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What's Not Plastic?

Summery of Digby[edit]


Img src="" Digby released their first full record album three whole years ago. Digby had also been going through a really rough time in each of their lives. One band member in particular was going through a big divorce right in the middle of an eastern United States tour they were doing. Two others were highly considering quitting the band all together so that they could go after other adventures. Therefore the band was feeling a bit depressed and that they had come to a final stop. And they knew they had to make a choice, if they were going to tough it out and stick with pursuing there career as a band or just give up and go after something else. But something else had made the situation even worse; they had just lost a close friend in car accident. Digby decided to keep going and pressure their dreams of becoming a famous band. This is where the Album What’s not plastic comes into play. In the year of 2006 the Album called What’s not plastic, and also the 2EP’s titled under umbrella name of The Wake In The Street, was recorded on the second floor of a funeral home in a tiny studio in Louisville, Kentucky. This was all done over a two month period in spring time. The album What’s not plastic was finally released in the wonderful year of 2007. Altogether the band had spent two and half years of their lives at a metaphorical wake death of friends, departures of old band members and sadly divorces. [1]



Current Paul Moeller- Singer and Lyric writer and he plays the guitar as well Ben Schneider- Plays the Bass Mark Book- Plays the Drums Rich Oeffinger- Lead guitar player

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Kyle Rea review summery[edit]

Kyle Rea thinks that Paul Moeller, Ben Schneider, Mark Book and Rich Oeffinger worked on this album to somehow re-invent themselves with this new album called What’s not plastic? Instead Kyle thinks that they went in a different direction and ended up making something else that was way too generic and unoriginal and can’t see anyone really listening to the album for more than one day. So basically picking Digby over all the other ever-growing crowds of bands is nearly impossible to accomplish. The most unique is call “New America” a song from their sophomore EP. To Kyle, Paul Moeller’s voice sounded scratchy, raw but yet powerful but would be really dynamic if it was performed live. The material Digby uses has a southern twang that’s distinct yet also feels soulful. Kyle also thinks that the band should just move toward what they do best and that is writing soulful songs and drawing off of Moeller’s exceptional voice.

Dan MacIntosh review summery[edit]

Dan thinks that the lead vocals (Paul Moeller) has a sandpaper voice that can sound slightly similar to another singer named Rod Stewart at certain times in the songs. Digby’s song “Knocking at your Door” has a excellent electric guitar that expresses a man’s longing for a certain woman. Then the song called “Bad Swing” mirrors The Black Crowes’ gentle side. Dan also thinks that guitars are the primary instrumental backing for the album what’s not plastic? But piano is prominently in the song called “How Long”. However both of the songs “knocking at your Door” and the song “How Long” deal with trying your best to become patient, which makes a tiny theme for the tiny EP which is only five songs.

Patrick Muldowney review summery[edit]

Patrick thinks that there are way too many band that have the same collection of different musicians. Such as the same lyrics, same muted distortion all throughout the songs and the same anger rock and heartfelt refection. Digby is just another band that’s the same as all the other bands out there. But Patrick also thinks that Digby’s Album that was released in 2007 is not so bad to listen to. The album just does not leave you any kind of sense of shivers or increased heart rates. There is a much sadder side though to this particular album because of the divorce elements which probably are martial and maybe musical that surrounds the band Digby. Patrick also thinks that the band Digby, more than likely in the future will regret having had opportunities to make meaningful songs but instead relegated projects that were not very challenging and not very painful avenues. Once an artists makes themselves known as a friendly face the audiences will like to listen to them more. So the album What’s Not Plastic? Is just a tiny bit more than just the bands appearance.

James McQuiston review summery[edit]

James thinks that there is a ton of guitar fuzz from the album called “New America”. The vocals turned out to be really nice. “Self Evaluation” is bringing a tiny bit of Dylan thought out the lead vocals, but at the same time also has Spartan style. Also that particular mix of music is just bringing a fullness that is making Digby’s stock increase even higher. The song called “Bad Swing” has the same guitar work as the song called “The Gambler” that is newer sounding than the inclusion as the vocals and beautiful piano. In particular this track’s style eschews a lot of the rock’s style that Digby has made all the way up until this point. Digby has an incredible ability to stay with both the past and the present. Therefore because of this track “Bad Swing”, the band Digby will probably only continue to become more famous. The “Bad Swing” is also somehow able to talk to a much wider group of fans. Also according to James, there is only five songs on this particular CD, but each person who listens to it can get a feel for the style that the band Digby can play.


The name had previously been used by the short lived “indie” rock band based in Knaresborough, England, circa 1997. This band remained largely intact to form the marginally better known five piece “The Usual Suspects”

There is also an Australian band of the same name.

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A close friend died in a car accident