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(outdent for clarity) Support; don't know enough about process to judge whether User Gimmetoo transgressed there; not sure Be Bold pertains here, yada yada yada.

Someone may be able to re-word more gracefully or more clearly than "in the body of the article". I cannot do it .

and just as clear thus: "should generally use in prose the more common date format for that nation". (That is, both in prose and in the body of the article will be misunderstood in good faith by some readers and I cannot judge any difference in their numbers.)

This discussion shows me that the new paragraph is necessary (perhaps not, if there is a similar revision at STRONGNAT, but I suppose it will be useful to revise both). Some editors misunderstand

Autism spectrum

Asperger syndrome; PDD-NOS

Obsessive–compulsive personality disorder; Obsessive–compulsive disorder

Dysthymia; Anhedonia; Atypical depression

Neuroticism; Latent inhibition; Hypervigilance; Highly sensitive person

Depression; Antidepressant

Multiple sclerosis; Fatigue (medical); Fibromyalgia

FYI, the Boston Globe last Friday leads with this editorial against Question 2.

I don't disagree with anything here:

"Cheer Up, Republicans You’re going to have a moderate Republican president for the next four years: Barack Obama."

I doubt that George Romney would be a happy member of the Republican family post-Reagan.


Mitt Romney 2012 transition website:

distant relatives: two Bushes, two Romneys and many others

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