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This article is part of a series on the
politics and government of
Northern Ireland 1921–72

The Parliament of Northern Ireland was the home rule legislature created under the Government of Ireland Act 1920, which existed from 7 June 1921 to 30 March 1972, when it was suspended. It was subsequently abolished under the Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973.

The third Government or Executive Committee of the Privy Council of Northern Ireland was lead by the Prime Minister Basil Brooke ruled between 1943 and 1963.


Office Member Term
Prime Minister Basil Brooke from
Minister of Finance for Northern Ireland J. M. Sinclair
Brian Maginess from 13th Feb 1953
George Boyle Hanna from 20th Apr 1956
Terence O'Neill from 21st Sept 1956
Minister of Home Affairs for Northern Ireland W. Lowry
John Edward Warnock from 3rd Nov 1944
Brian Maginess from 21st June 1946
John Edward Warnock from 11th Sept 1946
Brian Maginess from 4th Nov 1949
George Boyle Hanna from 26th Oct 1953
Terence O'Neill from 20th Apr 1956
Walter William Buchanan Topping from 23rd Oct 1956
Brian Faulkner from 15th Dec 1959
Minister of Education for Northern Ireland R. Corkey
S. H. Hall-Thompson from 1944
Harry Midgley from 1952
W. M. May from 1957
Ivan Neill from 1962
Minister of Agriculture for Northern Ireland R. Moore
Harry West from 1960
Minister of Labour for Northern Ireland William Grant
Brian Maginess from 2nd Aug 1945
Harry Midgley from 1949
Ivan Neill from 1951
H. V. Kirk from 1962
Minister of Commerce for Northern Ireland R. T. Nugent
W. V. McCleery from 1949
Lord Glentoran from 1953
Jack Andrews from
Minister of Health for Northern Ireland William Grant post Created 1944
Dehra Parker from 1949
Jack Andrews from 1957
William Morgan from 1961



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