the mongredien identity VIAF 92398998--- nb2007016922 |BNF=cb16701257z |NLA=000042190670 |NTA=297984845 |NKC=jo2013753137 |NUKAT=n2013152567 |NLP=a27470209 pseud. of Mongredien; "there is actually a Lucy Diamond who's written a lot of religious children's books but that isn't me" [namely VIAF=94717241 |BNF=cb11900095c |NTA=072051256 but probably not vocalist GND=135169437]
VIAF=266052640 |GND=134098676
YoB - i 205478 Liss Norton o-- VIAF 9342678 VIAF 308251066 VIAF 160673009 VIAF 295133580+ nb99036742 has wr as Jack Dillon Fiona Kelly Jenny Dale Ben M. Baglio Lucy Daniels
ISFDB names only Rosie Banks
1964- - i 132409 Gillian Philip Erin Hunter#Gillian Philip-- nb2009003352 per ISFDB used Gabriella Poole [publisher attests], Erin Hunter, Adam Blade
ps. i 136582 Gabriella Poole o--
1978-07-31 i<> Tui T. Sutherland+3+ VIAF 89826025 D:Q465356 n00008537 search also under‏ ‎‡b Williams, Heather, 1978-‏ ‎‡b Summers, Tamara, 1978-‏
ps. i 130651 Tamara Summers Green tickY -- VIAF 90593088 n2008065148 GND=1059422379
ps. Heather Williams (dis)-- VIAF 63456982 n2007028608 GND=1059424797
ISFDB lists also i 134117 T.T. Suth (1), i 157174 Eva Gray (1 of 4 hers) whose other users are not listed here yet 2015-05-06
1952-09-16 i 224 Lisa Tuttle+8 VIAF 36939041 D:Q440744 n80161138 search also under:‏ ‎‡b Daniels, Lucy‏ ‎‡b Baglio, Ben M.‏ ; wd lists also
ps. i 3669 Maria Palmer o-- house pseud, we say (ISFDB lists 9!)
ps. -i- Laura Waring o--
1958-09-03 -i- Jennie Walters o-- VIAF 29052162 nb2005017738
1978-05-31 i<> Robin Wasserman+2 Green tickY VIAF 46153345 282094816+ ? D:Q2159917 n2004047711 NTA=343686090 ?

1965 i<> Tracey West Green tickY VIAF 101587775 VIAF 305616200+ n93018545 of New Jersey; "For works of this author written in collaboration with Bonnie Bader and Lisa Q. Banim, search also under:‏ ‎‡b Harvey, Jayne.‏ ‎‡a For works written under other names, search also under:‏ ‎‡b Crowne, Alyssa, 1965-‏ ‎‡b Darling, Angela, 1965-‏ ‎‡b Simon, Coco.‏"

-i- none of those three pseuds at ISFDB
-i- Bonnie Bader o
-i- Lisa Q. Banim o
j pseud - -i- Jayne Harvey o- no hit

1971-09-11 i<> Stephen Cole (writer)0 Green tickY D:Q7608923,_Stephen,_1971-

ps. Samantha Cole (false)--
ps. i 81549 Paul Grice o we say; ISFDB does not affirm identity
ps. i 62591 Tara Samms Green tickY-- VIAF 313504311 no2015015042 Dr Who novella

1954-04-30 i<> Allan Frewin Jones+2 Green tickY 69591159 D:Q2647969,_Allan_Frewin,_1954- ; ISFDB lists Damien Graves , Adam Blade , Nick Shadow (plus Frewin Jones and Allan Jones) and NEEDS TO LINK US; GND names Sam Hutton too

ps. Steven Saunders o VIAF 56100187 |LCCN=nb90266833 (no records) |GND=139222030 |NKC=xx0036953}}
ps. Frewin Jones 184010156 n2006055215 BNF=cb16540036p SUDOC=166227315

1958- - i<> Shaun Hutson+2 Green tickY WDdone VIAF 152564446 D:Q4496557 nb2005003519 "For works of this author entered under other names, search also under Kruger, Wolf, 1958- Rostov, Stefan, 1958- Blake, Nick, 1958- Bishop, Samuel P., 1958- Lambert, Tom, 1958- Taylor, Frank, 1958-"; ISFDB lists Neville and Graves/Shadow

ps. i 5097 Robert Neville VIAF 16834694 NEEDS split to Hutson

Robert Neville at Library of Congress Authorities, with 2 catalogue records presumably mixed up with another Neville |NLA=000050067413 |NKC=jo2011640914 look ok

Beast Quest by Blade
Rainbow Magic by Meadows --we name writers (4 above) and
Rachel Elliot i 162075
Mandy Archer i 162074
Tracey West i 112144 identity affirmed by ISFDB
The Sleepover Club (real names?) we name writers Dhami, Mongredien (both above) and (none at
Rose Impey i 149235
Fiona Cummings -i-
Jana Hunter -i-
Harriet Castor -i-
Angie Bates -i-
Seekers (novel series) by Hunter
Warriors (novel series) by Hunter
Animal Ark by Daniels, UK; Baglio, US
Survive! by Dillon --Working Partners, Baldry is one half, she said in 2001

List of Beast Quest novels links some of these writers; LCAuth lists Foxton plus same as ISFDB

   -i- Foxton, Paul -- primary or first? The King Reigns, 2005? Adam Blade at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database
listed above Baldry, Cole, AFJones
   Ball, Karen --,_Karen
   Bennett, Thea --,_Thea
   Burchett, Jan --,_Jan
   Chambers, Stephen, 1980- --,_Stephen,_1980-
   Courtenay, Lucy --,_Lucy
   Ford, Michael, 1980-,_Michael,_1980-
Michael C. Ford done; Michael Curtis Ford done VIAF 78121497 98971501 85462265
   Galloway, Elizabeth --
   Harrison, Troon --,_Troon
   Jones, Tabitha -- unknown identity 50452996
   Noble, James, active 2009 -- [no VIAF? undiff at LC]
   Philip, Gillian, 1964- --,_Gillian,_1964-
   Renner, Ellen --,_Ellen
   Richards, J. N. -- [no VIAF?]
   Robshaw, Brandon o--
   Scott, Benjamin, 1977-,_Benjamin,_1977-
   Vogler, Sara --,_Sara
   Willett, Edward, 1959-,_Edward,_1959-....
VIAF suggests to me also
   Galán, Ana, 1964-,_Ana

Paul Foxton o VIAF 313504292 no2015015021 24 years old 2006-02-24 => born 1979/80, singer/songwriter

Brandon Robshaw VIAF 23039865 51364765+ no2002098561 GND=123070740 BNF=cb13330793g wr also as Adam Blade

ps. Dan Lee
wife Rochelle Scholar VIAF 4852881 nr99038193

1956-08-14 Cameron Dokey VIAF 27248705 307229204+ D:Q5026234 no94012891

1942 - Ingela Bergenrud -- VIAF 250498254 se
ps. - Christina Örne -- VIAF 250460671 se pseudonym för Ingela Bergenrud enligt Lina Jauhiainen, B. Wahlströms bokförlag

This page previously began here and below[edit]

Ursula Jones (merged at VIAF); John Lothar George; Simon Fisher Babbitt; Kim Kahng

Southern Poverty Law Center Cambridge Chronicle GOPAC Democratic Leadership Council The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (film) Chrestomanci at the official DWJ

Talk: The Witch's Children and the Queen

Notes on the contributors (perhaps for use elsewhere)

Ursula Jones

info to LC from the publisher of The Witch's Children (Holt, 2003; first US) "Ursula Jones wanted to be a vet when she grew up, and then she went to drama school and became an actress instead. She has written a number of plays for children, but The Witch’s Children is her first picture book. Ms. Jones lives in France, on the edge of the forest of Vaour."

viaf|244117629 DE undiff viaf| 274401836 AU viaf|14129587 NL JP FR --LC probably conflates two or three Ursula Jones

Ursula Jones at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database reports only a 2012 fantasy The Lost King

Russell Ayto

undiff viaf| 278923389 AU viaf| 302478204 PO

DNB works, three DE-lang eds

THIS WEEK EMP Museum and its biographies

WP:CFD => Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductees Category:Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame inductees

Mythopoeic Fantasy Awards; Weinstein, Levin, Carnegie, Greenaway, Sendak, E. B. White

Science Fiction Awards Database[18] (supercedes Locus Index) 2013 Results (directory/calendar)

2009 - described lowercase as editor & publisher, artist (2), author

2010 - inline descriptions of three writers, one multi-faceted 2011 - mere links to individual pages; two artists, two writer/editor 2012 - described lowercase as author (2), illustrator, filmmaker

2011 - 1/4 deceased; 2012 - 2/4 deceased; 2013 - 3/5 deceased; sum= 6/13 deceased

Meckwell Lite (simplified)


  • {{LCC}} for all book copies by their LC classification such as Z253.U69, LCC Z253.U69
  • {{LCCN}} for one book copy by its usually all-numeric LC control number such as 89000456, LCCN 89-456 — does not handle LCCN person id
  • {{DNB}} for all catalog records by author id such as 118685783, LCC 118685783

LCCN n842-36856 Does LC online provide any way to access all editions (perhaps we have two represented here) or all copies of all editions (ten) that are in the catalog or in the holdings (I'm not sure which)? That would be analogous to "Formats and Editions of The Manual of style" at WorldCat.

{{DNB portal}} what links here?[19]

Wikipedia:VIAF/errors#Parallel VIAF clusters for one identity

old LCCatalog Category intersection Wikipedia:CatScan

altho same VIAF bundle is only a nameholder -->

unlink GND nameholder; add LC Authorities and thus Catalog [20] at Library of Congress Authorities — with catalog records

==See also==

Miscellaneous recent[edit]

Scott Rosenberg

Template talk: Authority control

no DE biogs

----AP Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, 1963 "VLG

VIAF=171686374 LCCN=no/2011/096050 GND=1020170719

---*AP Scott Rosenberg (journalist), 1959

VIAF=226854458 NDL= *Extlink LC with explanatory note

---*AP Scott Rosenberg, 1963 "VG

VIAF=80819242 GND=136483445 *Extlink LC with explanatory note

VIAF 305011173 LCCN=n/96/121734 (undifferentiated) --among six "Selected Titles" listings, at least #1-2,4 belong to the Scott Rosenberg (journalist); at least #5-6 belong to Scott Rosenberg.

three VIAF for two people (LCCN conflates two)


S--LAP Paul Galdone "VLG
S--LAP de:Mary Blair "m VLG
S--LAP Remy Charlip VIAF links name +1
S--LAP Crockett Johnson "VLG --pen name of David Johnson Leisk
----Ap de:Ad Reinhardt "m VLG
----AP Mischa Richter GNDName=156051753 is name only
S--LAP Wesley Dennis (illustrator) --VL no GND
S--LAP Robert Lougheed VIAF links name +1
redirect Maruki Toshi
redirect Maruki Iri
S-ILAP de:John Howe (Illustrator) "m VLG


S--LAP de:Ruth Krauss "m VLG
----AP de:Glenway Wescott "m VLG
S---AP de:Mario Benedetti "redir VLG
---LAP Jessamyn West (librarian) --VL no GND
S-I-AP Robin Wayne Bailey --VL no GND
x-I-AP de:Edith Nesbit "m VLG


---LAP Anita Silvey --VL VIAF links name only
S ILAP Virginia Kidd --VL VIAF links name +1, hers
--I-AP Jean E. Karl --VL no GND
S-- AP Marcus Crouch "VLG
 John Rowe Townsend --VL VIAF links name +14, at least some his
S-- AP Julia Eccleshare --VL VIAF links name +1, hers
S--LAP Eden Ross Lipson --VL VIAF links name only

S2-LAP Frederic G. Melcher --"VLG
S2-1AP Anne Carroll Moore --VL VIAF links name only — Extlink LC Annie Edgerton Moore (not to be confused)

2=2column refs except in De Grummond section

de Grummond[edit]

McCain Library and Archives; Talk:McCain Library and Archives#Merge?

ref8 St. Nicholas Magazine ‎ (links)
EL,inline The University of Southern Mississippi Medallion ==> Fay B. Kaigler Children's Book Festival
ref13 Toy book --that is, de:Randolph Caldecott Papers
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Cornelia Meigs Papers in the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection — with biographical sketch

"P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF Papers". de Grummond Children's Literature Collection. University Libraries. The University of Southern Mississippi.

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Cooper biography[edit]

What was your childhood like?

I was born into the peaceful green countryside of Buckinghamshire, in England, four years before World War II broke out, and by the time I started going to school, life had become very noisy. There was an anti-aircraft post at the end of our road firing at the German planes that were dropping bombs overhead, and we spent a lot of nights in the family air-raid shelter. These shelters were like a little cave in the back lawn that everyone’s Dad had dug out and lined with Government-issue corrugated iron, replanting the piece of lawn on its roof. I’d lie on the top bunk in our shelter, listening to my mother reading to my little brother and me by candlelight. The candle was stuck to a saucer, on a box in the middle of the earth floor, and its flame shook every time a bomb fell.

There were two things about that childhood that helped to turn me into a writer of fantasy. Since we weren’t allowed out after dark (every house in England was blacked out at night, to be invisible to the bombers) and there was no television, I read everything I could find, from fairy stories to Dickens. And since every air-raid was a reminder that an enemy was trying to kill us, I developed a very strong sense of us and them, good and evil, the Light and the Dark.

What are your ties to Wales?

I have deep roots there. My Welsh grandmother—my mother’s mother—had been sent up to London at age 14 to “go into service” after her sailor father drowned, and in London she had married an Englishman. This fact did two things for me: it gave me enough Welsh blood to fall in love with Wales, and it gave me my Grandad—imposing, bookloving and stagestruck—who took his seven children to the very first production of “Peter Pan” and recited terrifying Victorian monologues to us grandchildren at family parties. My parents were Londoners who had moved out into the country. My mother was a teacher, and my father was the third generation of his family to work for the Great Western Railway, whose trains ran from London to the West Country and to Wales. We used to take one of those trains to Wales for summer holidays sometimes, to the village of Aberdovey (Aberdyfi, in Welsh) where my grandmother had been born—and which much later became home, since my parents moved there for the last 20 years of their lives.

When did you first start writing?

There were no writers in the family, but my brother Rod and I grew up with words, and we both became writers. My mother knew large chunks of Tennyson, Browning and the Romantic poets by heart, and even my father, who had no literary bent whatsoever (though he had the most beautiful handwriting I have ever seen, and could play almost anything by ear on the piano) would launch sometimes into a spirited rendering of “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.”

I read endlessly, wrote plays for a puppet theatre operated by the boy next door, and decided at 14 that since adults clearly didn’t understand the young, I should write my autobiography, which would be called Fourteen. It went very slowly, however, and by the time the title had changed to Sixteen I gave up the idea. Instead I edited the school magazine and then went to Oxford to do a degree in English.

What led you to Oxford?

This accomplishment was due almost entirely to my wonderful high school headmistress, who was determined that I should go either to Oxford or Cambridge. I had a State Scholarship to go to any university that wanted me, but the entrance examinations included my worst subject, Latin—which I failed. This didn’t deter the headmistress, who pointed out to my nervous parents that since I was only 17, I could spend an extra year at school, with some extra tutorials in Latin, and try again.

So I did, with tutorials from the wife of our local vicar—whose house I used a decade later, lock, stock and barrel, as the house of Will Stanton’s family in The Dark Is Rising. The vicar’s wife improved my Latin, and off I went to Oxford, where I spent three of the happiest years of my life.

Is it true that Tolkien was one of your professors?

J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis were both teaching when I was at Oxford and without a doubt influenced the lives of all of their students. As dons, they had set the rule that the Oxford English syllabus stop at 1832 and that it be heavy on Middle English and writers like Malory and Spenser, so, as a friend of mine says, they taught us to believe in dragons. They were both often to be seen drinking beer in a pub called the Eagle and Child, known as the Bird and Baby. I never personally met Tolkien or Lewis, and I’d never heard of Narnia, but we were all waiting eagerly for the third volume of The Lord of the Rings to come out, and I loved going to Lewis’s booming lectures on Renaissance literature. Tolkien lectured on Beowulf and was rather mumbly, except when declaiming the first lines of the poem in Anglo-Saxon, beginning with a great shout of “Hwaet!”

Did you start writing books right away?

I was always writing, but I decided that the only way to earn a living by writing was to become a journalist. After editing the Oxford university newspaper Cherwell, which no woman had done before, I was lucky enough to get a job on the London Sunday Times. At first I worked partly for a column put together by Ian Fleming, who was just starting to write the James Bond books, and after that as a reporter and feature-writer interviewing everybody from crooks to Presidents to the Archbishop of Canterbury. I had a wonderful time, working and playing in the London of the early Sixties. (One of my boyfriends was a jazz trombonist from Liverpool, scornful of a new group just emerging from his hometown; they were called The Beatles!) But I was always writing on the side.

How did you manage begin a journalist and a fantasist at the same time?

The observational skills and the discipline required of a journalist turned out to be just as valuable for a novelist. When I began writing novels in my spare time, the first one was realistic and very bad; the second was a fantasy, Mandrake, which was better. Since it was a story about the end of civilization, set in an England of the future (1980!), it was published as science fiction.

Meantime, between doing interviews with film stars and politicians for the paper, I’d been contributing pieces to a weekly feature called Mainly For Children, and one day the Literary Editor dropped a piece of paper on my desk and said, “You ought to try that.” It was a notice from a children’s book publisher offering a prize of £1,000 for a “family adventure story.” This was more than I earned in a year, so of course I began to write—but by the end of Chapter Two the book turned itself into a fantasy. It became a quest story, full of Arthurian echoes, dealing—though not yet by name—with the Light and the Dark, and it was called Over Sea, Under Stone. I never did submit it for the writing prize. It was published by Jonathan Cape instead, in 1965, after I’d moved to America. I had a feeling that the story would lead somewhere further, but the sequels didn’t happen until much later.

Next I wrote a book about the war, Dawn of Fear, which is totally autobiographical except that I turned myself into a boy, and for nine years I wrote a weekly column called “Susan Cooper In America” for a Welsh newspaper. I also wrote a biography of the English author J.B. Priestley. For me, combining journalism and fiction in my writing life worked quite well.

Why would someone so British move to the United States?

I suppose it was my own family adventure! Before Over Sea Under Stone was published, my newspaper had sent me to the USA for four months as a correspondent. I had a great time, but came back convinced that neither the British nor the Americans understood each other, so I wrote a series of articles called “Behind the Golden Curtain.” Four separate publishers suggested that I turn the articles into a book, and by the time I signed a contract with one of them, I was living in the USA.

To the horror of my family, my friends and my editor, I had married a widowed American professor from MIT, whom I’d met while doing interviews for the book; he was 19 years older than me and had three teenage children, and lived in Massachusetts. I was so homesick that when I went home to Wales to visit my parents a few months after moving, my husband later said he was afraid I wouldn’t come back.

How did you come to write the Dark is Rising sequence?

The homesickness influenced my writing, certainly. Life improved after my son Jonathan was born in 1966, and my daughter Kate 18 months later. I learned to drive, to ski, to cook enormous meals for teenagers and graduate students, and tried (rather less successfully) to understand American football. I returned regularly to England for visits. But my homesickness never went away.

It bubbled up into The Dark Is Rising, a fantasy about the Light and the Dark that is at the same time intensely English, every inch of it set in the part of Buckinghamshire where I grew up. Before I began the book I had realized that it was not only connected—by the Merlin-figure Merriman Lyon—to my earlier book Over Sea, Under Stone, but that they were both part of a sequence of five. So I took a piece of paper and wrote down the names of all five books, their characters, the places where they would be set, and the times of the year. The Dark Is Rising would be at the winter solstice and Christmas, the next book Greenwitch would be in the spring, at the old Celtic festival of Beltane...

On another piece of paper I wrote the very last half-page of the entire story, and then I spent the next six years writing the rest of the sequence—and pulled out that half-page when I reached the end of Silver on the Tree.

Did your source of inspiration change after you wrote The Dark is Rising?

After the five Dark Is Rising books, when everyone expected something similar, I wrote a very different fantasy called Seaward. It was written during an awful year when my marriage broke up and both my parents died, but it has hope in it all the same—and one character who still haunts me, a strange little creature named Peth. My book ideas since have all been very different from each other, and gradually I turned my storytelling towards theatre and film as well.

Did you always write for the theatre as well?

Probably due to my grandfather’s influence, I always had a love for drama, whether it was poetry, a stage production, a radio play, or the Christmas pantomime. I had written some plays for radio in the UK, but I didn’t write professionally for the theatre until I was about 40. I discovered that because writing a novel is a long lonely business, collaboration on something else can make a nice change—and what could be more collaborative than theatre?

It started with a phenomenon called Revels. In 1973, my publisher brought me to see a performance and introduced me to its creator, the singer-director Jack Langstaff, who cried, “But I’ve read your books! You should be writing for the Revels!” So for the next two decades I wrote lyrics, poems, short plays and stories for those astonishing, joyous celebrations of the solstice. My chapter book The Magician’s Boy is adapted from one of my Revels plays, and I recently published a biography of Jack. But my written collaborations were all with my second husband, the actor Hume Cronyn.

What did you write with Hume Cronyn?

We wrote two successful screenplays together, but the Foxfire play was our first collaboration. In 1979 I met Hume and his wife Jessica Tandy on vacation, and we became friends. They had been married and performing together for four decades, and when they were devising a joint program of readings, I sent Hume my favorite bits from the Foxfire books. He didn’t include them but he too fell in love with the material, and together we used some of it to write a play—called, of course, Foxfire. A few years later I turned it into a television script for Hallmark, and Jess won an Emmy.

By that time I had accidentally become a screenwriter, because Jane Fonda had liked our dialog in Foxfire and asked Hume and me to write her a TV script from Harriette Arnow’s Appalachian book The Dollmaker (for which Jane, too, won an Emmy.) Then I wrote several other TV films, independently. I never managed an Emmy myself, just a couple of nominations, but I was very happy when the ladies got them. Have you worked on other collaborations? Every book is a collaboration between author, editor and illustrator. My editor, the late legendary Margaret K. McElderry, paired me with wonderful artists—notably Ashley Bryan and Warwick Hutton for some of my picturebooks, and Michael Heslop and Trina Schart Hyman for jacket art. Also I’ve worked on musical collaborations with composers, which has been great fun, and on multi-author anthologies. The latest project with the NCBLA, “The Exquisite Corpse Adventure,” was actually a collaborative game, which I encourage young writers to try for themselves.

How did your other fantasy novels come about?

At the same time that I was working on screenplays, I wrote picture books—retellings of folktales from the British Isles full of myth and magic: The Silver Cow, The Selkie Girl, and Tam Lin. For a long time I wanted to write a story about the invisible mischief-making spirit known in Britain as a boggart, and suddenly when I was on vacation in Scotland with a friend we saw a castle where I instantly knew my boggart lived! So out of that came two cheerful fantasy novels in the 1990s: The Boggart and The Boggart and the Monster.

Eventually the theatre and the writing sides of my life came together in my head, and I found I wanted to write a story about a modern American boy actor who finds himself onstage with William Shakespeare at the Globe Theatre, in London. At first I pushed this idea away, since I knew it would mean lengthy research into 17th century English life, not to mention Shakespeare, but I had made the mistake of mentioning it to Jack Langstaff, who proceeded to remind me of it enthusiastically at monthly intervals for a year. So I finally wrote King of Shadows, and sent the very first copy to Jack.

The next book was a fantasy called Green Boy, which came out of twenty years of visits to the Exuma Cays, in the Bahamas. When one beautiful, untouched little cay came under threat from development, I put both the threat and the island into this fantasy novel. James Lovelock's Gaia hypothesis, which suggests that the whole earth is a living organism, also haunts the book—as it did my very first novel, Mandrake. (You can find the hypothesis in Lovelock’s fascinating books, starting with Gaia.)

Having written a timeslip book that gave me the chance to meet my greatest hero, Shakespeare, I thought again about a tiny long-ago incident that had been floating about my head for years. Another hero, if you’re English, is Admiral Lord Nelson, who was killed at the Battle of Trafalgar while helping to save his country from being conquered by France and Spain, and somewhere I had read that the crew of his flagship H.M.S. Victory carried its tattered flag in his funeral procession through the streets of London. As his coffin was lowered into the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral, the sailors were supposed to fold the flag to go down too— but they couldn’t bear it, because the flag was all they had left of him. So they ripped it apart, and each one of them kept a piece.

I thought: suppose one of those sailors was a ship’s boy, and suppose he kept his piece of flag all his life—and suppose it comes down to the present, to another boy—no, to a girl—and suppose— So I wrote Victory, about 18th century Sam and 21st century Molly, and it gave me the chance to meet Nelson.

As for what’s next.... Readers often ask writers where their ideas come from, incredulously, as if they already know it must be from an elusive and mysterious source. You can read my essays in Dreams & Wishes for my thoughts on imagination, and creating story.

Where do you currently live and work?

I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts for a long time, then moved to Connecticut for the seven years that I was married to Hume Cronyn—but when he died in 2003, I moved back to Massachusetts to be close to my kids and the four grandchildren (not to mention the six “step” grandkids and their children!).

I live on an almost-island in a saltmarsh in Marshfield, accessible to the mainland only when the tide is out. Here I sit and work, looking out at the Atlantic.

On the window sill there’s a magic talisman, a round green glass float once attached to a fisherman’s net, that I rescued from the beach. Not a beach here in America, but beyond the horizon—in Wales.

M. E. Kerr[edit]

Meaker was persuaded to try young adult fiction at the suggestion of author Louise Fitzhugh (Harriet the Spy), and chose to do so after reading Paul Zindel's The Pigman. She chose the pen name M. E. Kerr, as a phonetic play on her last name. Although the audience was different from Vin Packer's, Kerr's approach to her stories and characters seemed to vary little. She still addressed topics not usually covered by children's books —racism, AIDS, homosexuality, absent parents, social class differences— and her characters still had problems that had no easy solutions. She said of this direction, "I tend to write about people who struggle, who try to overcome obstacles, who usually do, but sometimes not. People who have all the answers and few problems have never interested me, not to write about, not to befriend."[3] Kerr's books addressed functions and dysfunctions in relationships between parents and children, teachers and students, friends, and she often wrote about first loves.

Kerr's debut was extremely successful. Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack! was published in 1972 and was about an overweight girl whose mother is so preoccupied with assisting people addicted to drugs that she virtually ignores her own daughter. It was listed by the School Library Journal's 20th century 100 most significant books for children and young adults. The story was inspired by a class Meaker taught by going into high schools and talking to students about writing. One overweight girl wrote stories Meaker characterized as, "really grotesque"; when her mother, a local do-gooder, found out Meaker was encouraging her, she complained that Meaker was trying to get her daughter to "write weird."[4] The novel would later be turned into an ABC Afterschool Special (as "Dinky Hocker)" in 1979 with Wendie Jo Sperber in the title role.

Is That You, Miss Blue?, published in 1975, involves a girl in a Virginia Episcopal boarding school who develops a crush on her religiously devout teacher. Kerr modeled the story on her own experiences in boarding school when she developed a crush on one of her own teachers.

1978's Gentlehands is about a young man who becomes involved with a young woman from a much wealthier family. When he tries to get to know his estranged grandfather, he learns that the man was a Nazi who killed Jews at Auschwitz. The premise for the book, stated Kerr, was, "I wanted to provoke the idea of what if you meet a nice guy, a really nice man, and what if you find out that in his past he wasn't such a nice man? How would you feel?"[4]

In 1994's Deliver Us From Evie, 16-year-old Parr tells the story of his 18-year-old sister Evie's relationship with another girl and also of his own interest in a girl whose family rejects homosexuality as immoral. Kerr again addressed homosexuality in 1997's "Hello," I Lied, about a young man who finds himself pulled in multiple directions.

Her instructional book, Blood on the Forehead: What I Know About Writing (1998), arose in part from these experiences as a writing instructor.[clarification needed]

Meaker received a lifetime achievement award as M. E. Kerr in 1993, the annual Margaret A. Edwards Award from the American Library Association, recognizing the "significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature" of four cited books: Dinky Hocker Shoots Smack! (1972), Gentlehands (1978), Me Me Me Me Me: Not a Novel (1983), and Night Kites (1986).[5]

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Mary Buff; Conrad Buff II -- Y cats [joint biography lacks Mary DoD, PoD]

Talk:Mary and Conrad Buff --deGrummond --includes {{Authority control}} completed for the family including Conrad III and Conrad IV


Greg Hildebrandt; Tim Hildebrandt --Y cats (and many)

--other form {R from people} Greg and Tim Hildebrandt Talk:Brothers Hildebrandt --ISFDB (Greg 8024 Tim 25736 not in the article)

(tim de:Tim Hildebrandt)

Couples with biography of one that covers the other [2013-06-28]

Nonny Hogrogian; David Kherdian

Talk:Nonny Hogrogian

(The latter GND includes no German national library records but the VIAFs seem to be distinct; both certainly pertain to him.)

Lynn Poole; Gray Johnson Poole --other form Gray Poole

Talk:Lynn Poole

VIAF 71699030 VIAF 290734179 now redirects

End report 2013-06-28

updated 2013-07-01

Christo; Jeanne-Claude

Talk:Christo and Jeanne-Claude includes both AC templates


Stan Berenstain; Jan Berenstain --have all dates

--other form Berenstain; The Berenstains; Stanley berenstain; Janice Berenstain Talk: Stan and Jan Berenstain

Mike Berenstain --other form Michael Berenstain --deGrummond


Jan3=Stan5 Jan101=Stan103 Jan201=Stan204 Jan302=Stan304 --the last 2008 listing, two years after Stan's death; Stan301,303 are "with Mike Berenstain"

2009 Jan 10, Stan 2
2010 Jan 16, Stan 5
2011 Jan 16, Stan 6
2012 Jan 19, Stan 5
2013 Jan 8, Stan 7
  • Berenstain bears: thanksgiving all around

Most recent listings (by search and sort separately Jan; Jan & Mike; Mike)

H. A. Rey; Margret Rey

Margot Zemach (no longer a Stub); Harve Zemach=>Margot (primary) --other form Harvey Fichstrom=>Margot (secondary)

Harve Z --no VIAF listings for Harvey Fichstrom

Hannelore Hahn

VIAF 81413886

Louise Fatio apparently valid; Roger Duvoisin GNDname hits 203 records



no:Ingri Parin d'Aulaire evidently shows no ac data
couples who do have authority control information
LCCN VIAF=VIAF 55641602 berta VIAF=VIAF 55715269 elmer
DNB VIAF=VIAF 239354381 berta VIAF=VIAF 244895258 elmer(both undiff; no publ)
Maud at VIAF



VIAF Greg Hildebrandt, 1939- -> and so edited by VIAFbot November 2012; four interwiki joint biographies, no interwiki covers only de:Tim Hildebrandt (deceased) PND: 12373908X | LCCN: n50033739
-- that is outdated template {{Normdaten|PND=12373908X|LCCN=n/50/33739}}

GND check August 2013


WikiData contributions

VIAF look back[edit] biographies add {Authority control}

look back 2013-10-02, forward from 2013-09-01

Add links "You need to be logged in on this wiki and in the central data repository to use this feature." [login at both and WikiData does not help]


02 Kenneth Oppel [25]
03 Margery Sharp [26]
03 Lancelot Hogben [27]
03 Andrew Taylor (author) [28]
  • By design from this time, my edit summary includes '{Authority control}' (preceded by word 'add' or symbol '+' or otherwise) iff I insert the template. If I revise a.c. template parameters only, then edit summary includes VIAF, LCCN, or GND but does not name the template. Previously my edit summary routinely or occasionally includes the term '{Authority control}' when I revise template parameters only.
06 W J Corbett [29]
07 Jason Wallace [30]
09 Ian Wallace (illustrator) [31]

Wallace, Wallace, and Corbett show no interwiki links, and nominally offer the option "Add links" rather than "Edit links". --Nominally they do, but the response to "Add links" is "You need to be logged in on this wiki and in the central data repository to use this feature." Login at both and WikiData does not help. Our biography and VIAF link reciprocally for Ian Wallace only. I don't know whether any WikiData entity corresponds to any of these three. Does the nominal option imply that?

At WikiData search 'Ian Wallace' returns eight hits[32] that can be interpreted only by visiting the target pages. One of them is a match.[33] Search for Jason Wallace returns no hits. Search for W J Corbett or W. J. Corbett returns 1 bad hit (Boston Corbett). Search for William J Corbett and William Jesse Corbett return no hits. Search for William Corbett returns 9 hits that do not match. One is our William Corbett disambiguation but this Corbett is not listed there or in the Corbett disambiguation en:Corbett (surname).

Taylor, Hogben, Sharp, and Oppel show the option "Edit links". Our biography and WikiData link reciprocally. For Oppel WikiData links inappropriate VIAF.

Edit summary 'WikiData' only two in this time Ulrich Biel and Louis Gaillait, both 0905. Another editor fixed Gaillait at WD soon after I used the example here.

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award[edit]

Hartnett, Pullman - lindgren Lindgren identifiers 11, 11, 11

Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award

Category:Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award winners

13 winners in 11 years; 11 people

DE missing 2005a and two institutions
VIAF: 11
LCCN: 11
GND : 11

2013-08-17 GNDcheck and 2013 coverage

LINDGREN (generally i think VIAF should redirect to 'LCCN viaf=')
EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
Maurice Sendak 2003 US andersen
Christine Nöstlinger 2003 AT andersen
Lygia Bojunga Nunes 2004 BR andersen
Philip Pullman 2005 UK 115199438 " ok
Ryōji Arai 2005 JP 73832007 " (no biog) ok
Katherine Paterson 2006 US andersen
Sonya Hartnett 2008 AU 85944119 " PND
Kitty Crowther 2010 BE 120154578 " ok
Shaun Tan 2011 AU 2699145 " PND
Guus Kuijer 2012 NL 103625614 " PND; DE links VIAF=39387908 which redirects

Hans Christian Andersen Award[edit]

one book 1956/60 (runners-up one book 1960/64); body of work from 1962
prepare dossier, send 5-10 books to every jury member and two executives 7-11 people, from 2002 13 people = 35-130 books
2002, split juries
English language proceedings and translations of books in less familiar languages
Zurich 1956/70(Jella lepman's lifetime)
Basel 1990, 92, 96, 00, 02
Bologna 1980/88, 2012
7 from outside North American and Europe, first 1974
From 1994 presentation of all candidates in special issue spnsored by Nissan

The Hans Christian Andersen Awards 1956–2002. IBBY. Copenhagen: Gyldendal. 2002. Written and edited by Eva Glistrup (with Sus Rostrup)

[34] Hosted by Austrian Literature Online, University of Innsbruck, Austria. (c) 2002–2012.

Eva Glistrup, primary researcher and writer in Danish (Sus Rostrup wrote 10 of 44)
Patricia Crampton, translator into English
Image 7 = page 11, Foreword p11
13, Introduction by EG p13
44 portraits with selected bibliographies of 5 (or 6) works
14–21, Half a Century of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards by EG p14-21
22-109, 44 @ two pages each
"Candidates for the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 1956–2002". The Hans Christian Andersen Awards, 1956–2002. IBBY. Gyldendal. 2002. Pages 110–18.

  Hosted by Austrian Literature Online, University of Innsbruck, Austria. Retrieved 2013-07-14.</ref>

"Hans Christian Andersen Award jury members 1956–2002". The Hans Christian Andersen Awards, 1956–2002. IBBY. Gyldendal. 2002. Pages 119–24.

  Hosted by Austrian Literature Online, University of Innsbruck, Austria. Retrieved 2013-02-28.</ref>


The 1955 Carnegie Medal for British children's books and the inaugural, biennial Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1956 both cited The Little Bookroom
She also received the first biennial, internationalHans Christian Andersen Medal in 1956, which has become the highest lifetime recognition available to creators of children's books. Prior to 1962 the award cited a single book published during the preceding two years.

[6] [7]


In 1958, Lindgren became the second recipient of the Hans Christian Andersen Award, an international award for youth literature.

The biennial Hans Christian Andersen Award conferred by the International Board on Books for Young People is the highest recognition available to a writer or illustrator of children's books. Bauer received the illustration award in 2010.

[6] [8] [9]

Pippi Longstocking (book); sv: Pippi Långstrump (bok); Oetinger 1949

Astrid Lindgren "speaks" to fans

Wikipedia talk:Plagiarism


(lead) ... and children's literature. For the latter contributions he received the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award in 1960.
The International Board on Books for Young People conferred its biennial Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing in 1960, recognising his "lasting contribution to children's literature". [no ref]

[6] [10]

Talk:The 35th of May, or Conrad's Ride to the South Seas

re E. Nesbit; Lion witch wardrobe



  1. ^ The biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award for children's writing was inaugurated in 1956, recognizing a single book published during the preceding two years. "Soon" it came to be called the "Little Nobel Prize". Since the first three renditions—that is, from 1962—it has recognized a living author for a lasting contribution, considering his or her complete works. Nevertheless, a "Runner-Up List" with single book titles was published from 1960 to 1964. [Pages 15–16. This source does not identify those runners-up or report their number.]
      Glistrup, Eva (2002). "Half a Century of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards". The Hans Christian Andersen Awards, 1956–2002. International Board on Books for Young People. Gyldendal. 2002. Pages 14–21. Hosted by Austrian Literature Online ( Retrieved 2013-07-22.

For her contribution as a children's illustrator she received the international Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1966.[6][11]

The biennial Hans Christian Andersen Award conferred by the International Board on Books for Young People is the highest recognition available to a writer or illustrator of children's books. Jansson received the illustration award in 1966.[6][11]

expand 1990 Andersen Award w official refs (w 1-page profile not used);

[6] [11]


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Andersen writers[edit]

Category:Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing winners

Category:Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration winners provides some coverage of all no:Template:HCAndersenprisen

DE missing -- 1968b, 2012
EN missing -- none

--late February generation CatScan

Category:Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing winners (31 pages; 30 biographies)
Category:Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
= 30 of 30 biographies
Category:Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
= 30 
Category:Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
= 30
VIAF: 30
LCCN: 30
GND : 30
2013-08-17 GNDcheck (no error reports)

Waddell (ROI) is incorrect  Done [reported at 2013-05-17]

"m one VIAF record covers both (") and (m)

ANDERSEN (generally i think VIAF should redirect to 'LCCN viaf=')
EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
all 30 have pages at (and; 28 at
Eleanor Farjeon 1956 UK 44768621 "m PND"Tomfool (Pseudonym)"p22 (pp. 22-23)
Astrid Lindgren 1958 SE 97119817 "m ok p24
Erich Kästner 1960 DE 59084620 "m ok p26
Meindert DeJong 1962 US 83981501 "m ok p28 (pp. 28-29)
René Guillot 1964 FR 46762166 "m PND p30
Tove Jansson 1966 FI 111533709 "m ok p32 Sus Rostrup
James Krüss 1968a DE 92004185 "m ok p36
José Maria Sanchez-Silva 1968b ES VIAF 66673536 "(no biog) p64 p38
Gianni Rodari 1970 IT VIAF 109564134 109564134 mismatch <->EN but instead links VIAF=VIAF 73859309, thus library Italy (=Esopino) p42
Scott O'Dell 1972 US 90674010 "m PND p46 (pp. 46-47)
Maria Gripe 1974 SE 39378054 "m ok p50 Sus Rostrup
Cecil Bødker 1976 DK 24616090 "m PND p54
Paula Fox 1978 US 31996420 "m ok p58 (pp. 58-59)
Bohumil Říha 1980 CZ 15571104 "m ok p62
Lygia Bojunga Nunes 1982 BR 115331889 "m PND p66
Christine Nöstlinger 1984 AT 112074964 "m ok p70
Patricia Wrightson 1986 AU 69660853 "m PND/LCCNmissing p74 (pp. 74-75)
Annie M. G. Schmidt 1988 NL 21599 "m PND p78
Tormod Haugen 1990 NO 103625475 "redirect bot failure because DE links VIAF=14787450 which redirects p82 Sus Rostrup
Virginia Hamilton 1992 US 49256750 "m PND p86 (pp. 86-87)
Michio Mado 1994 JP 74664512 "m ok p90
Uri Orlev 1996 IL 85429861 "m DE links VIAF=32001066 which redirects p94
Katherine Paterson 1998 US 98108465 "m ok p98 (pp. 98-99)
Ana Maria Machado 2000 BR 51701595 "mismatch DE links VIAF=6197729 GND=112083315 nameholder VIAF 51701595 major confusion is evident (somewhere) p102
Aidan Chambers 2002 UK 73972104 "m p106 (pp. 106-07
Martin Waddell 2004 IE 66477510 "m PND
Margaret Mahy 2006 NZ 108802576 "m ok
Jürg Schubiger 2008 CH 115021180 "m bot failure because DE links VIAF=9879845 which redirects
David Almond 2010 UK 100114026 "m ok DE lists 10011723 which redirects
María Teresa Andruetto 2012 AR 79545244 "(no biog) bot failure, unknown cause
2013-08-17 writers done but this not checked:

Machado records seem to be divided at DNB and VIAF seems to mix three people in two records. VIAF 6197729

For his lasting contribution he received the biennial, international Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing in 1980.

| occupation = Writer, illustrator | nationality = American | period = | genre = Children's picture books | subject = | notableworks = {{plainlist| | awards = Hans Christian Andersen Award for Writing

is this for biographies of crime fiction authors?

{{WikiProject Novels}}

Andersen illustrators[edit]

Category:Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration winners provides some coverage of all no:Template:HCAndersenprisen

DE only -- 1976, 1980, 1994, 1996, 2008 (missing 6)
EN only -- 1972, 1984, 1986 (missing 8)

--late February generation CatScan

was 13 biographies; 9 VIAF; 3 LCCN; 3 GND
Category:Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration winners (17 pages; 16 biographies)
Category:Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
= 16 of 16 biographies
Category:Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
= 16 : also missing Mesghali
Category:Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
= 16 : 
VIAF: 16
LCCN: 16
GND : 15 (Mesghali)
2013-08-19 GNDcheck (no error reports)
(generally i think VIAF should redirect to 'LCCN viaf=')
EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
16 of 24 have pages at (5 of missing 8 at (all 24 at
Petr Sís 2012 CZ 114231397 "mismatch DE links VIAF=24608151 AU
Jutta Bauer 2010 DE VIAF 101084778 VIAFcorrupt
VIAF does not adequately link the preferred DNB record; instead it links DNB=130894737 twice; DE links DNB=120077752 seems to be lost *at VIAF*; DNB=129641200 does not

— perhaps two links DNB break the system — DE links 13426725 which redirects

de:Roberto Innocenti 2008 IT (no biog) 71392481
Wolf Erlbruch 2006 DE 66536742 "m ok
Max Velthuijs 2004 NL 110423767 "re now ok
Quentin Blake 2002 UK 108680806 "corrupt now ok p108 (pp. 108-09)
Anthony Browne 2000 UK 109059869 "corrupt now ok p104 (pp. 104-05 by Sus Rostrup)
Tomi Ungerer 1998 FR 85424814 "m ok p100 Sus Rostrup
de:Klaus Ensikat 1996 DE (no biog) "44298457 p96
de:Jörg Müller (Künstler) 1994 CH (no biog) "44302771 p92
Kvĕta Pacovská 1992 CZ 96707922 "m ok p88
Lisbeth Zwerger 1990 AT 29542168 "m ok p84 Sus Rostrup
no:Dusan Kállay 1988 CZ (no biog) (no biog) p80
Robert Ingpen 1986 AU 31997883 "(no biog) p76 (pp. 76-77) link p77
Mitsumasa Anno 1984 JP 108283496 "(no biog) p72
no:Zbigniew Rychlicki 1982 PL (no biog) (no biog) p68
de:Akaba Suekichi 1980 JP (no biog) "68924425 p64
no:Svend Otto S. 1978 DK (no biog) (no biog) p60 Sus Rostrup
de:Tatjana Mawrina 1976 ussr (no biog) "115644329 p56
Farshid Mesghali 1974 IR 22433437 Normdaten missing three other VIAF now redirect here; GND=101767146X undiff, one Iranian publication p52
Ib Spang Olsen 1972 DK 108977516 "(no biog) p48 Sus Rostrup
Maurice Sendak 1970 US 96213928 "m ok p44 (pp. 44-45 by Sus Rostrup)
Jiří Trnka 1968 CZ 27072375 "m ok p40 Sus Rostrup
Alois Carigiet 1966 CH 3261883 "m ok p34

English-speaking nominees[edit]

pages 110–18

Natalie Babbitt VIAF 46781308 VIAF 295209393

  • =highly commended; **=finalist needs  Done 0831 (only two)

ok Babbitt (need VIAF merge)
Tony Ross
Kenneth Oppel Kenneth Oppel at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database

VIAF {done}

Hans Christian Andersen Awards, UK and US nominees
Britain UK America US
1956 0 # Eleanor Farjeon  ?
1958 0  ?  ?
1960 0  ? Jean Craighead George per usbby
1962 0 Mary Norton (author) # Meindert DeJong
1964 0 Philippa Pearce Elizabeth Enright -ibby
Madeleine L'Engle -usbby
A Wrinkle In Time
1966 3 2  ? * Brian Wildsmith Natalie Savage Carlson -usbby Marcia Brown -usbby
1968 2 3 Rosemary Sutcliff * Brian Wildsmith * Elizabeth Coatsworth * Roger Duvoisin
1970 3 3 none none * E. B. White # Maurice Sendak
1972 5 6 none none # Scott O'Dell Evaline Ness
1974 3 3 * Rosemary Sutcliff * Charles Keeping Irene Hunt Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire
1976 2 2 William Mayne Edward Ardizzone * E. B. White Marcia Brown
1978 1 1 * Alan Garner Charles Keeping # Paula Fox * Leo and Diane Dillon
1980 2 2 Philippa Pearce John Burningham Katherine Paterson Margot Zemach
1982 0 0 Leon Garfield Jan Pieńkowski Natalie Babbitt William Steig
1984 1 2 Jan Mark * Raymond Briggs Beverly Cleary David Macaulay
1986 0 0 William Mayne John Burningham Jean Fritz Chris Van Allsburg
1988 1 1 Peter Dickinson Michael Foreman (illustrator) William Steig Margot Zemach
1990 1 0 Dick King-Smith Janet Ahlberg Katherine Paterson Tomie de Paola
1992 2 0 none none # Virginia Hamilton Ed Young (illustrator)
1994 (end) none none Sid Fleischman Barbara Cooney
1996 (start) Nina Bawden Anthony Browne Lloyd Alexander Leo and Diane Dillon
1998 4 3 ** Anne Fine Shirley Hughes # Katherine Paterson Jerry Pinkney
2000 3 3 ** Peter Dickinson # Anthony Browne (illustrator) ** Lois Lowry Ed Young
2002 2 3 # Aidan Chambers # Quentin Blake Susan Cooper David Macaulay

2004 4 4 Geraldine McCaughrean Tony Ross Lois Lowry Vera B. Williams
2006 4 4 ** Philip Pullman David McKee E. L. Konigsburg Ashley Bryan
2008 4 4 ** David Almond Jan Pieńkowski Lloyd Alexander ** David Wiesner
2010 4 4 # David Almond Michael Foreman Walter Dean Myers Eric Carle
2012 4 4 Philip Pullman ** John Burningham ** Paul Fleischman Chris Raschka
2014 Jacqueline Wilson John Burningham Jacqueline Woodson Bryan Collier

2012: 27 + 30 ill; 32 nations

2014: 29 + 31 ill; 34 --Travis News Service 2013-04-17[35]

AU 2013-04-07 2011-05-13[36] US 2013-06-15

Australia, Canada, New Zealand nominees
Australia AU (NZ) Canada CA
1968 - - Roderick Haig-Brown "VLG -
1970 - - - -
1972 - - - * Elizabeth Mrazik-Cleaver crx
1974 - - - -
1976 Ivan Southall - - -
1978 Ivan Southall - Suzanne Martel "VLG William Kurelek "VLG
1980 - - - -
1982 - - Christie Harris VL crx Louise Méthé
1984 * Patricia Wrightson - Monica Hughes PHOENIX László Gál
1986 # Patricia Wrightson # Robert Ingpen James Archibald Houston "VLG Philippe Béha
1988 - - Jean Little "VLG Ann Blades
1990 - - - -
1992 - - James Houston Eric Beddows
1994 - - Jean Little Ian Wallace (illustrator) VL
1996 - - Christiane Duchesne crx Stéphane Poulin
1998 - - ** Brian Doyle (writer) Gilles Tibo
2000 - - Roch Carrier "VLG László Gál
2002 - - Dennis Lee (author) "VLG :EN Michèle Lemieux
2002 NZ Margaret Mahy (first NZ?)

2004 Gilles Tibo Marie-Louise Gay "VLG
2004 eire # Martin Waddell
2006 Jean Little Michèle Lemieux
2006 NZ # Margaret Mahy
2008 Jackie French Shaun Tan ** Brian Doyle Peter Pratt (illustrator)
2010 Brian Doyle Marie-Louise Gay
2012 Christobel Mattingley Bob Graham (illustrator) Tim Wynne-Jones Stéphane Jorisch
2014 Nadia Wheatley Ron Brooks Kenneth Oppel Philippe Béha
1980 1982 1986 1990 1992 Nominees booklets at ALO (
2002 "2002 (Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2002)". --speeches not found (
2004 "2004 (Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2004)". --with laudatio and two acceptance speeches 5 September 2004
2006 "2006 (Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2006)".
IBBY Announces the Winners of the Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2006" Press Release 9 / 2004-2006. 27 March 2006. --with laudatio 21 September 2006
2008 "2008 (Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2008)".
"IBBY Announces Winners of 2008 Hans Christian Andersen Awards" News Release 9 / 2006-2008. 31 March 2008. --with laudatio and two acceptance speeches 7 September 2008
2010 "2010 (Hans Christian Andersen Awards 2010)". --with p s by Zohreh Ghaeni, acceptance speech by Bauer, and other contemporary material
"2010 HCA Winners and Finalists" --with laudatio and two acceptance speeches 11 September 2010
2012 still current

Winners done --without using the available speeches and IBBY profiles as sources

2002 Chambers, Blake (speeches missing)
2004 Waddell, Velthuijs
2006 Mahy, Erlbruch (speeches missing)
2008 Schubiger[STUB] (Innocenti no biog)
2010 Almond, Bauer[STUB]
2012 Andruetto, Sis
2012 capsule biographies

2012 wri

(no bio) "Christobel Mattingley"
Tim Wynne-Jones
Philip Pullman
Paul Fleischman

2012 ill

Bob Graham
(no bio) "Stéphane Jorisch"
John Burningham – Finalist
Chris Raschka
2014 capsule biographies [EMPTY 2013-07-19]

2014 wri

"Nadia Wheatley"
"Kenneth Oppel"
"Jacqueline Wilson". IBBY.
"Jacqueline Woodson"

2014 ill [EMPTY 2013-07-19]

"Ron Brooks"
(no bio) "Philippe Béha"
"John Burningham"
"Bryan Collier"

Carnegie Medal[edit]

Carnegie Medal (literary award)

2013-05-24 all clear cases have been merged/redirected at VIAF

Sheena Porter

LCCat has 4 bibliographic records, no LCCN as person

David Rees (author)

Philip Turner

" -- adequately merged at VIAF

DE coverage
- Ransome || 67261752 || " VIAF missing
Garnett || 20607289 || "(no
- Streatfeild || Susan Scarlett pseud. || " 14893012 VIAF missing
Doorly ||  79281124 || (no || EN, VIAF include nameholder
Barne ||  59529178 || (no || EN, VIAF include nameholder
Treadgold ||  45800428 || (no || EN, VIAF include nameholder
- BB || 42761443 || "redirects LCCN missing
- Linklater || 44337081 || "m
- Goudge || 24602168 || "m
- De La Mare ||  2502254 || "m de:Walter de la Mare missing from Carnegie Medal record 
Armstrong || 101370091 || (no || no GND record identified
Allen || (no biog)
Vipont ||  85084405 || (no || VIAF includes nameholder Foulds, Elfrid Vipont rather than namehold Vipont, Elfrida 
- Harnett || 39971545 nameholder || Normdaten missing || 
- Norton || 17343096 || "m
Osmond || (no biog)
Welch/Oliver ||  67814154 || (no || EN, VIAF have nameholder
- Farjeon || Andersen
- Lewis || 22144877 || "m
- Mayne || 51693218 || mismatch ||, VIAF have nameholder; should have GND=1021026190
- Pearce || 71395925 || "m
- Sutcliff || 22178414 || "m
Cornwall || (no biog)
Boston || 111655690 || "(no
- Clarke || 19168870 nameholder || "m after EN fix 
Burton || (no biog)
Porter || 516527 || EN, VIAF include nameholder (no LCCN record)
Turner ||  27596086 || "(no
- Garner || 130767 || "m
Peyton || 40116635 || "(no
Harris || 95323122 Harris-Wijngaard nameholder || britische Schauspielerin MISTAKEN IDENTITY
- Garfield || 111275537 || "m 
Blishen ||  76409325 || "(no
- Southall || 62752550 || "m
- Adams || 71386171 || "m
- Lively || 108497462 || "redirect
Hunter || 108983174 || "(no
- Westall 2 || 39385373 || "m
Mark 2 || 4941838 || "(no
Kemp ||  85107115 || "(no
Rees ||  95332481 || "(no || VIAF includes nameholder
- Dickinson 2 || 9845559 || "m 
- Mahy 2 || 108802576 || "m
- Crossley-Holland || 66502419 || "m
- Doherty 2 || 39406261 || "m
Price || 34497452 || "(no
- McCaughrean || 54191408 || "m
- Fine 2 || 113439390 || "redirect
- Cross || 13038315 || "m
- Swindells || 85102991 || "redirect
- Breslin || 69168704 || "now ok
- Pullman || 115199438 || "m
- Burgess || 115547666 || "mismatch || now ok; VIAF=29617888 AU
- Bowler || 30391984 || "m
- Almond || Andersen
- Chambers || Andersen
- Naidoo || 32654422 || "m
- Pratchett || 76382712 || "m
- Creech || 22297876 || "m
- Donnelly || 44538574 || "redirect
- Cottrell Boyce || 85573412 || "mismatch || now ok; VIAF=54353070 PT
- Peet || 20802687 || "m
- Rosoff || 79549905 || "redirect
- Reeve || 69155234 || "now ok
- Dowd || 79557464 || "m
- Gaiman || 103859257 || "redirect
- Ness || 88114296 || "redirect
- Gardner || needs 2013 coverage

Greenaway Medal[edit]

Kate Greenaway Medal

2013-05-24 all repaired at VIAF

2013-08-16 VIAF revisited for GND check  Done

GND unlink: *Stobbs, *Kennaway, Haley, *Grey
GND fix: *Rose
  • Stub per article tag
Category: Kate Greenaway Medal winners
Category:Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
= 30 of 30 articles (31 including Janet Ahlberg redirect)
Category:Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
= 30
Category:Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
= 26 (having unlinked 4) 9 biographies, 13 medals

Wildsmith || "m Burningham || "m Baynes || 101872923 || "now ok Blake || andersen Browne 2 || andersen Lee || "ok Child || "now ok Riddell 2 || "m Gravett 2 || "m

2013-08-20 DEcheck

needs 2013 coverage

2013-08-22 edits done

Guardian Prize[edit]

48 winners (33 at DE)
18 carnegie (16 at DE)
GND unlink (*stub tag): Willard, Cawley, *Pilling, *Schlee
VIAF: 48
LCCN: 48
GND : 43 Branford plus four listed above

2013-08-20 GNDcheck

2013-08-22 edits done

Garfield || carnegie Garner || carnegie Aiken || "m

Peyton || carnegie

Christopher || LCCN Youd || LCCN Christopher || VIAF=66465191 bundle includes neither; contrast VIAF=197028078

see also,_Stanley
Wikipedia talk: Wikidata#Move instructions
Avery || "m

Adams || carnegie

Willard || VIAF list nameholder
Cawley || VIAF list nameholder

Bawden || "m Dickinson || carnegie Jones || "ok Davies || "m

Schlee || VIAF list nameholder

Carter || "now ok Magorian || "m Desai || "redirect King-Smith || "m Hughes || "redirect

Pilling || VIAF list nameholder 

Aldridge || "m

Thomas || "m

McCaughrean || carnegie Fine || carnegie Westall || carnegie

Anderson || "m

Mayne || carnegie Waugh || "m

Howarth || "m

Pullman || carnegie

Prince || "m

Burgess || carnegie

Branford || -- no GND
Price || carnegie

Wilson || "m Crossley-Holland || carnegie Hartnett || "m Haddon || 85413157 "now ok Rosoff || carnegie Thompson || VIAF missing ; wrong birthdate (see LCCN)

Kate Thompson (author) ok except GND=124402151
Kate Thompson (romantic novelist) {Authority control |VIAF=85313000 |LCCN=nr/2002/033427 |GND=124402046}

Reeve || carnegie Valentine || "now ok Ness || carnegie Peet || carnegie

Paver || "m
Mulligan || "m 

Cottrell Boyce || carnegie

2013 top page -- nearly empty, under old website structure, not sure it will be used --

2012 change of website/URL structure

Category: Guardian Children's Fiction Prize winners

2013-05-31 count 48
30 who did not win the Carnegie Medal


Aiken the Guardian Children's Fiction Prize, a once-in-a-lifetime book award judged by a panel of British children's writers,[1]

judged by a panel of British children's writers recognises the year's best book by an author who has not yet won it.[1]

P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF at British Council: Literature

With five exceptions we call the GCFP winners simply "British" or "English" (none Scottish or Welsh).

  • 1986 James Aldridge, AU-british — born 1918 AU, moved to London 1938, lives there
  • 1983 Anita Desai, Indian — born 1937 India, mother tongue German; teaches creative writing, MIT and elsewhere NY/NE from 1993
  • 2002 Sonya Hartnett, AU — born 1968 Victoria, debut novel 1983; many books publ US/UK but resides Australia
  • 2008 Patrick Ness, US-born dual cit — VA army base 1971, debut story 1997, first novel underway at move to London 1999
  • 2004 Meg Rosoff, US-born London — Boston 1956, England 1977-80 and from 1989
   Henrietta Branford --done VIAF 56772776 VIAF 5830247 identity unknown Literature by and about P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF in the German National Library catalogue search VIAF
   Peter Carter (author) --done WORLDCAT conflates two[37]
   Anita Desai -ok

first non-resident winner

   Mark Haddon --done VIAF 85413157 ; also VIAF 294076931 DNB needs attention there; VIAF 278515879 AU
   Sonya Hartnett --done GUARDIAN PRIZE first Australian? if not whom? when opened to commonwealth writers? --yes first Australian as Aldridge 1986 was a 30-year resident of Britain; second non-resident winner
   Lesley Howarth --done VIAF 79528767 VIAF 272778016 AU

shortlist 1994 The Flower King

Jeff Cummins VIAF 288451426 NE VIAF 30356240 US VIAF 79430376 DE
   Andy Mulligan (author) --done VIAF 129771006 VIAF 270077256 FR
   K. M. Peyton --GUARDIAN FOR TRILOGY MAY NEED SOURCE --now needed only in main article Guardian Prize
   Samuel Youd --done

John Christopher

Stanley Winchester --also VIAF=289662001 NE

others --others VIAF=287595903; etc

Printz Award[edit]

Printz Award the annual Michael L. Printz Award from the American Library Association recognizing the year's "best book written for teens, based entirely on its literary merit".


some winner citations or speeches

Chambers 2003 (speech not available 2013-10-01) "2003 Printz Award". Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA). American Library Association. (ALA).


14 winners from 2000; 13 biog (7 of first 12 at

Category: Michael L. Printz Award winners
Category:Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
= 13 of 13
Category:Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
= 13 
Category:Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
= 12 (John Corey Whaley)
GND unlink: Yang
VIAF: 13
LCCN: 13
GND : 12

2013-08-20 GNDcheck; needs 2012 2013

AC complete in biographies; no work on book articles

Year EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
2013 Nick Lake VIAF 91034760 VIAF 103373522
2012 John Corey Whaley 301891398 "(no ok
2011 Paolo Bacigalupi 49036392 "m which redirects to VIAF=268777931
2010 Libba Bray 90784127 "redirect ok
2009 Melina Marchetta AU 59793000 "(no ok
2008 Geraldine McCaughrean UK 54191408 " carnegie
2007 Gene Luen Yang --(no
2006 John Green (author) 41229323 "m ok
2005 Meg Rosoff UK 79549905 "redirect carnegie
2004 Angela Johnson (writer) 28265992 "(no ok badlink Printz Award
2003 Aidan Chambers UK andersen
2002 An Na 74939963 "(no ok
2001 David Almond UK andersen
2000 Walter Dean Myers 14792959 "(no ok


--early February generation CatScan in about 80 seconds by the "more powerful rewrite"

Category:Caldecott Medal winners (68 pages; 67 biographies)
Category:Wikipedia articles with authority control information
= only 58 of 67 with the following 9 oversights

--mid February 2013-02-21

Category:Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
= 64 of 67 biographies, with three joint biography oversights and two errors
Category:Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
= 59 
Category:Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
= 56

2013-08-20: [of 66 biographies, 5 joint] 61, 61, 37

at (18, should be 15 with GND link)

Lawson || || "m

McCloskey 2 || || " LCCN VIAF missing

Ward || || "m Bemelmans || || "m Brown 3 || || --VIAF nameholder

Feodor Stepanovich Rojankovsky || "m missing at DE Caldecott

Sendak || || andersen Montresor || || "m Emberley || || "m Steig || || "redirect --Kolja, what is the long list of "Selected titles" displayed by VIAF (not DNB) Lobel || || "m

Van Allsburg 2 || || " extra-large bundle (cf Bauer); GND=172431018 needs merge with the other at at DNB

Macaulay || || "m

Wiesner 3 || 79087089 || " LCCN VIAF missing

Rathmann || || --VIAF nameholder Taback || || "m Selznick || || "m

Klassen || || --DE,VIAF nameholder

2013-08-22 edits done

GND unlink (3): BROWN, *RATHMANN, KLASSEN (with biographies)
GND unlink (15): Burton, Jones, Politi(unreferenced), Milhous, *Ets, Ness, Lent, Egielski, Schoenherr, *McCully, Wisniewski, *Azarian, *Rohmann, *Krommes, Pinkney
GND nolink (4): *Handforth, Goble, Diaz, Stead; 
GND ? link (1): Gerald E. McDermott (GNDName for Gerand and Gerald R., neither has been linked here)


61, 61, 39; ISNI 5 (McCloskey Sendak Steig Van Allsburg Handforth)

Handforth is one of 5 altho that one is not in the ISNI category

Politi is one of 39 altho that one is not in the GND category

VIAF present[edit]


38-39 j [41]42-44 *j 47 *j (three and 0 of 12)
** 52-57 " 59 * 61 "* 64-69 (four and 0 of 20)
& [71] " 73 **jj* 79 " 81-82 "j 85 "&* 89 (four and two of 20)
90-94 & 96 * 98 * 00-01 "*& 05-06 "&**&" 13 (five and four of 24)
not at; not joint (43)
(generally i think VIAF should redirect to 'LCCN viaf=')
EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
None of these 16 illustrators have biographies
Lathrop "(no
Handforth --(no
Virginia Lee Burton 1943 VIAF 79129709 --unlink name + altnames + 2 works
Slobodkin "(no
Elizabeth Orton Jones 1945 VIAF 118448194 --unlink name only
Weisgard "(no
Roger Duvoisin 1948 VIAF 113538041->GND,LCCN VIAF 100298260->nameholder,LCCN; redirects to below
undiff; numerous de-lang eds. (von Autoren mit diesem Namen, certainly including this one)

VIAF 88062646-> but this bundle NEEDS MERGE/DELETE

Leo Politi 1950 VIAF 18466454 --unlink name only
Katherine Milhous 1951 VIAF 65495658 --unlink name only
Mordvinoff "(no
Simont "(no
Cooney 2 "(no
Marie Hall Ets 1960 VIAF 109537030 --unlink name only
Sidjakov "(no
Keats "(no
Hogrogian 2 "(no
Ness --unlink name lists several
Shulevitz "(no
Haley greenaway
Lent --unlink name lists 1
Margot Zemach 1974 VIAF 262567078 "(no
Gerald McDermott 1975 VIAF 77589248 --(no (maybe no GND record: Gerald R. and Gerald, no Gerald E.)
Peter Spier 1978 none VIAF 51696093 [GND ok]

Probably two people per DNB VIAF 51696093 VIAF 530962

NLA confuses them VIAF 276558421

LCCN confuses them

This LCCN record does not show up by search 'spier, peter' (which does not hit any

NEEDS attention first at LCCN?

Goble --(no
Hyman "(no
Richard Egielski 1987 VIAF 76345520 --unlink name only
John Schoenherr 1988 VIAF 64033886 --unlink name only
Gammell "(no
Young "(no
McCully --(no unlink name lists 1
Say "(no
David Diaz (illustrator) 1995 VIAF 75491080 --(no
David Wisniewski 1997 VIAF 40828424 --unlink name only
Zelinsky "(no
Mary Azarian 1999 VIAF 50567923 --unlink name only
Small "(no
Eric Rohmann 2003 VIAF 23812111 --unlink name only
Mordicai Gerstein 2004 VIAF 5087729 VIAF 276295465 links de-lang publ -- whereas VIAF=5087729 links DNB=102653223X which lists none
Henkes "(no
Raschka 2 "(no
Beth Krommes 2009 VIAF 70711262 --unlink name only
Jerry Pinkney 2010 VIAF 76414580 --unlink name only
Erin E. Stead 2011 VIAF 121259455 --(no
Five joint biographies cover 6 of 76 Medals; not tabulated here (should be 61 ordinary biographies cover 70 Medals; tabulated here)

ABOVE: winners of 22 Caldecott Medals covered by 16 biogs at DE


Runners-up, History

Marshall in progress 2013-07-13

Charles Boardman Hawes (~done), Bernard Marshall, William Bowen, Padraic Colum, Cornelia Meigs (~done),

Frederic G. Melcher; Anne Carroll Moore#Children's Book Week (stub section) history [38] - diversity Thu 6:00-7:30 [39]; Children's Book Council (United States) (ultra-stub); American Booksellers Association (nil)

--early January generation CatScan in about 40 seconds by the "more powerful rewrite"

Category:Newbery Medal winners (86 biographies)
Wikipedia articles with authority control information
= only 80 of 86 with the following 6 oversights

2013-01-29, coverage is 87 of 87 following update for 2013 Medal


Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
87 (all)
Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
86 -- Laura Amy Schlitz
Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
84 -- Schlitz, Monica Shannon, Maia Wojciechowska


Notes subsequent to reading the manual, asking some questions, etc, --manually visiting these people at DE.wikipedia

  1. Avi -- (reciprocal); DE gives VIAF=32085543 that links to a distinct page (Avi Wortis) with FR data(!) fixed
  2. De Jong -- (reciprocal); DE gives VIAF=100238939 which redirects to our value fixed
  3. O'Brien -- (reciprocal); DE gives VIAF=100252716 that links to a distinct page with AU,CZ,NL data(!) fixed
  4. Sachar -- (reciprocal) among many; DE gives VIAF=14937012 which redirects to our value
  5. Sorensen -- only; no DE biography, mis-spelled Sorenson on some pages including disambiguation! fixed

--WorldCat "Vanderpool, Clare" links to LC Authority at and to VIAF "This VIAF Cluster has been deleted. It is no longer part of VIAF."

K. M. Peyton WorldCat link to Wikipedia are missing although it recognizes this pseud. for KWH & M Peyton

No German-language translation?
36. 40. 41. 48^ 49 53 60. 61* 65. 70. 76. 78^ 83. 85. 87. 94. 05.

. confirmed ^ GND missing

  • Green Knowe books 1-3 only

this includes four (of five?) that concern WWII in Europe, mainly the English homefront: 40 41 78 05 (and 76 concerns RAF)

VIAF present[edit]

Newbery Medal

Latham, Jean Lee

Category:American children's writers Category:American historical novelists

NEWBERY no problem except perhaps lack of or GND coverage

1922-23 ** 26-28 * 30-31 * 33-39 (four of 18 tabulated below)
1940-46 * 48-54 &*& 58-59 (two and two of 20 tabulated below)
" 61 " 63-67[68-69 previously revised by p64]
70-71 & 73[74]75-76 * [78]79-80 " 82-83[84] * 86-89 (two and one of 30)
90-93 " [95]96[97]98 &
00-01 *& 04-05 *** [09] *& [12-13] (five and three of 24)
Totals tabulated below, 13 and 6 of 92

Wilde, O. The ballad of Reading gaol, 1928.

Will at VIAF is not ours:,_1927-2000

WorldCat maintains separate

Der kleine Honigbär Lipkind, William. - Freiburg i. Br. : Herder, 1969

2013-02-15 Nicholas VIAF 30779682 (broken) needs

Lofting VIAF missing

GND unlink (1): O'BRIEN
GND unlink (21): Hawes, Finger, Kelly, Lewis, Meigs, Seredy, Sperry, Lenski, Bailey, Estes, Latham, Sorensen, Neville, Hunt, Rylant, Perkins, Patron, Schlitz, Stead, Vanderpool, Gantos
GND nolink (2): Shannon, Wojciechowska

2013-08-24 after GNDcheck work at

VIAF: 87
LCCN: 87
GND : 71 (expecting 63) inclg those eight listed below
ISNI: 21 incl Seredy, O'Brien, Hunt, Estes, Lenski, Sperry, Neville, Sorensen
Lofting VIAF, Persondaten

van Loon || "m Lofting || " VIAF=14980332 missing Chrisman || "m James || "m Mukerji || "m Field 30 || "m Coatsworth || "m Lewis || --unlink name only Meigs || --unlink name + 4, hers; LCCN coverage of Adair Aldon pseud. is a mess Shannon || -- (no GNDName record) Brink || "m Sawyer || "m Seredy || --unlink name + 4, hers --ISNI GND-- Enright || "m Daugherty || "m Sperry || --unlink name + 8, his --ISNI GND-- (dt. Mut, Mafatu!, 1948; Allein gegen die Angst, 1986; Mafatu heisst "Starkes Herz", 1992) Edmonds || "m Vining || "m Forbes 44 || "m Lawson || caldecott Lenski || --unlink name +15+1, at least some hers --ISNI GND-- Pène du Bois || "m DNB needs mannlich, Pène du Bois Henry || "m de Angeli || "m Yates || "m Estes || --unlink name +9, hers --ISNI GND-- Clark || "m Krumgold 2 || "m DeJong 55 || andersen Sorensen || --unlink name +1, hers --ISNI GND-- Keith || "m Speare 2 || "m O'Dell || andersen L'Engle || "m Neville || --unlink name +5+1 --ISNI GND-- Wojciechowska || -- (no GNDName) Borton de Treviño || "m Hunt || --unlink name +11, some hers --ISNI GND-- Konigsburg 2 || "m Alexander || "m Armstrong || "m Byars || "m O'Brien || --unlink name +19, some his --ISNI GND-- George || "m Fox || andersen Hamilton || andersen Cooper || "m Raskin || "m Blos || "m Paterson 2 || andersen Willard || "m Voigt || "m Cleary || "m Sid Fleischman || "m Freedman || "m Paul Fleischman || "m Lowry 2 || "m Spinelli || "m Naylor || "m Rylant || -- unlink name +3+3, some hers Creech || carnegie Cushman || "m Hesse || "m Sachar || "m Curtis || "m Peck || "m Avi || "m DiCamillo || "m Kadohata || "m Gaiman || carnegie Vanderpool || -- unlink name only Gantos || -- unlink name +2 Applegate || "m

NEWBERY (generally i think VIAF should redirect to 'LCCN viaf=')
EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
BELOW: winners of 27 Newbery Medals covered by 25 biogs at DE; checked back to 1975
Charles Hawes 1924 VIAF 21811826 --unlink name + 2012 e-publ
Charles Finger 1925 VIAF 70169740 --unlink name only
Eric P. Kelly 1929 VIAF 79366435 --unlink name + 1
Laura Adams Armer 1932 VIAF 28721601 "m
Carolyn Sherwin Bailey 1947 VIAF 72635126 --unlink name only
Jean Lee Latham 1956 VIAF 79287110 --unlink name +2, hers; LCCN links pseud. that need attention
Mildred D. Taylor 1977 VIAF 266677806 "m
Robin McKinley 1985 VIAF 22732031 "m
Linda Sue Park 2002 VIAF 51007913 "m
Lynne Rae Perkins 2006 VIAF 71685264 --unlink name only
Susan Patron 2007 VIAF 232971937 --unlink name only
Laura Amy Schlitz 2008 VIAF 89828922 --unlink name +3
Rebecca Stead 2010 VIAF 63444657 --unlink name +1

Arthur Bowie Chrisman --ok without incident although DNB lists no publ


2013-02-04 edit outstanding at DE

WorldCat: 'there you are' WorldCat: 'blowing cogs' [ Avi: "What's New?"

Wilder Medal[edit]

In 1989 she received the Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal from the U.S. professional librarians for her "substantial and lasting contributions to children's literature". At the time it was awarded every three years.[3]




Seuss: His cartoons strongly supported President Roosevelt's handling of the war, combining exhortations to ration goods and contribute to the war effort with frequent attacks on Congress

Sendak: The Rosenbach Museum & Library (ext link)

{dead} Washington Post, Toronto National Post, The Contemporary Jewish Museum

Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal;

19 winners in sixty years from 1954 (7 of first 12 in
cycle length 6; 5 5 5 5; 3 3 3 3 3 3 3; 2 2 2 2 2 2


Category: Laura Ingalls Wilder Medal winners
Category:Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
= 19
Category:Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
= 19
Category:Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
= 18 (Judson)

at - nothing to fix unless main article

VIAF: 19
LCCN: 19
GND : 17 (Brown, Judson) --dePaola via Wikidata


GND check 2013-08-25

unlink: Judson --ISNI, dePaola
Year EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
1954 Laura Ingalls Wilder 34464422 "m
1960 Clara Ingram Judson VIAF 35700391 --unlink name only --ISNI--
1965 Ruth Sawyer newbery
1970 E. B. White 66475004 "m
1975 Beverly Cleary newbery
1980 Theodor S. Geisel (Dr. Seuss) VIAF 7408695 "m but VIAF 92567206-> seuss/lccn 236946343 geisel/dnb 121024534 lesieg

VIAF 13634244 stone

1983 Maurice Sendak andersen
1986 Jean Fritz 70015804 "m(no
1989 Elizabeth George Speare newbery
1992 Marcia Brown caldecott
1995 Virginia Hamilton andersen
1998 Russell Freedman newbery
2001 Milton Meltzer VIAF 100279547 "m(no
2003 Eric Carle VIAF 82496850 "m
2005 Laurence Yep "m(no
2007 James Marshall (author) J..VIAF 116914027 "(no
E..VIAF 37516497 See Talk: James Marshall (author)#Edward and James
2009 Ashley Bryan VIAF 13965457 "redir(no
2011 Tomie dePaola VIAF 46759613 --unlink name +22+17 --ISNI GND--
2013 Katherine Paterson andersen

Edwards Award[edit]

Banned & Challenged Books. ALA.

100 authors by decade 1990-1999, 2000-2009
books by year

ALA press releases (recent)

Press releases from the previous year are located at the American Libraries Magazine website.

Find press releases issued prior to April 10, 2010. Press Release Archive

Example (2012)[6]

Margaret A. Edwards Award; Edwards Award
de:Margaret A. Edwards Award; de:Benutzer:P64de/Margaret A. Edwards Award

25 winners in 26 years from 1988; 25 biogs (no other languages)

no category

Note: see Hinton, Peck



GNDcheck 2013-08-25

needs DE fix

: Duncan, Crutcher, Card

needs EN fix

: update (2): Crutcher, Lipsyte  Done

The ALA Margaret A. Edwards Award recognizes one writer and a particular body of work for "significant and lasting contribution to young adult literature". Voigt won the annual award in 1995, citing seven books: Homecoming, Dicey's Song, A Solitary Blue, Building Blocks, The Runner, Jackaroo, and Izzy, Willy-Nilly (published 1981 to 1986).[8]

(‡) The young-adult librarians cited five books when Zindel won the 2002 Edwards Award.[8]


(YALSA 2005 page incorporates 2005 press release --as do 2008 to 2013)

Year EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
1988 S.E. Hinton 39583594 "m PND //contemp citation
1989 (no award)
1990 Richard Peck newbery (no biog)
1991 Robert Cormier "m de:Robert Cormier basics done
1992 Lois Duncan 117520846 " LCCN VIAF=117520846 missing P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database
1993 M. E. Kerr full coverage except Lookback VIAF 11155657 Kerr VIAF 29512131 Meaker ->,GNDName "(no //see Talk:Marijane Meaker#Identity
1994 Walter Dean Myers full prose coverage except Lookback printz P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database
1995 Cynthia Voigt new, full coverage newbery de:Cynthia Voigt basics done
1996 Judy Blume full coverage except "Looking Back" 111750191 "m
1997 Gary Paulsen new full coverage except Lookback VIAF 85394550 "redir
1998 Madeleine L'Engle new, full coverage newbery
1999 Anne McCaffrey full coverage inclg Lookback within reference 110586836 "m // EN needs eponcat; See also
2000 Chris Crutcher full coverage except Lookback VIAF 44996873 GND=120107392 "m DE links VIAF 79368711 GNDName=114030030 +3 (two works, his)

Chris Crutcher at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database --1 novel

2001 Robert Lipsyte full prose coverage (no list of works) except Lookback VIAF 64635425 GND=119284421 "(no EN formerly linked VIAF 294131415 GNDName=111605172 name +4 (three works, at least 2 his)

Robert Lipsyte at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database --1 novel

2002 Paul Zindel full coverage VIAF 79038399 "m
2003 Nancy Garden full coverage inclg Lookback 62560989 "(no
2004 Ursula K. Le Guin full coverage 101734435 "m
2005 Francesca Lia Block full coverage "m de:Francesca Lia Block basics done
2006 Jacqueline Woodson new coverage 79117120 "(no

P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database --1 shortfiction

2007 Lois Lowry full coverage except "Looking Back" 66470410 newbery

P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database

2008 Orson Scott Card full coverage inclg "Looking Back" (for Card, contemporary) VIAF 116838661 " DE links bad VIAF
2009 Laurie Halse Anderson full coverage except Acceptance speech not used 102205697 "(no


2010 Jim Murphy full coverage 36949309 --(no

P64/FSF/Children's/VIAF at the Internet Speculative Fiction Database shortfiction only

2011 Terry Pratchett (UK) new full coverage 76382712 carnegie
2012 Susan Cooper full coverage 49344224 newbery
2013 Tamora Pierce update 2013-10-11; no acceptance speech yet 44626351 "m

Scarecrow Studies in Young Adult Literature: Richard Peck at Google Books

Batchelder Award[edit]

Mildred L. Batchelder Award; de:Mildred L. Batchelder Award (more than half of more than 40)

DE problems

Steiner, Frank, Nilsson, Bondoux  Done 
Schami VIAF=98183931 GNDName=1033042609
Reuter VIAF=85802227 GNDName=177155388

need report: Steiner two GNDPerson

Leftover reported to Kolja21: de:Daniella Carmi

EN problems

redirect: Toshi (upgrade done)
add AC: Richter, Hartling, Reuter, Schami, Funke (all complete; little/no other work except Persondata)
VIAF only: Zei, Baumann, Miyabe, Uehashi (all except Uehashi complete)

‡ Originalsprache deutsch

Erich Kästner ANDERSEN
Babbis Friis-Baastad
Alki Zei 3 --(no DE biog)-- VIAF links GNDName=178106372; should be VIAF=79038347 
‡ Hans Baumann (writer) --DE "VLG
‡ Hans Peter Richter  --DE "VLG
S. R. Van Iterson
Alexsander Linevskii
‡ Ruth Hürlimann
Cecil Bødker ANDERSEN
none 1978 (two 1979)
‡ Christine Nöstlinger ANDERSEN
‡ de:Jörg Steiner CH VIAF 111630725 --DE V:LG --DE lists mismatch VIAF 22149095 and thus GNDPerson=120990415 VIAF search Steiner
de:Els Pelgrom NL [Else Koch] --DE "VLG
Harry Kullman
Maruki Toshi --EN redirect --DE "VLG
Astrid Lindgren ANDERSEN
Uri Orlev 4 ANDERSEN
Christophe Gallaz, illus. de:Robert Innocentide:Rudolf Frank (Schriftsteller) DE --what is this DE page?
de:Ulf Nilsson (Autor) SE --DE LG VIAF=112283789 missing
‡ Peter Härtling  --DE "VLG 
Bjarne Reuter 2   --DE VLG  VIAF bad
‡ Rafik Schami   -- DE VLG  VIAF bad
none, 1993
Pilar Molina Llorente
Kazumi Yumoto
‡ de:Josef Holub (Autor) 2 DE --DE "VLG
‡ Schoschana Rabinovici
Anton Quintana
de:Daniella Carmi IS --DE VL GNDName=103432272 (7 Publ) 

GNDName=1037390040 ["Carmi, Daniella" 1 link, hers] GNDName=176160140

de:Karin Gündisch DE --DE "VLG
‡ Cornelia Funke --DE "VLG
Joëlle Stolz
‡ Holub
Jean-Claude Mourlevat
Miyuki Miyabe --DE "VLG
Nahoko Uehashi --(no DE biog)
de:Annika Thor SE --DE "VLG
de:Anne-Laure Bondoux FR --DE V:Lbad:G LCCN=n2004042074
de:Bibi Dumon Tak NL --DE "VLG
‡ de:Anne C. Voorhoeve DE --DE "VLG

Phoenix Award[edit]

Phoenix Award

28 awards in 28 years; 25 people

EN missing 1 -- 2002 (have 24 of 25 biographies)
DE missing 9 -- 1986 88 91 92 95 99 2000 02 12 (16 of 25 biogs)


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Year EN biography LCCN viaf= GND viaf=
1985 Rosemary Sutcliff 22178414 " carnegie
1986 Robert J. Burch 113891776 --(no unlink GND; VIAF links GNDName=10505061X
1987 Leon Garfield 111275537 " carnegie
1988 Erik Christian Haugaard VIAF 79076146 --(no unlink GND; VIAF links GNDName=108165493 links 1 de-lang publ
1989 Helen Cresswell 122233185 "(no ok
1990 Sylvia Engdahl VIAF 79537348 "m
1991 Jane Gardam 70213168 "(no ok
1992 Mollie Hunter VIAF 108983174 "(no carnegie ; also VIAF 10407088 GNDName=109003918 name +1 work
1993 Nina Bawden 111694995 " guardian
1994 Katherine Paterson andersen
1995 Laurence Yep 105057728 "(no wilder
1996 Alan Garner 130767 " carnegie
1997 Robert Cormier 76313814 " edwards
1998 Jill Paton Walsh 41968 " (no
1999 E.L. Konigsburg (no biog) newbery
2000‡ Monica Hughes 87473180 "(no ok
2001‡ Peter Dickinson 9845559 " carnegie
2002‡ Zibby Oneal (no biog) (no biog) VIAF links GNDName when GNDPerson is available VIAF 79409270 VIAF=79409270 |LCCN=n/79/093375 |GND=176910344 undiff; shdbe VIAF 72195947 119058790
2003 Ivan Southall 62752550 " carnegie
2004‡ Berlie Doherty 39406261 " carnegie
2005 Margaret Mahy andersen
2006 Diana Wynne Jones 102067392 "redir guardian
2007 Margaret Mahy --repeat--
2008‡ Peter Dickinson --repeat--
2009 Francesca Lia Block 85684838 " edwards
2010 Rosemary Sutcliff --repeat--
2011‡ Virginia Euwer Wolff VIAF 79482346 "redir
2012 Karen Hesse 61729890 "(no newbery


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add LG: Aldridge, Gavin
add L: Kelley, Newbery

distinct creators

  -LAP J Wallace VGmixed "VL VIAF 36301426 VIAF 138614369 two LCCN need merge IDENTITY UNCERTAIN email to the children's writer 2013-09-06
S2- AP A Kelley VL
S2ILAP L Newbery VL; VIAF links GNDName +3+1
 2i AP de:Roland Dahl "m VLG
S i AP WJCorbett VL; VIAF links GNDName +5
S2iLAP A Aldridge VLG; "VG links here; "VL is distinct

also William Jason Wallace, 1970- VIAF 12141680 VLGname VIAF 262970748 GNDperson; two VIAF need merge


also Moira Young (redirects) VIAF 162192629 VLGname VIAF 246375289 GNDperson; two VIAF need merge

C13 2012 Sally Gardner, Maggot Moon 
    2011 Moira Young (redirects), Blood Red Road, debut
    2010 Jason Wallace, Out of Shadows, debut
    2009 Patrick Ness, The Ask and the Answer (Walker); Chaos Walking, book two
    2008 Michelle Magorian, Just Henry 
    2007 Ann Kelley, The Bower Bird (Luath)
    2006 Linda Newbery, Set in Stone (novel) (David Fickling)
   2005 Kate Thompson (author), The New Policeman 
 Frank Cottrell Boyce, Framed
 Geraldine McCaughrean, The White Darkness
 Hilary McKay, Permanent Rose
   2004 Geraldine McCaughrean, Not the End of the World
   2003 David Almond, The Fire-Eaters (Hodder)
Book of the Year (not Children's): Mark Haddon, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time 
   2002 Hilary McKay, Saffy's Angel
   2001 Philip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass (Book of the Year)
 Eoin Colfer, Artemis Fowl
 Eva Ibbotson, Journey to the River Sea
 Terry Jones, The Lady and the Squire
   2000 Jamila Gavin, Coram Boy
   1999 J K Rowling, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Bloomsbury)
C98 1998 David Almond, Skellig
   1997 Andrew Norriss, Aquila
   1996 - Anne Fine, The Tulip Touch — w shortlist summaries of all the nominated books -dkbrown
   1995 - Michael Morpurgo, The Wreck of the Zanzibar
   1994 - Geraldine McCaughrean, Gold Dust
C92 1993 - Anne Fine, Flour Babies
   1992 - Gillian Cross, The Great Elephant Chase
   1991 - Diana Hendry, Harvey Angell
   1990 - Peter Dickinson, AK
   1989 - Hugh Scott [?], Why Weeps the Brogan?
   1988 - Judy Allen, Awaiting Developments
   1987 - Geraldine McCaughrean, A Little Lower Than the Angels
   1986 - Andrew Taylor [b. 1944], The Coal House
   1985 - Janni Howker, The Nature of the Beast
   1984 - Barbara Willard, The Queen of the Pharisees' Children --no mention
   1983 - Roald Dahl, The Witches (book)
   1982 - W J Corbett, The Song of Pentecost
   1981 - Jane Gardam, The Hollow Land
   1980 - Leon Garfield, John Diamond
C79 1979 - Peter Dickinson, Tulku
   1978 - Philippa Pearce, ill. by Alan Baker, The Battle of Bubble and Squeak (Bubble and Squeak)
   1977 - Shelagh Macdonald, No End to Yesterday
   1976 - Penelope Lively, A Stitch in Time
   1975 - No Award
   1974 - Russell Hoban and Quentin Blake, ill., How Tom Beat Captain Najork and His Hired Sportsmen (Cape) — picture book
and Jill Paton Walsh, The Emperor's Winding Sheet
   1973 - Alan Aldridge, ill., and William Plomer, verse, The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast — picture book adaptation of Roscoe, 1802
   1972 - Rumer Godden, The Diddakoi
   1971 no Children's Book award

41 winning works in 42 years to 2012 (none 1971 1975, two 1974)

79 90 Dickinson
87 94 04 McCaughrean
93 96 Fine
98 03 Almond