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I joined Wikipedia in December 2003. My main interests are in aircraft, architecture, film, history, journalism, geography, outer space, and visual effects. I also have gained an interest in current events, especially with regards to terrorism and the Iraq War. Research is a favorite pursuit of mine, as I often scour news archives for hard-to-find information such as birthdates and death dates.

Interesting articles[edit]

The Day The Earth Smiled: the Pale Blue Dot of the 21st century.

Articles to which I've contributed a lot[edit]

Articles I've started[edit]

Articles are listed under their original titles and may be redirects.

Aircraft: KAL Flight 858, Gulf Air Flight 771, EgyptAir Flight 648, TWA Flight 840, Pan Am Flight 73, Iraqi Airways Hijacking, Avianca Flight 203, Transair Georgian Airline Crash (22 September), Panama Airline Bombing, TWA Flight 841, Arrow Air Flight 1285, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 1771, Aloha Flight 243, Myasishchev VM-T, Myasishchev M-55, Ilyushin Il-80, IAI Phalcon

Film/Media: List of Movies/TV Shows Affected by September 11, Die Hard 2: Die Harder, Digital Domain, One Day in September, Mission: Impossible (N64 video game), For All Mankind, Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects, F-22 Interceptor, Star Wars: Behind the Magic, Nothing Lasts Forever (1979 novel), Crime & Punishment, The Assignment (film), The Profit

Locations: Great Dark Spot, Lake Disappointment, Baghdad Hotel, Zakho, Mozdok, Znamenskoye, Chechen Republic, Megiddo Junction, Lake Maurepas, Tal Afar, Palestine Hotel, Al-Rashid Hotel, Sheraton Ishtar, Mogadishu International Airport

Military: Operation Infinite Reach, Coalition Casualties in Afghanistan, Operation Wooden Leg, Deployments of the US Military, Multinational Force in Lebanon, 1995 Iraqi Kurdistan War, 1997 Iraqi Kurdistan War, July 2007 Syrian arms depot explosion, Río Tercero explosion, Tyre truck bombings, 2003 Iran Ilyushin Il-76 crash, Timeline of the Mexican Drug War, List of attacks attributed to FARC, American missile strikes in Pakistan, 1972 Moroccan coup attempt

People: Don Bolles, Pope Sisinnius, Antipope Christopher, Pope Adeodatus II, Pope Donus, William Nordeen, Hassan Khaled, Shlomo Argov, Rene Moawad, Murat Zyazikov, Dhari Ali al-Fayadh, Danny Hogan, Ange Mancini, Antoine Karam, Jerome Moross, Martin Ferrero, Ahmed Maher Pasha, Haim Yavin, Hugh Scully, Gerald R. Molen, Abu Omar al-Kurdi, Miguel Sandoval, Pavel Hlava, Abdul Latif Hakimi, Roderick Thorp, Colonel Karuna, Donald Moffat, Ammar al-Saffar, Umar Israilov, Leonidas Vargas, Rail Rzayev, David Graiver

Terrorism: Limburg (tanker) (my first article), Marine Barracks Bombing, April 1983 US Embassy bombing, Istanbul Bombings, Riyadh Compound Bombings, Casablanca Attacks, Israeli Embassy Attack in Buenos Aires, AMIA Bombing, Central Bank Bombing, Russian Apartment Bombings, 1993 Mumbai Bombings, New York City landmark bomb plot, Ghriba Synagogue Attack, May 8 Bus Attack in Karachi, Rome and Vienna Airport Attacks, Wall Street Bombing, Rangoon bombing, Superferry 14, 2004 Sinai bombings, Dominican embassy siege, Palace of Justice siege, Foreign hostages in Iraq, Country Reports on Terrorism, Bandaranaike Airport attack, Foreign hostages in Afghanistan, Assassinations of the Iraq War‎, 1985 El Descanso bombing, 2004 Dhaka grenade attack, Foreign hostages in Nigeria, 2009 African Union base bombing in Mogadishu, 2009 Hezbollah plot in Egypt, 25 August 2009 Kandahar bombing, 2009 UN guest house attack in Kabul, February 2010 Kabul attack, May 2011 northern Nigeria bombings, 2011 Abuja police headquarters bombing

Other: Mirante do Vale‎, 1984 Yaroslavl tornado, February 2007 Salvadoran congressmen killings, Israeli mafia, Nabemba Tower, 2008 Cairo landslide, Immigration to Yemen, MV Dara, Blue Bird Café fire, Inflight smoking, 1881 Haiphong Typhoon