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PJ Bloom[edit]

PJ Bloom (born 1969 in Los Angeles, California) is an American music industry professional who is best known for his work as a Music Supervisor for television and film. Some of his most notable projects include Nip/Tuck, CSI: Miami and Glee.


PJ Bloom grew up in an entertainment industry family. His grandfather Phil Bloom was talent booker and photographer in Manhattan then later in Los Angeles. His father George Bloom is an Emmy winning screenwriter. While growing up, PJ regularly joined his father on film sets and studio lots which earned him an early exposure to production work. PJ graduated from the University of Colorado where he studied music and was mentored by professor Dick Weissman, member of the legendary folk-pop band The Journeyman and author of several well known books on music and the music business. PJ played in several bands during this time.

Early Career[edit]

PJ began his career at Columbia Records working for heralded Music Supervisor Maureen Crowe The Bodyguard, Chicago). It was at Columbia Records where he was first exposed to Music Supervision. There PJ was involved with such films as Bad Boys, Clerks. The Mask, Johnny Mneumonic and Prét a Porté.

After Columbia Records, PJ worked for the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS) in the NARAS Foundation where he coordinated events for Grammy in the Schools, the National Grammy Choir and the Grammy Jazz Ensemble.

In 1995 PJ joined Klean/Broucek Music, a successful Music Supervision firm owned by Evyen Klean and Paul Broucek where he worked as a Music Coordinator on, most notably, the hugely successful television series Baywatch. This began a 15-year business relationship with Evyen Klean that continues today. Soon after PJ's arrival, Paul Broucek left Klean/Broucek music to assume a lead music role at New Line Cinema. At this time, Klean/Broucek Music became Neophonic, Inc.

In 1999, PJ was offered a job at Arista Records, a position that marked not only his return to a record label but also a reuniting with Maureen Crowe. At Arista, PJ worked on soundtracks like Cruel Intentions and The Wood. In addition, PJ had the incredible fortune to work with Clive Davis during the final days of Arista's West Coast presence.

In 2000, PJ returned to Neophonic where he and Evyen have since grown the company into one of the largest Music Supervision firm in the United States.

Current Career[edit]

PJ has become one of the premier Music Supervisors in the Entertainment Industry, having created and produced soundtracks for over fifty films, hundreds of episodes of television, video games and advertisements. PJ’s dynamic career has paired him with such prolific filmmakers and television producers as Steven Spielberg, Michael Mann, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ridley Scott, Steven Bochco and Mike Nichols, allowing him to render his unique brand of service to nearly every film studio and television network in the Hollywood system and beyond. His projects include CBS powerhouse CSI: Miami, FX’s Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning television series Nip/Tuck and The Shield, the Diablo Cody-produced Emmy nominated Showtime series United States of Tara and 20th Century Fox's show choir musical spectacular Glee. PJ has been a Music Consultant for HBO Films for over a decade, overseeing major successes like Generation Kill, Angels In America and Maria Full of Grace. PJ has also consulted for Disneyland Theme Parks for their music driven rides and attractions.

Additional Info[edit]

In his near two-decade career, PJ Bloom has become one of the premier and most sought after Music Supervisors in the Entertainment Industry. He has created and produced unique soundtracks for a variety of high profile media including more than fifty films, hundreds of episodes of television, video games, advertisements and even amusement park thrill rides. PJ has collaborated with such prolific filmmakers and television producers as Steven Spielberg, Ryan Murphy, Michael Mann, Jerry Bruckheimer, Ridley Scott and Mike Nichols while rendering his distinctive brand to nearly every studio and network in the Hollywood system and beyond.

PJ’s career soundtracks sales tally more than 42 million singles and 13 million albums worldwide. As the Music Supervisor for the entire ground breaking Glee franchise (Glee, The Glee Project, Glee Live! 3D), his work holds the record for most charted songs by a single act in Billboard Hot 100 chart history, surpassing Elvis Presley, The Beatles and James Brown.

PJ is also a successful Music Publisher having signed, among others, hip-hop act Far East Movement who, with their No. 1 single “Like A G6” and Top 5 single “Rocketeer”, has sold over 6 million units in the US alone.

PJ is a partner in Neophonic, one of the largest Music Supervision firms in the US. He is a founding member of the Guild of Music Supervisors, serves on The Hollywood Reporter/Billboard Magazine Film & Television Music Conference Advisory Board, the Academy of Country Music Film & Television Task Force, is a voting member of The Grammys and in 2012 placed Number 80 on Billboard Magazine’s Power 100 List. PJ speaks regularly around the country and the world on the subject of music in the visual arts and has been a club-level DJ for over 20-years.


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