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Test page for new arctile on the Garchey system

The Garchey is a sink waste disposal system allowing items of waste to be flushed down into a collecting tank.

Created by a Frenchman Monsieur Louis Garchey [1], it was fitted to a number of municipal flat developments in both France and the UK in the middle of the twentieth century. In France, the Le Corbusier designed Unité d'Habitation, Marseille was fitted with the Garchey. In the UK, it was fitted in Park Hill in Sheffield, Quarry Hill in Leeds, and in London at Berthold Lubetkin's listed Spa Green Estate, Finsbury Estate and Chamberlin, Powell and Bon's Barbican Estate. Birmingham's first council tower bocks, built in 1954 on the Duddeston estate also used a Garchey system with the collection tank being under Home Tower. The waste was then dried in a centrifuge and burnt in the boilers of the district heating system.


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