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Just one
of many readers and editors of
WikipediA... a MeteoSet Day (nbg).svg that never sets!
...a bright, unparalleled star surrounded by galaxies of readers!

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that is edited by readers for the benefit of readers. Wikipedia is constructed so that its present readers and future generations will all benefit from the improving and increasing knowledge found on its pages. My hope is that this will lead to improved and everlasting global WisdoM.

About Wikipedia and me...

animation of several small waterfalls over rocks into a small transparent stream that flows to the left
More concerns:

Help to promote editors respecting other editors!
(particularly less experienced ones – make it less difficult for them than it was for us!)

There are
types of people: those who read binary and those who don't.
Editing Wikipedia is voluntary,
so let it always be lots of fun!
Paine Isaac Ellsworth