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Welcome to the userpage of The Pony Toast
"Expect Nothing. Everything else is a Sweet Surprise." - Lee Tockar
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I am your host, the man they call Toast

"Follow your dreams and know that death is nothing, life is everything." - Stefán Karl Stefánsson

Hi, I'm Sam. I joined Wikipedia in June 2005. I am a communications professional, marketing consultant, blogger, photographer, and writer. I am the author of Urban fantasy novel The Wizards on Walnut Street (and I hope that link becomes blue soon!) as well as other pieces of fiction.

I am currently the Wikimedia Strategy Liaison for Ohio Wikimedians Group. In short, my job is to be the point of contact between Ohio Wikimedians and the Wikimedia Movement Strategy Process.

As of 2017 I primarily keep myself busy with article creation and copyediting. I often patrol recent changes and new articles. I was once mentioned in an article in The Globe and Mail about my Anti-vandalism work.

I am a freelance writer, copywriter, and ghostwriter. I have a number of ghostwritten works to my name as well as a few pieces published under my own name.

Useful stuff

Short story and novel research

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It's me!


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What should I put here? Let me know on my talk page.

I ♥ Wikipedia

I am sure I will find stuff to put here soon.

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