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Pacifistic Ibis[edit]

Simply put, I'm a recent addition to the world of Wikipedia.

More specifically, though, I'm a girl with a pash for all that's random. Whether it's random facts, random faces, random jokes, random gifts, random colors... You name it. Nevertheless, when it comes to specimens of a strictly azoic nature, books will always come out on top.

Things to Keep in Mind

Text located under the sub-pages "Castianerira of Aisyme", "SANDBOX", "Midsummer Eve (painting)", and "Yelle (band)" are of a stolidly experimental nature. They are not to be taken as material exemplary of the encyclopedic standards specific to Wikipedia. Entries enclosed therein consist of drafts. Refer to the official articles, not the raw material the aforesaid sub-pages present. Thank you.

You can use the "User Pages" section to navigate your way through. Just look for the double horizontal break located at the bottom of each page. The links will be right below it.

User Pages[edit]