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Talk: Martin H. Greenberg#Sources

SFWA Grand Master

That official reference, which I provided last month for each Grand Master biography, is no longer available from SFWA. Here it is via Internet Archive.
  • "Grand Master". Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA). Archived 2013-01-23. Retrieved 2013-04-27.</ref>
--P64 (talk) 22:00, 27 April 2013 (UTC)

Bradbury Award[edit]

Beginning 2010, The Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation should be presented annually according to Nebula Awards rules and procedures, although it is not a Nebula Award.[1]

Miles J. Breuer[edit]

We list 36 stories plus 2 novels by Breuer, 1927 to 1942, including 27+2 by 1933, almost all published in Amazing Stories (monthly) or its Quarterly. Here is a count by year from 1927

3 2 6. 7+2... 3 4. 2 0 2. 1 1 1 2.. 1. 0 1

ISFDB differs in listing 1 0 3 ... 2 rather than 2 0 2 ... 1 for 1933-35 and 1942

Leigh Brackett[edit] Leigh Brackett's Planetary Romances By Andrew Liptak on March 28, 2013

Classic Leigh Brackett & Edmond Hamilton Interview --1976 with recent later introduction and afterword

MITSFS "gooddex"[edit]

User:P64/FSF/MITSFS created 2014-08-02 by export



checked and completed/updated the External link

2012 Haldeman, Tiptree
2012 s2.sfLAP Cameron handmade; s2.sfLAP Finlay with garish {Wayback}
2011 Giraud uses garish {Wayback}
2013 all in cat; Tolkien no prose or ref; no Ext links (wh wd be redundant to refs)

ref name=sfadb> "Joanna Russ". Science Fiction Awards Database ( Mark R. Kelly and the Locus Science Fiction Foundation. Retrieved September 11, 2013.</ref>

2014 Ext link only (except Miyazaki, prose/ref not by me)

Jack Williamson, for one, lacks the citation

classification and sequence in annual press release (the quartet of biographies, which may not match the lead sentence)

!-- dagger † means deceased in comments below -->
2005 !-- Film T and M; Literature †; Art †; Open -->
2006 !-- Film T and M; Literature †; Art †; Open -->
2007 !-- listed thus: Art †; Film T and M †; Film T and M; Literature -->
2008 !-- listed thus: Literature Ian † Betty; Film T and M †; Literature; Art † --> 
2009 !-- listed thus: editor & magazine publisher (Ferman); artist; artist †; author --> --2014-07-21 email to Mark R Kelly re SFADB listings
2010 !-- listed thus: †; ; ; † -->
2011 !-- listed thus: artist; author and editor; author, editor and screenwriter; comics writer [all living] -->
2012 !-- listed thus: author; author †; filmmaker; artist † -->
2013 !-- listed thus; Giger Russ Bowie living -->
2014 !-- listed thus; Miyazaki living -->

annual number deceased: 2 of 4 thru 2007; then 3/5, 1/4, (2010) 2/4, 0/4, 2/4, 2/5, 4/5 --always two living except 3 in 2009, 3 and 1 in 2013-2014


now 79 members
1995 to 2011 {sfhof} via Internet Archive
2012 --five announced, never archived as menu items (list of members at right margin) [1]

confirmed 2014-07-10

Haldeman and Tiptree (plus Bradbury) were featured as of March 2013 --via Internet Archive [2]



slightly reduce WP:OVERLINKage + tweaks + /* ‎External links */ improve one; add SFFHOF, {LCAuth} and thus Catalogue, more Persondata; +1 cat [Category:Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductees]]


Albert C. Baugh and his book

basic coverage done 2013-09-11, except the Tolkien biography is in the cat with a talk page notice, no prose coverage

[Category talk:Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductees#Coverage]]

2012 --Tiptree ref (archive) "as of March 2013..."; --Haldeman same; --Cameron ref/Ext link archive

2012 --Finlay {LCAuth}

2013 --Russ alone mentions HOF (and Locus Index separately)

hof 2. (ref210) AP od- de:David Bowie "mVLG
hof 2.I(ref5) AP d- de:H. R. Giger "rVLG
hof .I(ref20) AP i - de:Judith Merril "mVLG DE PND; pseud. NEEDS attention
hof .I(ref16)LAP d- de:Joanna Russ "mVLG DE mentions SFHOF, cites Locus Index
"m g 2.-(-)wAP d de:J. R. R. Tolkien "mVLG ; HOF category only, with backpage report Talk:J. R. R. Tolkien#SFF Hall of Fame

SFADB David_Bowie 1 Judith_Merril Joanna_Russ J_R_R_Tolkien

Perlen: j-r-r-tolkien

2013 --no press release but 5 biographies now linked to the list of members
2014 --no press release but 5 biographies now featured
eg Kubrick

GeekWire 2014-06-26; 2014-06-27

 2.IsfLAP d- de:Frank Frazetta "mVLG Frank_Frazetta
  ..sfLAP d de:Hayao Miyazaki "mVLG i193888 one interior art Hayao_Miyazaki
s .IsfLAP d- de:Leigh Brackett "mVLG

1976 interview; Star Wars;

s2.IsfLAP d- de:Olaf Stapledon "mVLG 2 awd
s2..sfLAP d de:Stanley Kubrick "mVLG i1728 one film, one essay Stanley_Kubrick 1 awd

Perlen: hayao-miyazaki stanley-kubrick

DE wiki hits

"Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame" (5): d-i Clement d-i Gernsback d-i Russ d-i Russell dpi Sturgeon de:Theodore Sturgeon Memorial Award
inlinks 3 (Gernsback Sturgeon Russell)
ref>SF&F Hall of Fame</ref>; + Weblinks {ISFDB}  Done all 4 from 1996-2004
"Science Fiction Hall of Fame" (8): d isaac-asimov 97Asimov d arthur-c-clarke 97Clarke(Ausführliche Bibliografie in der englischen Wikipedia) d- Norton "wurde als erste Frau in die Science Fiction Hall of Fame aufgenommen" d-[i] 98Pohl d- 07Roddenberry d[i] 99Silverberg(1971Anthologie) -- 03 Tucker d- 03Wilhelm
inlinks Science Fiction 0, Science-Fiction 1 (Wilhelm)

Those will be 7 more 1996-2004, total 10 of 36(?)

ref name=sfadb

 Done 2014-07-22 de Camp, Moskowitz, Russ,

Liptak Kirkus

Andrew Liptak Science Fiction History at Kirkus Reviews

Frankenstein, Poe/Verne, Bradbury [r.i.p.], HG Wells, //2012-07// Verne, Stapledon, PK Dick, Gernsback, Science Romances, AC Doyle
Vampire, Dracula, HP Lovecraft, MacDonald, JRR Tolkien, Hobbit, Once and Future King, //2013// EE Smith
ER Burroughs, CL Moore, Campbell & Astounding, Asimov, Brackett, Naval AE Station, Merril, Futurians 1939
Bester, Vance, Gold & Galaxy, Dystopia, //2013-07// Bradbury, St. Clair, AE van Vogt, Wollheim & Ace
Technological Hist of SF, Pohl & Kornbluth, Heinlein & Cold War, RE Howard, Dunsany, Wird Tales, Washington Irving, Tom Swift & Stratemeyer
The Unauthorized LotR, Francis Stevens, //2014// Sci-Fi History, Katherine MacLean, AC Clarke, Blish, Agent Virginia Kidd, Sturgeon
Gnome Press, GRR Martin, McCaffrey's Dragons, SFWA & SFHOF, Baum's Oz, Norton's YA, Niven, //2014-07// Butler




Andrew Liptak. March 14, 2013.

References 2013-04-27 (30)

(13) 5 7-8 [9-10] 11-17 30 official websites, Archived
5)) 18-19 22 26 29 {dead}
3)) 6 23 25 recovered from Archive today
9)) 1-4 20-21 24 27-28 good originals

Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame

Category:Science Fiction Hall of Fame inductees
Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
69 of 69
Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
68 (Frank R. Paul)

World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement

57 in 38 years 1975-2012

Gandalf Grand Master Award (GM of Fantasy)

8 in 8 years 1974-1981

Damon Knight/ SFWA Grand Master

29 in 38 years 1975-2012
Category:SFWA Grand Masters
Wikipedia articles with VIAF identifiers
27 of 38
Wikipedia articles with LCCN identifiers
Wikipedia articles with GND identifiers
22 (Carter, de Camp, Jakes) AND 2012 Wolfe, 2011 Willis


  • 2003/2004 may lack "Fantasy"
  • some later than 2006 may use ref name hofYYYY rather than sfhofYYYY
E Eaton Award J. Lloyd Eaton Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Fiction [ref name=eaton] – 4  Done
F World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement [ref name=SFAwards]
G Gandalf Grand Master of Fantasy [ref name=SFAwards] – 8  Done except Tolkien 
H HWA Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Horror genre [ref name=HWA] – 7 SFWA Grand Masters  Done
   World Horror Grand Master incidentally
S Swordsmen and Sorcerers' Guild of America (SAGA) founding member (source is our article) – 8 originals  Done
## 01-29 SFWA Grand Master of F & SF [ref name=SFWA] – 29  Done
yyyy 1996-2012 SFHOF induction [ref name=sfhof....] – 69  Done

 Done counts McCaffrey and Norton where I am more ambitious

i ISFDB as formal ref (uppercase I, source for early spec fic career)

all except Ballantines, McC, N, Zelazny

L Locus Index " " (lowercase l, "to" should be "of")

not included where trivial or nearly so (eg, most Film/TV people)

not in the SF/F Hall of Fame
"m FGS   IL 04 — de:L. Sprague de Camp
"m   S   Il    — de:Lin Carter
"r       Il 11 — de:Lester del Rey
"m       IL 19 — de:Philip José Farmer
"m       IL 24 — de:James Gunn (Schriftsteller) "Gunn, James". + nearly trivial D
"m   S   I*    — de:John Jakes (no awards)
"m H     Il 03 — de:Clifford D. Simak needs  Done

VIAF: Jakes, Lucas, Norton
LCCN: Clement, Tiptree
Normdaten: Freas, Paul

2013-09-02 edits als Benutzer: needs

GND unlink: Dozois, Finlay, Freas, Merritt, Tucker, Wilhelm, Wollheim {done}} 
VIAF LCCN fix: Giraud — DONE at not Wikidata

Jean Giraud (mathematician) partly done at Wikidata with notice to its recent editor Ruud Koot

Wikidata error

Harry Harrison (writer) -> de:Harry Harrison -> Harry Harrison

==See also==

{{reflist |25em |refs= [3]


The Locus Index to SF Awards: Index of Dramatic Nominees. Locus Publications. Retrieved 2013-04-09.</ref> The Locus Index to SF Awards: Index of Art Nominees. Locus Publications. Retrieved 2013-04-09.</ref>

Jean Giraud at Library of Congress Authorities — with 15 catalog records


SFHOF members (69)
"m       IL 18 2004 de:Brian Aldiss
"m  GS   IL 16 2000 de:Poul Anderson
"m       IL 08 1997 de:Isaac Asimov
no F     iL    2008 – 1919      – (1939) de:Betty Ballantine
no       iL    2008 – 1916 1995 d (1939) de:Ian Ballantine
"m       IL 09 2001 de:Alfred Bester
"r       IL    2002 de:James Blish
no       IA    2005 a 1888 1986 d 1944 de:Chesley Bonestell "Bonestell, Chesley".  Done inaugural SFHOF non-literary inductions
"m HE FG IL 10 1999 de:Ray Bradbury
"m       IL    2003 de:Edgar Rice Burroughs
"m       IL    2010 – 1947 2006 d 1970 de:Octavia E. Butler
"m       *D    2012 d 1954      – 1976 de:James Cameron "Cameron, James". (Locus may be out of date)
"m       IL    1996 de:John W. Campbell
"m       IL 07 1997 de:Arthur C. Clarke
"r       Il 17 1998 de:Hal Clement
"m E     IL    2002 de:Samuel R. Delany
no stub  IA    2011 a 1945      – (1969) de:Vincent Di Fate "Di Fate, Vincent".
"m       IL    2005 – 1928 1982 d 1952 de:Philip K. Dick
"m       IL    2000 de:Gordon R. Dickson
-2LAP       IL    2011 – 1947      – 1970 de:Gardner Dozois VIAF link name+1
"m HE F ILD 23 2011 – 1934      – 1955 de:Harlan Ellison "Ellison, Harlan". substantial D
no       IA    2007 a 1925 1990 d (1951) de:Ed Emshwiller "Emshwiller, Ed".  Done third artist
no F     IL    2009 – 1937      – 1964 de:Edward L. Ferman
VL      ILAP    2012 a 1914 1971 d 1935 de:Virgil Finlay "Finlay, Virgil". VIAF link name +1; 
VL      ILAP    2006 a 1922 2005 + 1950 de:Frank Kelly Freas "Freas, Frank Kelly".  Done second artist VIAF link name+1
      IL    1996 de:Hugo Gernsback
"m       -L    2008 – 1948      – 1977 de:William Gibson
NEEDYy2LAP       -A    2011 a 1938 2012 + 1956 de:Jean Giraud "Giraud, Jean ('Moebius')".
"m       Il 27 2012 – 1943      – 1972 de:Joe Haldeman

interwiki links disambig Il 26 2004 de:Harry Harrison (writer)

"m       -D    2005 d 1920      – 1939 de:Ray Harryhausen "Harryhausen, Harry".  Done inaugural SFHOF non-literary inductions
"m       Il 01 1998 de:Robert A. Heinlein
"m       IL    2006 – 1920 1986 d 1945 de:Frank Herbert
"m       Il 13 2003 de:Damon Knight
"m FG    IL 20 2001 de:Ursula K. Le Guin 
"m H FGS Il 05 2001 de:Fritz Leiber
"m       -D    2006 d 1944      – 1965 de:George Lucas "Lucas, George".  Done second film/tv
"m H F   IL    2010 – 1926      – 1950 de:Richard Matheson
"m       il 22 2006 – 1926 2011 + 1965 de:Anne McCaffrey
-2LAP       I*    1999 de:Abraham Merritt --nearly trivial Lit Awards; VIAF link name +16; {DNB-Portal} GNDName ask Kolja 2013-09-13
"m HF S  Il 25 2002 de:Michael Moorcock
"m FG    IL    1998 de:C. L. Moore
"m fgS   I (format) 06 1997 de:Andre Norton
VL       I*    2009 a 1884 1963 d (<1914) de:Frank R. Paul "Paul, Frank R." (trivial)
"m E     Il 12 1998 de:Frederik Pohl
no stub  IA    2008 a 1921 1996 d (1940s) de:Richard M. Powers "Powers, Richard".
"m       ID    2007 d 1921 1991 d (1956) de:Gene Roddenberry "Roddenberry, Gene".  Done third film/tv
"m       IL    2000 de:Eric Frank Russell
"m       -*    2007 d 1937     – 1965 de:Ridley Scott "Scott, Ridley". (film/tv) trivial D
"m       -*    2008 d 1924 1975 d 1954 de:Rod Serling "Serling, Rod". (film/tv) trivial D
"m       -*    2004 de:Mary W. Shelley --Ext link + cat only
Talk: Mary Shelley#Science fiction, etc inclg ISFDB
"r       Il 21 1999 de:Robert Silverberg 
"m       IL    2004 de:E. E. Smith
"m       **    2005 d 1946      – 1963 de:Steven Spielberg "Spielberg, Stephen". (film/tv) nearly trivial D
List of awards and nominations received by Steven Spielberg  Done inaugural SFHOF non-literary inductions
"m F     IL    2000 de:Theodore Sturgeon "Sturgeon, Theodore". + nearly trivial D 
"r       IL    2012 – 1915 1987 d 1968 de:James Tiptree, Jr.
"m       **    2010 d 1942      – (<1964) de:Douglas Trumbull "Trumbull, Douglas". (film/tv) trivial D
y2LAP       IL    2003 de:Wilson Tucker VIAF link name=17
"r       Il 14 1996 de:A. E. van Vogt
"m F  S  Il 15 2001 de:Jack Vance
"m (missing)-* 1999 de:Jules Verne --ISFDB ample, perhaps unreliable except for speculative fiction designation
Talk:Voyages Extraordinaires
"m       -*    1997 de:H. G. Wells 
Talk:The Time Machine
no       IA    2009 a 1950      – (1974) de:Michael Whelan 
y2LAP  stub? IL    2003 de:Kate Wilhelm VIAF link name+27
"m H F   Il 02 1996 de:Jack Williamson
"m       Il 28 2009 – 1945      – 1978 de:Connie Willis
"m F     IL 29 2007 – 1931      – 1966 de:Gene Wolfe
y2 AP    IL    2002 de:Donald A. Wollheim VIAF link name +21 
"m       iL    2010 – 1937 1995 d (1962) de:Roger Zelazny36 inducted 1996-2004
36 literary people/18 posthumous
5 women/1 post (Norton 97, Moore 98, Le Guin 01, Wilhelm 03, Shelley 04)
3 mainly-editor/publishers rather than fiction writers (Campbell 96, Gernsback 96, Wollheim 02)

33 inducted 2005-2012

5 women (McCaffrey 06, Ballantine 08, Willis 09, Butler 10, Tiptree 12)

13 posth. inductions, 3 more deceased (Freas, Giraud, McCaffrey)
9 Art.. - 0 women - 5 posth. (Bonestell, Emshwiller, Finlay, Paul, Powers), 2 more deceased
8 Drama - 0 women - 2 posth. (Roddenberry, Serling)
16 Lit. - 5 women - 6 posth. (IBallantine, Butler, Dick, Herbert, Zelazny), 1 more deceased
4 mainly-editor/publishers IB & BB, Dozois, Ferman [total 7 of 52 inclg 1 women]

Late-comers, 1970s debuts: Butler(dec.), Dozois, Haldeman, Whelan, Cameron, Gibson, Willis

Baby boomers, 1946-54 births: Spielberg, Butler(dec.), Dozois, Gibson, Whelan, Cameron

Norton VIAF=239756127 no publications Moebius

Ian Ballantine - no publications

Betty Ballantine -



SFHOF update general ref, add 2010 ref; See also {Portal bar}; 2-column Refs; Ext link {sfhof} tweak infobox, lead; add ref SFHOF current official page; add Metadata; +1 cat (and rearrange

The biographies of four people inducted 2011 were assigned ID 1592 to 1595. I suppose that the 1480s, 1380s, and 1280s listed here represent classes of 2010, 2009, and 2008.

Website version 2012-0507 does list 64, evidently four annual inductees 1996 to 2011 --that is, prior to posting class of 2012 biographies.

2012-0722 names the 2012 inductees

Joe Haldeman (blurb)
James Tiptree, Jr. (blurb)
James Cameron (parallel URL is inactive)
Virgil Findlay (parallel URL is inactive)

but does not link to official biographies for them.

... indeed Damon Knight 20120820 does not show them in the index

"The new Science Fiction Hall of Fame display will be unveiled at the opening of EMP's Icons of Science Fiction exhibition opening celebration on Friday, June 8, 2012." --but biographies for the class of 2012 are not evident (they appear to be missing) as of 0722 and it appears that Internet Archive did not subsequently update this page.[3]

Icons of Science Fiction Opening Party 20120515

Icons of Science Fiction {exhibit} June 9, 2012-Ongoing 20120508 same page 20120814

SCIENCE FICTION HALL OF FAME (current) merely lists the 65 members inducted 1996–2011, under a one-paragraph . But there are three Featured Members who now include Haldeman and Tiptree.

--P64 (talk) 19:14, 19 March 2013 (UTC)

Ace paperback The Lord of the Rings[edit]

Donald A. Wollheim

Find Todd McCaffrey on SFWA.



Legion of Space
  1. The Legion of Space (1947; six-part serial in Astounding, 1934)
  2. The Cometeers (1950; four-part serial in Astounding, 1936, plus One Against the Legion, three-part serial in Astounding, 1939)
  3. One Against the Legion (1967; three-part serial in Astounding, 1939, plus "Nowhere Near")
    • Three from the Legion (1980; omnibus of three novels plus "Nowhere Near")
  4. The Queen of the Legion (1983)
  1. With Folded Hands (1947; in Astounding)
  2. The Humanoids (1949; three-part serial as "...And Searching Mind" in Astounding, 1949)
  3. The Humanoid Touch (1980)
    • The Humanoids / With Folded Hands (1996; omnibus)
  • Seetee Shock (1949; as by Will Stewart; from Astounding, 1949)
  • Seetee Ship (1951; as by Will Stewart; from previously published stories 1942–3)
  • Seetee Ship/Seetee Shock (1971)

By Williamson and Frederick Pohl[edit]

Undersea Trilogy
  1. Undersea Quest (1954)
  2. Undersea Fleet (1956)
  3. Undersea City (1958)
  4. The Undersea Trilogy (1992; omnibus)
Saga of Cuckoo
  1. Farthest Star (1975)
  2. Wall Around A Star (1983)
Starchild Trilogy
  1. The Reefs of Space (1964)
  2. Starchild (1965)
  3. Rogue Star (1969)
  4. The Starchild Trilogy (1977; omnibus)


  • The Girl from Mars (1930, with Miles J. Breuer)
  • The Green Girl (1930)
  • Golden Blood (1933)
  • Xandulu (1934)
  • The Blue Spot (1935)
  • Islands of the Sun (1935)
  • Realm of Wizardry (1940)
  • Darker Than You Think (1948)
  • Dragon's Island (1951; also known as The Not-Men)
  • Star Bridge (1955, with James E. Gunn)
  • The Dome Around America (1955; also known as Gateway to Paradise)
  • The Trial of Terra (1962; from four previously published stories, 1951–1962)
  • The Reign of Wizardry (1964)
  • Bright New Universe (1967)
  • Trapped in Space (1968)
  • The Moon Children (1972)
  • The Power of Blackness (1975)
  • Brother to Demons, Brother to Gods (1979; from five previously published stories, 1977–78)
  • Manseed (1982)
  • Lifeburst (1984)
  • Firechild (1986)
  • Land's End (1988, with Frederik Pohl)
  • Mazeway (1990)
  • The Singers of Time (1991, with Frederik Pohl)
  • Beachhead (1992)
  • Demon Moon (1994)
  • The Black Sun (1997)
  • The Fortress of Utopia (1998; originally in Startling Stories, 1939)
  • The Silicon Dagger (1999)
  • The Stone from a Green Star (1999; originally in Amazing Stories, 1931)
  • Terraforming Earth (2001; Co-winner of 2002 John W. Campbell Memorial Award)
  • The Stonehenge Gate (2005)


  • The Legion of Time, and After World's End (1952)
  • The Pandora Effect (1969)
  • People Machines (1971)
  • The Early Williamson, 1975
  • The Best of Jack Williamson (1978)
  • The Alien Intelligence (1980)
  • Millions de Soleils (1988)
  • Into the Eighth Decade (1990)
  • The Prince of Space/The Girl from Mars (1998; TGFM written with Miles J. Breuer)
  • The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume One, The Metal Man and Others (1999)
  • The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Two, Wolves of Darkness (1999)
  • The Blue Spot, and Entropy Reversed (Released Entropy) (2000; both from Astounding, 1937)
  • The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Three, Wizard's Isle (2000)
  • Dragon's Island and other stories (2002; novel and two shorts)
  • The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Four, Spider Island (2002)
  • Seventy-Five: The Diamond Anniversary of a Science Fiction Pioneer, Stephen Haffner & Richard A. Hauptmann, eds. (2004)
  • The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Five, The Crucible of Power (2006)
  • In Memory of Wonder's Child Stephen Haffner, ed. (2007)
  • The Worlds of Jack Williamson: A Centennial Tribute (1908–2008), Stephen Haffner, ed. (2008)
  • The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Six, Gateway to Paradise (2008)
  • With Folded Hands… And Searching Mind, The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Seven (2010)
  • At the Human Limit, The Collected Stories of Jack Williamson, Volume Eight (forthcoming)

Short stories[edit]

  • The Metal Man (1928)
  • The Cosmic Express (1930)
  • The Moon Era (1931)
  • Born of the Sun (1934)
  • Star Bright (1939)
  • The Angel From Hell (1939; as Nils O. Sonderlund,in Marvel Tales
  • Hindsight (1940)
  • Collision Orbit (1942; as Will Stewart, Seetee series)
  • Minus Sign (1942; as Will Stewart, Seetee series)
  • Opposites—React! (1943; as Will Stewart, Seetee series)
  • With Folded Hands... (1947)
  • The Man from Outside (1951)
  • Beans (1958)
  • Jamboree (1969)
  • The Highest Dive (1976)
  • The Humanoid Universe (1980)
  • The Firefly Tree (1997)
  • The Pet Rocks Mystery (1998)
  • Eden Star (2000)
  • The Ultimate Earth (2000; awarded the Hugo for Best Novella in 2001)


  • Wonder's Child: My Life in Science Fiction. Bluejay Books, New York, 1984. (Hardcover)[5]
  • Wonder's Child: My Life in Science Fiction. Benbella Books, Dallas, 2005. (Paperback, updated with new photographs and epilogue)


  • The Works of Jack Williamson: An Annotated Bibliography and Guide, Richard A. Hauptmann (NESFA Press, 1997)

old McCaffrey stuff[edit]

Cover artist Fred Marcellino (first US)
Eliz. Malczynski (US ppb)
Rowena Morrill (1986)
Greg Call (2003)

unknown (first UK)
David Roe (UK ppb)
Les Edwards (later UK)

Didier Thimonier (Fr ppb)
Wojciech Siudmak (later Fr)

Harper Hall cover art

perhaps for Harper Hall trilogy as well as each book


not in ISFDB: Albin Michel 1988 poche broche (softbound paperback)

Cover artist Fred Marcellino (first US)
Eliz. Malczynski (US ppb)
Rowena Morrill (1986)
Greg Call (2003)

Colin Saxton (first UK)
David Roe (UK ppb)
Les Edwards (later UK)

Didier Thimonier (Fr ppb)
Wojciech Siudmak (later Fr)

not in ISFDB: Albin Michel 1989


not in ISFDB: Albin Michel Dec 1989

Cover artist Fred Marcellino (first US)
Eliz. Malczynski (US ppb)
Rowena Morrill (1986)
Greg Call (2003)

Colin Saxton (first UK)
Steve Weston (UK ppb)

Didier Thimonier (Fr ppb)
Wojciech Siudmak (later Fr)

First US

hard, Fred Marcellino
DSong Mar76, DSinger Feb77, DDrums Mar79
paper, Elizabeth Malczynski (website) at Pern.NL
DSong May77, DSinger Oct78, DDrums Feb80
(not credited acc ISFDB) "Cover artist is uncredited. No visible signature. Source of the credit is the artist's website"
omni, Victoria Poyser at Pern.NL
Jul 84 The Harper Hall of Pern Doubleday SFBD
WARNING Google books mentions 1979 omnibus not in ISFDB: "All three books were collected in The Harper Hall of Pern (Doubleday, 1979)." (and shows a distinct cover)

Later US

paper, Rowena Morrill at Pern.NL DSong Mar86 DSinger Apr86 DDrums May86
paper, Greg Call DSong,DSinger,Drums Apr03
paper, Sammy Yuen, Jr. DSong,DSinger,DDrums Jun08

First UK

hard, Colin Saxton at Pern.NL (missing at ISFDB) — "Anne has stated in at least two interviews (first in 1983, and the other much more recently) that Colin Saxton's dragons most closely capture her own image of Pernese dragons."
DSong Oct76?, DSinger Jul77(none at ISFDB), DDrums
paper, David Fairbrother Roe (website) at Pern.NL (missing at ISFDB)
DSong 1978(noname at ISFDB) DSinger 1978 DDrums 1981

Later UK

paper, Steve Weston (ill.) at Pern.NL DSong 1993
DDrums 1982 Corgi ppb his first Pern commission; Pern.NL displays DDawn, DFlight, DQuest(from UK boxed set), Drums ""I designed the dragon to look as if it would actually be able to fly: stable and light, with a large wing area. Once established, this type of dragon was used on all the other dragon paintings done for Anne McCaffrey. The original concept was therefore very important."

Les Edwards at Pern.NL re-covered DSong, DSinger, WhiteD (all on display); First Fall/DDawn omnibus (on display); and many recent books

James Hayward VIAF and bibliog confusion[edit]

This page is about English military and art historian. For American animation director, see Jimmy Hayward.
James Hayward
Born James Nice
(1966-01-06) January 6, 1966 (age 51)
Essex, England
Pen name James Hayward
Occupation Writer
Nationality British
Subject World Wars I and II; art and music history

James Hayward is the pseudonym of James Nice (born 6 January 1966 in Essex), English writer on military, modern art and post-punk musical history.

He was educated at the University of Glasgow prior to working in publishing and as a solicitor.

Books by James Hayward include The Bodies on the Beach (2001),[6] Shingle Street (1994), Myths and Legends of the First World War (2002), Myths and Legends of the Second World War (2003) and Double Agent Snow - The True Story of Arthur Owens, Hitler's Chief Spy in England (2013).

As James Hayward, he has also written liner notes for several audiobook CDs including Artists' Rifles 1914-18; Memorial Tablet (Siegfried Sassoon); Oh! It's a Lovely War (4 volumes); British War Broadcasting 1938-1946; RAF Bomber Command at War (2 volumes); The Battle of Britain; D-Day and the Battle for Normandy; Futurism & Dada Reviewed; Voices of Dada; Surrealism Reviewed; Musica Futurista; Cocteau Satie & Les Six; Bauhaus Reviewed; Wyndham Lewis: The Enemy Speaks; and Futurlieder

As James Nice, he wrote Shadowplayers: The Rise and Fall of Factory Records (2010). He runs the record labels LTM Recordings, Factory Benelux and Les Disques du Crépuscule.


As James Nice[edit]


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